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While Brantley has yet to find success as a singer (despite having one of the best voices I’ve ever heard!), having Jason Aldean record three of his songs could help him get the attention he so deserves. Jason’s new CD is due November 2 and will include 15 tracks, including a duet with Kelly Clarkson. Brantley Gilbert is an amazing artist that deserves higher recommendation than Jason Aldean ! Why in the world would Brantley Gilbert let Jason Aldean ruin one of his best songs, I love My kinda party, but defiantly not by Jason Aldean he destroyed it!
I’ve been listening to BG since he was selling his first CD out of a boot store website, I love his music an definitely agree he needs to get some major play time and is better than a lot of music out there. I love Jason Aldean, but Brantley gilbert is one amazing singer you need to be the one with the top album! I could careless what y’all think about Jason he is a great country singer and and this Brantley guy is too but he is just a song writer thats that.
Jason is a great singer no dought one of the best out there, but taking Brantley song n sing like this make himself looks bad….. As a songwriter myself, I can understand why Brantley is excited to have Jason record his songs.
Im a song writer to I also play guitar but my point is I dont want to keep my music to myself. Okay, just to set the record straight, Brantley sold his songs to Jason so it would get his name out there.
Okay, to the person who said that Brantley Gilbert wrote most of the songs on the My Kinda Party, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Wearing many hats , Carl composed , produced , performed , engineered , and mixed the entire album himself in his own studio a€?Tadger Sounda€?. As far as the music itself , ita€™s stylistically all over the map and a€?sonic consistencya€? was to be avoided. Like a fine meal with ita€™s many courses , one should move slowly and savor the different flavors and tastes to get the most from the experience. But I like both versions, I’ve love Jason Aldeans music for a long time as well and they both play it great, I love that BG can get some recognition in the mainstream as a writer. No one should have redone it, it should be BG being played on the radio, all of his songs like My Kinda Party, GRITS, and Dirt Road Anthem. Jason Aldean should have when he heard this song took BG,and Colt Ford to his label, and got them signed!!
He just puts so much passion into his songs, and then every time I hear Jason Aldean’s cover of My Kinda Party it just sucks.

You can basically say that I grew up knowing Brantley, because I went to school with his brother, Kolby. I really think that it is one of the best Country albums of 2010 and Jason is the main reason why I started listening to Country music in the first place.
I wish i know brantley sooner cuz his song My Kind Of Crazy is drving me nut since the first day i listen to it. Jason Aldean is huge and a great singer, and now you can see that Brantley is up and coming.
He calls them a€?Eventsa€?.A  Each Event is made up of smaller musical ideas that are run together in a medley form.
I love how passionate you all are about this song and my music, I just want you to know that this is a good thing,” he assured his fans. I know its been hard for BG to be recognized widely as a singer but Jason Aldean doesnt even begin to compare!! All good artists write music of their own and have some written for them, on the artist of the decade with George Strait an all time great Dierks Bentley was even trying to push a song he wrote for George Strait to sing during his speech so don’t knock either of them.
THe way they redid the music and changed the lyrics…I understand they had to change the Ford truck thing ( because of royalties), but damn!!!! One of my favorite things about most of his songs is that I feel like I can relate to them. The album has sold 1,204,386 copies over here in the United States of America and it also went Platinum.
I dont want to have a pillow case full of songs that nobody will hear in less I buried it in a time capsule.
For example Ia€™ll take a 20 year old band rehearsal cassette tape and re-purpose a part I like , then write a entirely new song around it. By inserting voices here and there the listener is pulled back into active listening , reestablishing focus on the musica€?.
I know BG, and Colt are getting some money in this,but not the recognition they sooo deserve!!!!
All in all I just don’t think BG gets the recognition that he should for his amazing music.
I’m so glad tat I bought the album because I have been waiting for it to be released for a very long time. Sorry Brantely I know this is a big step for you to have someone who is “big” singing your songs but nobody can compare to you!
He recognized he didn’t have a good soft voice to sing so he raps his country music!!

I also have all 3 of his previous albums and I listen to them all the time because I find his music so addicting, I just can’t stop listening to it.
Gilbert is one of the best song writers around, but you need someone famous to get your music out there, hence Aldean singing three of the songs. AND im GOING TO A concert OF HIS IN FEBUARY GOING TO Have an awesome time looking forward to hearing MY KINDA PARTY.brantys just a song writer got to give him a little credit for the song one of my FAVS.
Yes, he wrote two songs that were big hits for Jason Aldean, but Jason was an established artist before that.
Speeding up and slowing down tape machines by using the pitch control and playing them as an instrument.
I like the way Jason has taken Country music into a different level by adding a perfect mixture of Pop and Rock to it because not a lot of Country music artists in the music industry can really do that when it comes to their own music, which means that he has a lot of creativity when it coms to his own music. Ya’ll should thankful he had someone as popular as Aldean sing them to get him a jump start.
Even using the computer itself as an instrument.A  But the common denominator in every song is a strong rock guitar presencea€?.
Not to mention that every time someone buys the My Kinda Party album, BG gets songwriter royalties.
Maybe Jason will give kudos to Brantley so the rest of the country nation can check him out and put him where he belongs….on the airwaves!!! Kelly is on of my most favorite female Pop muic artists and songwriters in the music industry, and I’m also one of her most biggest fans.
Every time someone downloads Jason’s versions of My Kinda Party, the song, and Dirt Road Anthem, BG gets royalties.
Everyone has different tastes and you just look like a pathetic moron by arguing about who is better. He doesn’t have to write his own music to become a talented Country music artist in the music industry because what really matters to him is that he has a lot of fans out there who really enjoys listening to his music as much as I do. I hope that nobody here on this website gets offend when I said that because I’m entitled to my own opinion, and so is everybody else.

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