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As some of the lucky winners have begun redeeming their found menus in return for $4 lobster and 60 cent onion soup, a bonus has been revealed. Competition is Fierce: Wonka hid only five golden tickets among thousands of chocolate bars, creating enormous odds against finding one. Yes, the benevolent Canlis brothers are granting the golden opportunity for one selfless, worthy person to become not only Seattle’s Charlie Bucket, but its Willy Wonka too. Free clip art frames for teachers, classroom projects, web pages, blogs, scrapbooking, print and more. For a larger clip art frame click on the clip art frame and a new window will open displaying the clip art frame in its full size.

If you need help saving or using images please visit the Help Section for frequently asked questions and tutorials. So those five children who entered the factory had no idea there might be another reward – they were there for a tour and free chocolate! After being allowed only one chocolate bar per year (on his birthday), he suddenly was presented with not only chocolate for life, but ownership. And that, along with his honesty at the end, is the good behavior that ultimately wins him the grand prize.
Like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket Giveaway, Canlis is offering a few lucky people the chance to find a gold-etched card with amazing benefits.

As for the Canlis prize, you have to GIVE AWAY the free annual dinner for two to their restaurant!
Yes, they’ve been presented with a letter detailing the search for the ultimate prize – DINNER FOR LIFE at Canlis!!!
In their letter, the brothers say “Our greatest joy at Canlis has been treasuring those opportunities to feed the city when it was needed the most.

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