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With smartphone battery life a long lamented pain point of pretty much any smartphone from the last few years, EE has today launched a scheme aimed at ensuring its network customers remain fully-charged. The ‘Power to the People’ initiative will allow any currently active mobile and broadband customers to get hold of a free Power Bar portable charger by opting in via SMS. To qualify for the free charger, you need to be on a 30-day or 12 – 24 month plan for mobile, fixed line or broadband services. Each 2,600mAh charger holds roughly enough charge for one full smartphone charge, and once you’ve depleted it, you can simply walk into an EE store and swap it for another fully charged one (or keep hold of it and charge it at home yourself).
While it’s clearly a smart move to remove one of the biggest frustrations from its customers’ lives – no one wants a dead battery half way through the day – it’s also not exactly an altruistic move; phones that are switched on can use data, send messages and make calls. Ben is European Editor of The Next Web with a focus on startups, gadgets and lifestyle tech. EE is to offer a free power bar to all mobile and broadband customers to help them charge their smartphone throughout the day and avoid the nightmare scenario of running out of battery.
Customers will need to get a code from EE which can then be redeemed at any of the company’s retail store for a power bar. To get a free power bar, contact mobile users need to text ‘POWER’ to 365, while broadband users need to send ‘JOIN’ and their landline number to 60005 to validate their eligibility. The same survey found more than half of respondents wished there were more places to charge their phone in public places. No matter how often I think I charge my phone, the battery always seems to be dead or on its way out! My favourite part of this promotion is the fact you can nip in to any EE store when out and about and swap your portable charger for another fully charged one when you are out and about. I had one a while ago too Rachel but I misplaced (totally lost) it, so this couldnt have come at a better time!

UK mobile operator EE's offer of a free portable charger to customers has proven to be incredibly popular. The EE Power Bar can hold 2,600mAh of charge which is sufficient to give most phones a 75-100 percent charge.
Stock of remaining units is being moved around the country to fill the largest stores to ensure that people who already have their code will be able to collect the charger. The Power Bar is a rare example of a mobile operator giving something genuinely useful for free to customers. Mobile network EE has launched a scheme to give a free portable smartphone charger to all of their customers.The scheme, called EE Power, is open to all monthly plan EE customers on mobile and broadband, as well as pay as you go users who have been with the network for three months.
The company said that PAYG users can also participate, but that they need to have been a network customer for at least three months. Now a technology journalist with a specialism in mobile devices and a geeky love of mobile spectrum issues.
Once the device has been used, it can either be recharged using the MicroUSB port or swapped for a freshly charged replacement at an EE store. Pay as you go customers are also eligible but must have been with EE for three months and non-EE customers can participate for ?20. The answer could be wireless charging, with many retailers, including Starbucks and McDonalds, starting to offer wireless hotspots in some locations. Immediately texted 365 and got an instant reply saying EE Power launchs on Thursday 16 April, so text back then. It made me one happy lady to see my network provider, EE, giving away these cool portable chargers for *free. I recently bought myself a portable battery charger from Amazon for ?17 and it holds 4 full charges of my S4, and I’m totally reliant on that now!

Visits to stores were up over 300 percent over the weekend as the chargers became available and the company has now used up all of its supply.
Offered for free to EE customers via a promotional code obtained via text, owners can pop into any EE store to exchange an empty Power Bar for a full one while on the go. Engadget reports EE received 1 million requests for the pocket-sized charger in just four days.
Writing on the company's community forums, a team member explains that people who already have a code for a Power Bar will be able to pick it up from a store this week, but no new units will be coming in for a couple of months. If you run out of power while texting around town, head to a local EE store to pick up a full 2,600mAh. Despite smartphone batteries getting larger and larger, having more power available is always a good thing. It is the same size battery as the one housed in the Samsung Galaxy S4, which was launched in 2013.The firm also pointed to recent research from YouGov that revealed that nearly 60% of UK smartphone users claim their battery does not last a full day. I use that word with a big asterisk against it as it’s  only free whilst you are with EE, so if you leave, they will add ?5 on to your final bill to cover it.
More than 70% of 18-24 year-olds said they wanted to see more ways of charging their phone in public.According to the most recent figures from Ofcom, at the beginning of 2014, 61% of UK adults were using a smartphone - more than 39 million people.
Users must pick up their charger from an EE retail Store.EE also confirmed that as a part of the scheme, if customers are out and unable to charge a dead Power Bar, they can swap it an unlimited number of times for free at any EE Store. However since then major new handsets from HTC, Samsung and Apple have all launched.The firm added that non-EE customers can also join EE Power for A?20.

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