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Some time back Henning mused on the death of the music blog, and the rise of the micro label in its place. For those who have been following Fatima Al Qadiri, Brute isn’t unfamiliar territory. That being said, Al Qadiri works perceptively, preferring a kind of sonic precision to a more wholesale sound. Kladzyk’s performances are not to be missed, an essential piece to the realm that is Ziemba. Moss’ latest album, We Are Not The First, is the result of a collaboration among some formidable forces. Admittedly, however, Moss’ conversation style says more about his music than I could ever think to say. I wanted people to see the whole thing, with the store that only sells the 40-ounces, with the packaged meats, with the junk food. For music so resonant, it is odd to think that it does not resonate with all pairs of ears. Largely thanks to underground-approved labels such as Erased Tapes and figureheads such as Nils Frahm, modern classical piano composition that's lingering in that delicate spot between chamber music and pop has had a bit of a resurgence as of late.
After our smashing first edition last December, our Berghain Kantine night in collaboration with the admirable Kometenmelodien returns this Thursday, December 3. On the second single from her debut album, Anna Meredith sweeps listeners into a frantic ride. If some self-proclaimed prophet suddenly arose and began drawing crowds with stirring messages, healing the sick, raising the dead, bringing fire from heaven, and revealing knowledge of your personal secrets - would you believe in him or her?
Answer: A They will remain until God's people are all unified, mature Christians--which, of course, will be at the end of time. Answer: A God warns us of false Christs and false prophets who will be so extremely convincing that they will deceive all except the very elect of God.
Answer: A In Study Guide 23, we discovered that Jesus gives a six-point description of His end-time church. Answer: A Since a prophet is sometimes called a seer (someone who can see into the future), the eyes would best represent the gift of prophecy. Because God normally sends prophets to His church only when it is keeping His commandments. The way to make the gift of prophecy meaningful is to study it for yourself and follow it prayerfully so Jesus can guide and preserve you and prepare you for His coming. Disclaimer:Services offered are based on individual belief and faith, it cannot be scientifically proven therefore results may vary from individual to individual. When Henning asked me to write the review for Pull My Hair Back in August, I found myself imagining the album as instrumental. There have been certain articles that have left me out in terms of production, like completely. These misteps and "natural assumptions" do indeed reflect sexism and negligence in spheres far behind electronic music. Natasha Kmeto's recent submission, which is also a response to our discussion of the lack of female artists at festivals in hubs as big as Seattle and Berlin, confirms the contemporary criticisms about treatment of female producers vs. I just think that the dialog about women and what women generally do and don't do needs to change, or even be had in the first place. Is gender disproportion present due to the technology being genderized, the male and female audio cables, color-coded pitch ranges, the higher, the brighter, the lower, the bro-er? Working for a rather extraordinary cause, Jessy seems to have found a way to combine both music teaching and electronic production. In conclusion, the general unwillingness to listen to an unaccredited artist become slightly pushy in her limited recognition is cultivated by irresponsible attitudes toward women. Haring is singer and vocalist of Tel Aviv outfit Vaadat Charigim, whose full-length The World Is Well Lost is out now. From Vienna I took a train to south Austria, where I was supposed to switch to a bus to Venice. By the time we reached the small town in south Austria where I was supposed to switch to a bus, I was so drunk I couldn't walk straight.
I found a cheap, probably not so great pizza place and got a slice, then proceeded down the route all the way to the Piazza San Marco. I had never traveled between countries by boat before, except between France and the UK on tour. I remember getting off in Haifa and boarding a train to Tel Aviv, feeling like an alien again, even though I was home.
Get The World Is Well Lost on cassette on Burger Records or pre-order the vinyl via Warm Ratio.
An extensive collection of lolloping, transgressive electronics, hand-picked by label founder Tim Matts, Agave Res can be yours for three quid. The track represents one of Al Qadiri’s most successful forays into the phantasmagoric. A point along the way in what will hopefully be a series of far-reaching breakthroughs in Al Qadiri’s work. It’s all too easy to place Ziemba in a reductive category of women making otherworldly performance-based pop music, a legacy pioneered by Suzanne Ciani, Kate Bush, and many other varied and prolific artists. With today’s release of The Longest Night on this One Habitable Star, a holiday EP available for free download via Bandcamp, comes a Texmas Tour. He is quick-moving, continually on to the next thing, and somehow manages to both over- and under-explain most things.
