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January 27, 2014 By Nicole Etolen 4 Comments ShareWith celebrities like Demi Moore constantly in the news for dating MUCH younger men, I found myself wondering what effect dating a younger man has on their children. Should You Be Dating Younger Men?Have you ever thought about dating younger men and whether it’s something that would work out for you? The allure of dating older men cannot be denied which is why we are thrilled to be at the fore front of the movement that has made older men dating a cool thing once again. Welcome to Dating the World’s exclusive interview with Lucia, a leading international romance expert specializing in advising older women on dating younger men.
Some women have written to us complaining that younger men often just want a one night encounter with an older woman - but are not really into dating them properly. What advice do you have for women who are looking to find a younger guy for the long term - how can she keep him keen over the years? Women need to keep in mind that just because hea€™s younger, it doesna€™t mean hea€™s not male. What are the most common mistakes you’ve seem older women make when trying to find and date a younger man?
Assuming the financial responsibility - In many cases, the woman has more money than the younger man, so she figures it cana€™t hurt to pay for everything and buy him things he cana€™t afford. Becoming his mother - As tempting as it may be, an older woman shouldna€™t try to solve all of a younger mana€™s problems, otherwise he will see her as his mother instead of his lover. Competing with younger women - Younger guys are interested in older women because of their age, not despite their age. Do you have any more dating tips for women who are looking for a successful May-December relationship? Dona€™t feel embarrassed just because May-December relationships are still not totally accepted in society.
Tribal thinking is strong but I believe it will eventually catch up with the current reality.
Who cares about age these days when there are a whole lot of attractive features that bring two people together in a relationship? Essential Tips for Older Men Dating Younger Women Never Bring up the Age Factor Some women love to know that they are much younger than their respective boyfriends. Keep your nose and ear hairs trimmed, your nails polished, your ears cleaned and your teeth as white as possible. Don’t Belittle her Behavior You have already been through it all, but she is just starting to learn.
She may throw tantrums, disagree with you on minor issues, sulk, pout or even act indifferently sometimes. Get Used to the Stares and Glares Never listen to what others may say about your relationship. They may also describe your girlfriend to be someone who is not attracted to you but your money.
Be a thorough Gentleman, especially when it comes to paying bills We are not asking you to pay all her bills.
Don’t talk about your Previous Relationships No matter how close you may be, there are certain issues that can be comfortable to discuss with your girlfriend. Take time to Know her Friends Your friends would most probably welcome the thought of a younger girlfriend and would be casual about her as well. Avoid the Fancy Dress Routine Most women would prefer to be themselves when they are in bed with their loved one.
Don’t whine about Condoms We don’t know about you but there are plenty of men out there who whine about wearing condoms when having sex with their younger girlfriends. So, you are among those ambitious women who want to impress their men doing new things and crazy deeds.
Sometimes it is the smart, intelligent and independent woman who ends up in the worst relationships possible. Although long-founded tradition has it that the man of the relationship should generally be older to the woman, the ever dynamic world of today has no place for such rigid definitions of romances.
However, given the biological make-up and needs of a man and a woman as designed by Nature, and given the conventions of the society with respect to dating etiquette and other general practises, older women who date younger men come across many challenges that they must overcome in order to keep the relationship alive and healthy. Here are four valuable tips for older women dating younger men that will certainly help them overcome the roadblocks they encounter. Most women have inherent maternal instincts which surface easily when they get attached to someone younger to them.
While to a certain extent, men like to be showered with care and concern, excess of the same can cause anything ranging from mild irritation to outright disgust in them. Some men are attracted to women who are older and hence stronger, more experiences, more knowledgeable and more independent, and vice versa.

