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From left to right: Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Female Human, Dunmer, Male Human, Khajiit, Nord, Orc and Redguard.
There are 4 human races, Nord, Imperials, Redguard, and Bosmer (but Bosmer are part elf also), just to let you know. Imperials and Bretons (I assume you mean Bretons- Bosmer are Wood Elves ) look very similar, so I decided to just use the same base sprite for all of them. The sprites are designed to be customizable, the race, clothes, hair etc are all on different layers. I think one problem you're going to have with these is how much more sophisticated the Skyrim models are next to these Final Fantasy bases. Check out this great ESOTU Black Smithing quick reference by Beldorr, with ESOTU guild Mostly Harmless.

Check out this great ESOTU Enchanting quick reference by Beldorr, with ESOTU guild Mostly Harmless.
Check out this great ESOTU Alchemy quick reference by Beldorr, with ESOTU guild Mostly Harmless.
I was looking online for some pointers on Crew Skills and stumbled onto this great image; if you haven’t seen it, enjoy!
While starting back into Star Wars: The Old Republic recently I was left asking myself how I could change my characters title.
I recently was playing SWTOR and my character began walking slowly; having been moving at a brisk pace.
If you're basing these off of the original Final Fantasy, You're best off using the NES limitations.

You can access your Collections interface from the Collections button in the Cartal Market and Inventory screens. If you're not going to go with the full style, I suggest basing your sprites off of a larger style.
What you have for now can't be detailed because of their size, and I'd actually suggest you go for something very simple in colour and shading instead.

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