I do not understand what goes on beyond the boundary that separates my tastes and tuning from what the orchestra graciously creates. The perfecting of God's end-time church is not possible if any of these five gifts is missing. Although a prophet's message may sometimes edify the public, the primary purpose of prophecy is to serve the church. Here are the brief details:a€?a€?God Calls a Young Womana€?God's end-time church began to form in the early 1840s and desperately needed guidance. However, you can know that she (1) meets the tests of a prophet, (2) did the work of a prophet, and that (3) God's true end-time church must have a prophet. Further, He clearly states that spiritual prosperity hinges upon believing His prophets (2 Chronicles 20:20).
When a church does not have a prophet to counsel, guide, and lead it back to Jesus and the Bible, the people will flounder in a disoriented manner (Psalms 74:9) and eventually perish.
In 1 Corinthians 12:28 it is listed as second in importance of all the gifts, while the gift of tongues is listed last. Here are the brief details:God Calls a Young WomanGod's end-time church began to form in the early 1840s and desperately needed guidance. Maama Unusu a is very powerful African traditional herbalist healer, spell caster born and inherited ancestor powers to heal, solve and help people around the world. This year sets focus on a particularly large amount of underground acts, morphing different sub-genres in electronic and world music into a delightful mix, and we're obviously quite eager to go down there ourselves and (hopefully) dig up some new discoveries. But "Collapse" also manages to keep a cool, collected distance, as much a summer breeze as a winter rush.
I had the opportunity to speak with her about numerous topics, including the endearing and well-known fact that she is a music teacher on the side of being a producer. Wouldn't an up-and-coming male producer demand credit for the guitar part he played on a friend's album in the event that his name is left out of the album sleeve? Taking charge in this way could boil down to individual awareness of assumption, catching ourselves quietly before stating things, thinking to check the facts first, or overall avoid speaking in a grandiose style - be more sensitive and sensible.
It is what keeps mouths closed, what continues to push this disucssion into lulls of silence as it creates an acute fear of coming across as problematic or inconvenient for bringing it up. This very website certainly wouldn't be able to survive without it, and even if we felt we could, its absence alone would be reason enough to pack up and leave Berlin for good.
Watch the video for lead single "Odisea" below (and read about it over on Self-Titled), and stream the whole album after the break. Getting on a plane is a task that requires me to be medicated, and at times, also intoxicated. When I got on the train it was completely empty, but then right before it was about to leave, dozens of teenagers boarded it, and came on my car.
These tunes fizz with the awkward menace of a pirate radio rip, or some discarded demo that came too hot through the mixer.

I would argue, however, that as much as Al Qadiri has mastered an agile, fit-for-battle sound, the subtleties in her work have continued to multiply, making Brute an album whose true value is only apparent on the third or fourth listen. The oddness of the time signature is particularly evident against the spareness of the composition.
A powerful composer indeed, Al Qadiri replaces the sonically uninhabited (the pause, the break, the interlude) with something much more lively: the spirit world.
Still, this likeness is evident watching Ziemba use her performance as a vehicle to lingering fantasy, her eyes piercing the crowd, demanding to be seen on her terms. Check out Ziemba live, stream the EP exclusively below, and watch for a debut full-length in 2016. He tells me that when he’s on tour, he often keeps to himself, preferring to stay in his hotel room until the next show.
The door is propped open with a door peg, a signaling invitation established by someone at an earlier time who is typically marked as thoughtful and at times shy.
Watch the masterfully shot video for LP standout "Shadow Land Part II" below, an unpretentiously constructed fragment of simple yet effective beauty. The multi-instrumentalist and composer from Scotland makes an stridently confident statement with this single. Your ultimate destiny just might be tied directly to your ability to distinguish between true and false prophets. So, in harmony with His promise of Amos 3:7, God then called a young woman named Ellen Harmon to be His prophetess. It is so perceptive and relevant that it was once plagiarized by the minister of education of a certain nation, who published it under his own name. She said on the subject of intelligence that a person's IQ could be increased--long before experts agreed. And they meet the Bible standard for visions as outlined in the answer to question seven of this Study Guide.
These verses verify that when God's people disregard His commandments, He sends no prophet.
