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There’s a ton of advice on the internet about how to get the girl of your dreams such as creating a vision of your perfect partner, learning magic, how to dress to impress or taking a confidence to help you build confidence and charm women. In my time I’ve explored numerous strategies I thought would help me meet the woman of my dreams, but on reflection they were never going to help me get what I wanted. They might help you start a conversation and acquire another notch on the bed post but more often than not they give you too much to think about, so there’s a tendency to be too in your head wondering what to do or say next rather than being yourself and present with a girl. So I’m suggesting what if meeting the kind of woman who’s going to knock you off your feet, blow your mind and leave you wondering how you got so damn lucky is way simpler than having to bother learning the latest dating technique?
What if all you have to do is stop striving so hard to be somebody else and start loving yourself like you want to be loved by a woman.
My belief is you have to fall into your own heart before you can expect a woman to really give you hers. I am not suggesting dressing well, having a great physique, having plenty of cash in the bank or excelling in life isn’t attractive to women it is, but for men it can often be a cover up for insecurity.
The problem with trying to make yourself look like “a somebody” is it can become a charade, because even with all the things you believe will impress the woman of your dreams, the feelings of insecurity remain. The women you meet, as a rule of thumb are a reflection of the man you think you are, irrespective of how much stuff you have or how much you try to be someone other than yourself.
Trying to be “a somebody” is the problem with most dating advice, which often dictates you need more than you are to succeed with women.
If you put your faith in a trick or a tool to do the job for you, without putting in the work of becoming totally comfortable with who you are, you’ll always look to other people’s strategies because you don’t think you’ve got what it takes.
The point of dating and relationships is to deeply connect with the woman you’re with, which only happens when you’re OK being you without any acting or pretending. So my advice if you want to meet the woman of your dreams is to stop your quest to be “a somebody”.

I am not saying give up on your goals, buying nice clothes or going to the gym, but stop striving to be more…you’re already enough. You already have everything you need to be to meet the woman of your dreams and achieve whatever ignites your soul.
Make fun, enjoyment and following your passions the priority because I guarantee that If you’re coming from a place of love and appreciation for yourself, meeting the woman of your dreams will take care of itself. Superficial efforts will merely get in the way of who you are; that’s what the woman of your dreams will really wants to see.
Bearing all this in mind, how would you show up in the world if you already knew you had all you needed to meet the woman of your dreams and create the kind of life you want?
The Inspired Man participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. In this video and infographic, there are some cool stats from our friends at Come Recommended and Classes & Careers. 33% of bosses know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone. Having little to no knowledge of the company is the most common mistake made during interviews (see: How To Plan Ahead for the Interview). When meeting new people, 55% of the impact comes from the way the person dresses, acts and walks through the door.
65% of bosses indicate that clothes could be a deciding factor between two almost-identical candidates (see: What To Wear To An Interview). Remember, the same part of you that longs for peace is the part of you that experiences peace.  It is not complicated to achieve and is as close as your next thought.
Everything in life has to come to an end sometime.  It’s important to acknowledge and accept the end of an era – to walk away sensibly when something has reached its conclusion.

What’s your favorite thought-provoking quote or saying about life?  Please share it with us by leaving a comment below. When you choose an action, you choose the consequences of that action… when you desired a consequence you had da*ned well better take the action that would create it. A variation on an earlier reply: Better to aim for the moon and miss it, than to aim for a ditch and hit it. You have only this moment, sparkling like a star in your hand and melting like a snowflake. Very true about the relationship of everything that we do and think, and how life transform to who we are today.
It occupies our minds perhaps more than anything until the day we find the one who quells our desire to continue the search. This means that whenever you buy a book on Amazon from a link on here, The Inspired Man gets a very small percentage of its price.
People are always fretting about job interviews, try to prepare as much as possible but there is no way of predicting the outcome. This helps support The Inspired Man by offsetting a fraction of what it takes to maintain the site, and is very much appreciated.

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