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The best love spells help you to open your own heart chakra and put yourself in the path of loving energies. The best time to perform this spell is on a friday night during a waxing Moon, right before bedtime.
Light the incense or annoint the candle (stroke a bit of oil from top to center and bottom to center) and light it.
As you relax, also picture yourself breathing out this deep rosepink light, creating a warm, loving rhythm of in-out, in-out.

Includes rituals, spells & empowerments for increasing love, attracting a partner & making a commitment.
Spells, scents, exercises, rituals and visualizations for attracting and keeping love in your life. Focusing on the passionate, sexy side of romance with over 50 incantations to spice up your love life. Keep the pad and pen or pencil near your bed so you can jot down whatever you remember of your dreams upon awakening.

Imagine you are taking in in rich, warm, deep rose-pink light with each inward breath like it is nourishment for your heart and soul.

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