Such partial disclosure of one’s feelings and thus, one’s own self, can be fatal for the relationship.
Unless there is a mutual free-flow of feelings, thoughts and emotions between the two persons, love cannot be fostered. Another common reason why such relationships fall apart is when the woman becomes excessively bossy and dominating. While it is completely necessary to not surrender to the male ego and maintain your own stand about everything in your life, what must be avoided is too much of a restrictive and stringent attitude towards his life.
Furthermore, do not try to evade them as it would only create an unending list of “no-discussion” topics. In the grand scheme of things, dating a guy half your age probably isn’t the worst thing you can do as a parent. I was kind of surprised to find dozens of news stories about how even young women are dating men younger than them. Okay, so he’s only three years younger than me, but still, he’s younger, right? Many women have been embracing the cougar lifestyle in recent years and it’s with good reason. Both younger and older women alike want to meet older men and we take the guess work out of the entire process by presenting a wide variety of the cream of the crop when it comes to older men looking for dates. On the whole do you think women are looking for long term love or is it they more about sex and intimacy with someone who’s young and passionate?
Nevertheless, for those of you who still feel insecure about the age gap that accompanies such relationships, here are some useful tips that could help put your apprehensions to rest and help you score brownie points with your girlfriend in the process. These are small things that if not taken care of, could cause rifts in the relationship wherein your girl would start to feel embarrassed to step out with you in public. The same cannot be said about her friends who might feel awkward moving around with a much older man. Agreed that you are not at the prime of your life anymore and would not be able to enjoy sex wearing a condom.
Recognize a cheater when you see one She may be drop dead gorgeous and may seem to be genuinely interested in you. With the continuos influx of independent, career oriented and modern women into the workplace, there has been a huge upsurge in the number of such volte-face relationships.
Cougar relationships are more often than not, based on such attractions. Because the women in these relationships realize that is their superiority in terms of emotional strength that has brought their man close to them, they often hesitate in exposing their vulnerabilities to their partners. For the first, it makes the woman languish in suffocation because she cannot be honest to her own partner. When the two people in a relationship unhesitantly share problems and collectively try to solve them, they come even closer to each other.
Do not try to boss over him, dictate the terms and conditions of the relationship, and implictly take advantage of your greater experience of life.
Although it is almost inevitable to become bossy at times with people younger than you, if you’re dating such a man, your natural instincts must necessarily be curbed.
Some of your acquaintances in your social circle may not be open to the idea of such relationships and may pass jibes.
Expel any discomfort that might have crept into the relationship through such external pressures. Bring them out in the open, talk about them and deal with them with maturity. Be sincere in your love and in following the aforementioned tips, and your partner shall never have cause to complain!
That kind of disturbs me, because it conjures up visions of a bunch of 21-year-old women out there looking for underage teen boys. I have two stories about dating a younger man that may help illustrate the cons of doing it. She's been writing most of her life and realized that she could combine her writing talents with her medical knowledge to help others in a new way.
Our database is updated daily with older men searching for the right woman and that woman could be you so sign up today.
If your girlfriend doesn’t seem to be too interested to talk about the age factor, don’t do it again unless it is completely necessary. Your maturity and experience would be higher than the other younger guys she would have dated before. She’s young and beautiful, and would definitely get a few stares while you get your fair share of glares. Most of the women who date older men secretly prefer to be the youngest (which automatically translates to ‘the most beautiful’) girlfriend their boyfriend ever dated. Take the time to know her friends and be patient till they show signs of including you in their group.

And unless she opts for any other contraceptive method, you would have to wear a condom to practice safe sex. They tend to fuss over them incessantly, and also try to guide, help and control them every step of the way. Trying to hide your vulnerabilities and weaknesses from your partner can only lead to stifling complications.
There is no place for exercising superiority in a relationship. Most importantly, do not hesitate to apologize.
If the couple works at the same place, and particularly if the man is subordinate to the woman at work, a sense of inequity may fill the man and he may start feeling awkward and disoriented. Honestly, it depends on everyone involved, as is the case with most parenting tips dilemmas.
Why wouldn’t you want to spend time with a partner that is as equally full of life as you are?
Talking about the age gap too much would make her feel childish and also remind her of how much older you are. So give her the space she requires in the relationship instead of trying to act fatherly and pry on her every move! You are not going to cut a pretty picture if you question every move of hers or scrutinize every single item she buys. And the best way to show that maturity is to refrain from looking at her face expectantly after getting the bill. And refrain from talking about your previous relationships unless she specifically asks about them.
Your girlfriend will surely feel special when she realizes the efforts you take to fit in with her crowd. If she shows any signs of distaste or disinterest in accepting your request, never ask her again!
They worry about them too much and prevent them from taking any adventurous or risky steps in their careers or in life in general. Also, talk out the issue beforehand with him and ask him to freely tell you if he ever feels you are getting unnecessarily maternal in your love. Not very infrequently, it can depress the man into thinking that he is extremely weak emotionally and hence not deserving of a much stronger woman. Do not hesitate to disclose and discuss your problems, fears and doubts with your partner. Do your relationship a whole lot of good by being frank, honest and open. Let your man know that you’re making efforts to not be domineering and he will not mind even if you do, inadverdently, try to control him sometimes. Similarly, there are bound to be a lot of unprecedented situations in store for such a couple. She was already a single mom caring for two kids, now she had a boyfriend who really wasn’t in a position to contribute to the family budget. When she's not writing 12 hours a day, she enjoys reading and spending time with her very cool son. She’s way younger than you are and you feel that the age gap would hamper the relationship. There are other ways to introduce kink into a relationship rather than asking her to dress up like a school girl, bar dancer or a gladiator etc.
Had her boyfriend made any inappropriate moves, he would have been out the door and in a police station so fast his head would have spun. She has to understand that you are in it for the commitment rather than for the fun and sex. In their article, they pointed out that the AARP did a survey revealing that 35% of older women preferred younger men.
Honestly, I didn’t have any respect for his authority because he was the same age as some of my friends, but then again, he never really exerted any sort of authority over me. Once, when he dropped me off at a party, he told me not to do anything that would make my mom mad. While that particular relationship had little to no effect on me as a child (or on my brother), they don’t all go that way. They may not be interested in clubbing and hanging out in bars and prefer the company of more mature and interesting women. Another trait that is commented on is that older women can be less self-conscious about their bodies and are less likely to be inhibited in the bedroom.

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