Maama Unusu also uses real powerful magic, voodoo spells and witchcraft spells to solve problems .
Listen to "Collapse" below, and then fall, sobbing, to your knees; and then go get a beer with your pals. When I told her I wanted to learn some of her thoughts concerning women in electronic music, she enthusiastically complied but warned me that she dislikes how she has to come across as fussy or bitchy in order to gain recognition where it is absolutely due. The review concluded with the proposition that, while Jessy's voice is indeed one highly enjoyable narrative element, we should treat the work like an already excellent production with a beautiful voice on top as a special treat.
An alternative antidote could reside in education, specifically a free type like what Jessy and other producers, such as Christina Sealey (the modular half of Orphx), in Hamilton, Ontario have established.
The end project was us putting together clips from the movie Carnival of Souls and had the girls do a soundtrack for it. It is instead a proactive and communal antidote against gender disporprotion and under-representation. It bears a busy-ness that doesn't ever explain itself, like the decayed voice saying something with conviction yet without comprehension. The question of feeling at home, and of the definition of "home" as such in a globalised world, if you find yourself privileged enough to be in a position to actually travel or move. This idea had come to me after reading a story in a magazine about a man who devoted his life to traveling the world by cargo vessel. They started unpacking their backpacks, taking out an astonishing amount of alcohol and juices, beers and so on. I went to bars, ate out, went to galleries, went to shows, had friends in the music scene, but it always felt to me like we were a bunch of kids, from a bunch of different countries, waiting for the grown-ups to come back, spending time in the best way we could together, till they get back to take us home. But since I had been away from the Tel Aviv music scene for so long I felt the urge to start a project while I was there. Get all dreamy and wistful below, and forget about this grey November afternoon for a few minutes. Of course, by now, Al Qadiri enthusiasts are already well-acquainted with that Casio keyboard-reminiscent vocal instrument that the composer so often uses, and has used throughout her body of work. What makes women reject organic sounds, or further, reject our very bodies that betray within heteropatriarchy? I quite like thinking about Moss’ often hectic House-meets-noise experiments in terms of comfort, perhaps because his music may very well belie any chance of it.
On the one hand, there are motifs that seem to appear and reappear, perhaps to the point of belaboring them.
They was trying to get it more on a cerebral level, along with the vernacular of the lyrics. We are shown his throbbing absorption of this bizzare display, and try to understand it on his behalf. On Thursday, she will present material from her criminally overlooked EP Baby Part One, which was released by Rinse FM in June. There’s a joy and punk spirit in the way she structures the space and progressively builds momentum within her songs, previously seen on her bombastically brassy "Nautilus" single. Crystal balls, palm reading, leaf deciphering, astrology, and talking with the supposed spirits of the dead are not God's ways of communicating with people. She said in 1905 that cancer is a germ (or virus), which medical science began to endorse only in the 1950s. God knows when prophets are needed to wake people up, warn them, and turn them to Jesus and His Word.
Jesus solemnly warns His end-time church of the danger of blindness and urges them to anoint their eyes with heavenly eyesalve so they will be able to see (Revelation 3:17, 18).
Maama Unusu has 45 years of experience, knowledge and recognized by the Traditional Healers Organization for Africa. Plus I was of course thinking about the issue with labeling women as singers and not producers.
But I think that’s just a reflection of the general popular scene being really sexist. It makes me endlessly happy to see these things being discussed because I believe that all conversations around this are a microcosm of women's experience in almost any industry.
In the Loop is a freshmen workshop for girls aged fourteen to eighteen, advocating the spread of girls doing techno. Interestingly, Jessy's description of coaching young female producers reflects on a defensiveness when it comes to girls using technology with their "leave me alone" reaction to her pedagogically checking in on their progress with the software.
As for now, before we arrive again to the future, let's keep the discussion going further, and be articulate, inarticulate, angry and subtle as we need. Steel blue and pristine machinery used with irony comes to mind midway through the song, when the pitch shifts slightly to make the entire song sway into a different mood. In this sense, the story Tel Aviv native Juval Haring is telling us below transcends his own experiences as someone leaving Berlin to return to the land and the city where he was born. I felt like I was totally alone in the world, and that the world is happening around me in such a way that it is making my head spin. I had always felt baseless, my family far away somewhere in the Middle East, and me, in an old Berlin building, looking out of a window at a grey north European sky.
