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Due to the involuntary nature of songs getting stuck in people’s heads, it is notoriously difficult to study. For most of the 200,000 years of modern human evolution, facts, history, processes and other information were transmitted and remembered through spoken and sung words.
From here, our brains seem hard-wired to finish what they start with the portions of the songs.
As mentioned, exposure is perhaps the most common reason a song fragment lodges in your noggin. Sometimes an aspect of your environment will trigger an earworm, including words, persons, rhythms, situations and sounds. There are certain characteristics, of both songs and people, that make catching a sticky song in your head much more likely.
As mentioned, people who tend to be more obsessive (but not clinically neurotic) are more likely to have earworms. Sticky songs prey on the idle, tired and stressed, when defenses are low and the brain isn’t too busy for an earworm to take hold. If all else fails, you might have to try wearing the beast out by listening to the full song, rather than just the repetitive snippet running through your head. The sticky song phenomenon is global, and in France, it is sometimes called musique entetante (stubborn music), in Italy, canzone tormentone (tormenting songs) and in Germany, Ohrwurm. For what seems like my entire adult life upon awakening and when my mind is idle while doing repetitive chores like laundry, dishes, watering the garden, or walking the dog *TIL THERE WAS YOU* plays incessantly in my head … Turns out it was released the year I was born!!!!
I’ve got All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor stuck in my head, thanks to that annoying commercial for the Honest Company with all the babies in it. Find Us On YouTube!Subscribe today to check out our free Daily Knowledge Youtube video series!
You walk into the gym, packed with fitness enthusiasts, or pass a few runners in the neighborhood. There are many different songs you can incorporate in your cardio workout that have the right number of beats per minute.

To really get you going, try pushing up to 120 to 140 beats per minute or more for an intense workout!
Whether you’re using iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify, look up these tunes and add them to your playlist for a fun, effective workout! Check out our Facebook page and follow us on Pinterest for tasty recipes, workout tips, and healthy lifestyle resources.
Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. We’ve handcrafted a Spotify playlist which is packed full of earworms for you to endure enjoy. And you included the Weird Al Star Wars track but not Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives' 'Tatooine'?
Hasn't Trendacosta been around too long to be excused as a lightweight for this sort of thing?
For the first time, geologists have compiled a global map of the wave-like motions called "convective currents" inside Earth's mantle.
While a lot of televisions rattle off specs to make them appealing for PC gaming, and a lot of PC manufacturers shrink down their systems so they will fit in your media center, there's still been one major issue with the concept of PC gaming from your couch. As such, the exact mechanism in the brain that causes this phenomenon isn’t yet fully understood.
This has led some scientists to opine that the human brain has become hard-wired to encode spoken and sung information, and recall it upon demand. In fact, when researchers at Dartmouth played small snippets of familiar songs to research subjects, they found that the auditory cortex of the brain continued the song in the subjects’ heads even after the music stopped. It is further estimated that approximately 98% of humans experience sticky songs at some point or another.
She notes that simply by speaking with someone else, or thinking through the words of a crossword puzzle, the lyrics of the song will be supplanted with new lexemes. There’s something about the intensity of heavy rock that seems to help weight lifters and body builders pump iron.

If you are doing interval training (walking interspersed with short bursts of running), try alternating your beat per minute back and forth from 115 to 140 to get you pumped up and to slow you down a bit when you need it! They found that those convective currents are moving roughly ten times faster than previously thought.
At a higher level, some scientists see humanity’s ancient practice of passing down knowledge through song as a possible source for this tendency. Consider that, even today, many find it easier to memorize something to which a rhyme or rhythm has been added. It’s perhaps not surprising from this that the more you listen to a song, the more likely it is that at some point it will stick in your brain.
Additionally, studies have shown that in some individuals certain medication used to treat OCD can reduce the frequency of a song getting stuck in one’s head. How it interfered with his work, sleep and peace of mind and only on its own did it fade away. Studies show that music gets us started and keeps us going through the plateau we hit while working out. Include your favorite songs in your playlist, keeping in mind that the best choices are tunes that get your heart rate up and provide you with the motivation to keep going. Hard rock gets the blood pumping, especially music with powerful bass and a thundering beat.
We tend to work harder without even noticing the extra effort when we’re listening to our favorite tunes. The discovery can help explain everything from how Earth's surface changes over time to the formation of fossil fuel deposits to long-term climate change. Further, people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder have been shown to be more prone to getting songs stuck in their heads.

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