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After a breakup, it's the most popular question that everyone wants answered: when and how should you contact your ex?
The further removed you can become from your past relationship, the more of a reaction your ex will have. Breaking all contact with your ex boyfriend is a fast, simple, and effective way to get him to notice you again. Remember: although he may have broken up with you abruptly, your boyfriend was looking for a gradual withdrawal.
It's not uncommon for your ex to actually call you in the early stages of the break up, under one guise or another.
Believe it or not, a lack of communication on your part will be pretty disconcerting to your ex.
Think about it this way: knowing that you're still pursuing him gives your ex that nice warm, cushy feeling that he's still desired.

In learning how to get your boyfriend back, understand that friendship is never the answer. For a lot more details on this scenario, check out why you should never be friends with your ex.
Moving forward, let's talk about reinsertion techniques you can use to place yourself back into your ex boyfriend's life.
Suggested readings:4 Gestures That Signals He Might Be Into You50 THINGS I WISH MY BOYFRIEND KNEW. It’s a nice thing to wake up with a good morning text especialy if he means a lot to you. If you want to see him again and you really enjoyed his company then reply back and let him know. This is a hormonal text sent buy a guy who is drunk and horny and is typically sent after midnight on a weekend night.

But if he doesn’t do anything but to text you, and you want to see some more effort, tell him you prefer to talk on the phone.
If he calls, you can tell that he’s interested into something more than just playing. If he is not doing this excessively, just ask you once or twice a day, it just simply means that he cares about you.

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