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In a country where the face of the future is becoming ever more ethnically ambiguous, Blackness must be recognized as something other than just skin color and specific physical attributes. Blay's book, recently highlighted in a PolicyMic article by Amirah Mercer, features Noelle Theard's photographs of individuals who fit the so-called one-drop rule, but who self-identify in various ways. In antebellum America, the one-drop rule was used to define a person with any Black ancestry, no matter how remote, as Black.
I challenge you to take up a personal goal of trying to use English outside the classroom or workplace, even if it’s only a few minutes per day. How about putting English songs or an audio book on your mp3 player and listening to it while you are on the bus or subway. He might be right, because I often wondered, with all this sorting and purging and re-folding and re-hanging, why it still felt like I never had anything to wear. I’m not proud of my bad habits, and I now realize how destructive those years of insatiable consumption really were.
Amazingly enough, in the months since this drastic purge, I have honestly never been happier with my wardrobe. Subscribing via email is the best way to stay connected to all the fun stuff happening here at Living Well Spending Less, and we invite you to join more than 300,000 subscribers in receiving regular updates!
Ok, so while my girl spend the night with grandma I totally tackled my closet after your inspirational post.
By choosing the right closet or wardrobe that will suit your dressing room you can make sure that you have your home beautiful as always.
I came upon your blog from a mommy group I’m in (they posted the blog you wrote about minimalizing toys) and I really love it!
I loved this post, We are preparing to move to a new home and I plan on purging, pretty much the WHOLE house, soon. Just found your blog today and I love it, especially the amazimg grace posts- i am a lisenced mental health counselor and I suffer from depression. By 1910, this rule had become law in most Southern states "to protect and preserve White racial purity," Blay writes in her book. A  Despite my best efforts, there are simply times where life gets hectic and it is easier to close the door than to keep it tidy.
A I am so thankful to finally be on a different path, one not controlled by always needing more. A Honestly I knew exactly which items I wore and which ones were just adding to the clutter.

A Not only do I not miss the clothes I got rid of, I actually feel like I have more to choose from than I did before. A Keep only those pieces that you absolutely love and that you currently wear on a regular basis.
A Just because it comes out right now doesn’t mean you have to throw it out or send it to Goodwill. A It is such a simple thing, but I found that buying a limited quantity of really nice hangers was the best motivation to finally weed out everything I didn’t love. A Just because you are getting rid of a lot doesn’t mean you have to take a total loss. A Once you’ve managed to pare your closet down to the bare minimum and have kept the pieces you truly love, keep it that way! A Do you ever buy things just because they are on sale, only to find you don’t really like them all that much?
Our newsletter offers a weekly dose of inspiration & encouragement, and many of our readers tell us it is the highlight of their week! I have recently been losing some 3 baby weight ( and my oldest baby is 10) and over the past few weeks have been cleaning out my closet.
I saw this post about organizing your wardobe (on your sidebar) and it intrigued me – it is something I DEFINITELY need to do! I kept some plastic hangers for line drying laundry because the fuzzy hangers are not waterproof. Yaba Blay, explores the complexities of racial classifications, and the different ways that people live and experience Blackness. A Despite a closet full of clothes, I still kept choosing the few pieces I did actually like, while all the rest simply took up space.
A I only bought 40 because I couldn’t bear the thought of spending any more, and I figured 40 would be enough to hold all the clothes IA actually liked.
A  If you’re anything like me, you probably have clothes in a variety of sizes, some of which you may still really like and hope to fit into again.
A I keep ALL my clothes in my closet (rather than dresser drawers) because to me it is easier to see what I have. A Once a season double check to make sure that your items are still in good shape, that they still fit, and that they are free of stains & holes.
I was thinking about the exact same thing this week and felt overwhelmed having to tackle my closet full of clothes.

I’m constantly trying to pare down and donate, because we really do wear a very limited amount of our clothes. A I wanted to donate them right away, but my husband convinced me to hold on to them for a few months, just in case I missed something.
A If necessary, pull seasonal items out of storage to add to the rotation, and store any items that are no longer seasonally appropriate.
I need to purge more but I like the idea of only having a certain amount of hangers and that’s that.
I feel blessed to have such compassionate kids who would be will (and have) to give the toy out of their hand to a kid who doesn’t have.
A With only 40 hangers to work with, I am forced to keep things to a minimum, and anything new that comes in has to be something I truly love or it doesn’t make the cut.
A Likewise, torn or stained items might just need a little TLC to get them good as new, and other items, such as jeans or t-shirts, are great pieces to add to your craft supply closet.
A I love keeping the laundry hamperA in my closet as well–it makes sorting laundry so much simpler! A You are always better off buying ONE piece that you love than TEN items that are just okay.
We took the doors off and added a window treatment, so it always has to look nice and organized!
One of the metal hooks came out of the hanger, but otherwise we have been really pleased with them. My hang up is that I enjoy having a wide variety, but hate making decisions about what to wear. I’m thinking about a hanger or item count and a couple of storage totes for somethings I really like, but are just a little too snug. Soon, I will be moving into a space where the closet is much smaller and I need to be OK with having much less. I am not a clothes person and I don’t love to shop (at least not for myself) but that still seems low. I now find myself donating most of the things in MY closet, (as they were cheap or unfashionable to begin with).

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