The ship would go out to sea, and you would have nothing but endless blue around you, or black if it was night time, and then after a day or so it would reach a port, dock, and you could peek from your high balcony into the lives of the tiny people living in the port city where you happened to stop.
Today, I am happy to be here, but at the same time I am haunted with the thought that I have no real reason to be here but my fear.
Utilizing a vocal sample of retired LAPD sergeant Cheryl Dorsey, for example, Al Qadiri constructs a most delicate patchwork of grime, ghosts, and racial phantasmagoria.
But her work as Ayshay and multiple tracks throughout Brute suggest that Al Qadiri is well on her way to reinventing the use of the voice in contemporary music. And do we turn to futurist music to, if only for a moment, cope with this broken world and experience a paradise utopia?
There are hints being tossed your way, but no questions being answered, no inclusive or explanatory language on offer. The beaten-out urgent live drum halfway-through is thrilling set against her intergalactic dance.
The Scriptures teach plainly that all who become involved with such things are an abomination (Deuteronomy 18:12). She had been injured in an accident at age nine and had to quit school with only three years of formal education.

She also directed people's attention to the Bible prophecies for the end time--especially Jesus' three-point message for the world today (Revelation 14:6-14)--and urged that they share these messages of hope quickly and worldwide.
So when God's remnant church for the end time emerged keeping His commandments, it was time for a prophet. The following article is another contribution to No Fear of Pop's discussion on women producers, their under-representation, and a suggestion for steps toward finding antidote, informed by the talented Jessy Lanza. It also opens up the gates to a much needed discussion about gender roles and about women and technology in particular. It demystifies electronic production for young women and, in a way, places electronics back into the hands of its perhaps rightful owners (in recollection to Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire, whom Sealey definitely replicates as she dances wearing a vintage-looking dress turning the oscillator, next to her bandmate Richard Oddie). Pristine machinery doesn't always go hand-in-hand with unpredictability, yet it works so well in this track. But aside from that almost universal perspective, it is a deeply personal account, and we think for that alone well worth five minutes of your time. They explained to me that they were on their way to a skiing vacation and that they are all employees of the train company. That I will always be alone, because I am a coward, because I never let anyone help me, because I never listen.
Sure, there are a lot of Israelis in Berlin, but most of us are there for the same reason: we were tired of trying so hard to live in Israel.
One might say that Al Qadiri is at her best in the mode of the soundtrack, Brute being a kind of soundtrack whose central violence revolves around police brutality. It turns on itself not to deliver some kind of transphobic message about staying the born anatomy and assigned gender, but rather to playfully convey the arbitrariness of gender and, yes, even our anatomical cis-selves.
I thought about how I might up the ante, ask questions that Moss himself would find challenging – but there was no need. But if I was given a chance to give my take, I would actually put a narrative to it so people could identify with it. Thus, I do not feel fear, regret, or rebelliousness when it comes to my reluctance with Bing & Ruth. It would keep the Ten Commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath of the fourth commandment.a€?D. Her health deteriorated until, when called by God at age 17, she weighed only 70 pounds and had been given up to die.a€?a€?She Served 70 Yearsa€?Ellen accepted God's call with the understanding that He would enable her physically and keep her humble. Help God's people understand difficult, unclear, or unnoticed portions of the Bible so that they suddenly come to life for us and bring great joy.a€?D. He sent a prophet (John the Baptist) to prepare people for Jesus' first coming (Mark 1:1-8). Heeding the words of God's prophet will help His end-time remnant people clearly understand the Bible and will prevent uncertainty and confusion. It would keep the Ten Commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath of the fourth commandment.D. Her health deteriorated until, when called by God at age 17, she weighed only 70 pounds and had been given up to die.She Served 70 YearsEllen accepted God's call with the understanding that He would enable her physically and keep her humble. Help God's people understand difficult, unclear, or unnoticed portions of the Bible so that they suddenly come to life for us and bring great joy.D. With your involvement, Dr.Maama Unusu will develop an integrated herbal and spiritual program that addresses your specific needs, problems and concerns. For years  I had been a driver for my own bands, and had my wife Mickey next to me to navigate, and talk to.
When the cruiser, which turned out to be just like a plane, only longer, and weirder, passed between the islands of Greece, I remember looking out at them for hours.
We had a lot in common, were all kind of older, kind of weirder than other people, kind of outsiders, kind of homeless, kind of tourists. But I have been here since I got off that ship in Haifa, and I have thought a million times about the dark room I had locked and left behind.
As a result, Al Qadiri’s concern with the melody-as-sentence becomes all the more lucid. Having that said, Joey reassures us that "a rectum is a rectum is a rectum." We can change our bodies until the cows come home, but, like this euphemism which speaks for a comforting, basic truth, we all still need to poop from time to time. Her book on Christian living, Steps to Christ, has been translated into more than 150 languages and dialects. I was lonely and kind of terrified of the thought of being on a boat for five days, so getting drunk seemed like a logical thing to do. They must be looking at me, all sweaty and holding a half eaten pizza like a bum, thinking I must be homeless.
I had a balcony in my room, which was just like a hotel room, only on water, and I would sit there for hours, looking back at the white foam line formed in swirls as the ship pushed forward, and at the horizon where pale white and grey montains rose off rocky islands. We stopped in Bari, Rhodes, and then finally after five days, in Haifa, the port town of Israel, north of Tel Aviv. This special consideration for the melody is, in my mind, what separates Al Qadiri from the pack.
She insisted that her aim and work were to point the church and its members to the Bible--which was to be its creed--and to Jesus' free gift of righteousness. Help God's people understand end-time prophecies which, verified by everyday news events, suddenly take on new meaning.a€?F. Help God's people understand end-time prophecies which, verified by everyday news events, suddenly take on new meaning.F. And if you haven’t already seen it, be sure to watch the video that spurred the majority of our conversation, embedded below.
I would show somebody, say, that's poor in the rural parts of the Appalachians or like Tennessee or Kentucky, and show where they gotta shop to get food. Ellen fulfilled every test of a prophet mentioned in this Study Guide.a€?a€?Her Pen Name and Booksa€?Ellen married James White, a clergyman, and wrote under the name Ellen G.
Help God's people sense the certainty of Jesus' soon return and the end of the world.a€?a€?For a deepening love for Jesus, a vibrant new excitement about the Bible, and a fresh understanding of Bible prophecies--listen to God's end-time prophet. Without the help of a prophet, many will be lost through backsliding, sleeping spiritually, and being too busy.
If I fail to listen to and test prophets, I am not basing my faith upon the Bible, which mandates doing so.
Ellen fulfilled every test of a prophet mentioned in this Study Guide.Her Pen Name and BooksEllen married James White, a clergyman, and wrote under the name Ellen G. Help God's people sense the certainty of Jesus' soon return and the end of the world.For a deepening love for Jesus, a vibrant new excitement about the Bible, and a fresh understanding of Bible prophecies--listen to God's end-time prophet.
I was surrounded this time by young, 18 to 19 year old soldiers in uniform, all looking at my skinny jeans, buttoned shirt and snow cap, ironic moustache and large sideburns, probably thinking I am some tourist. So maybe in life, you are always stranded out at sea, and every shore seems like the place you ought to be. Perhaps I admire this music's type of low-impact commerce yet significance in which it is taken in by others. Remember, Jesus says He will bless His end-time church with most-helpful prophetic messages.
You do your research, a lot of those people who live in a mountain lifestyle, they hunt, they kill what they eat. Her books, read worldwide, give inspired counsel on health, education, temperance, the Christian home, parenting, publishing and writing, assisting the needy, stewardship, evangelism, Christian living, and more. Look at the whole weird dynamic of people, how they live and try to survive on this planet. Because the one thing is about perception is you might have other people go, oh, here go these Black folks crying wolf again. And whole point is, no – because my whole perception until 2001, when I was hanging out with my ex-girlfriend in Germany, I hung out at a whole town that was nothing but projects, as far as I knew. So, I hung out with her and her friends in his garage rehearsing and then we went to where he lived at, and when we got there, there had to have been like fifty, sixty buildings as far as I could see that was bald.
I was just like, You gotta understand where I come from, we had always been projected that this was a Black thing, this was a Black problem. When they go to downtown Chicago, they have to dress up in they Sunday suit like they going to Paris or something and all they going is five miles away.

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