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Ah, the joys of newly minted adolescent boys trading cheap insults about slutty mothers and dog piss.
This dynamic is fully on display in the video game community, as men have built, nurtured and maintained the community for years. However, a curious and recent development has occurred, with women demanding access to this largely male-exclusive enclave.
A lack of real difficulty is the primary reason that women are now increasingly becoming gamers. It must be noted that the rise in online gaming, particularly for console games, has also been instrumental in drawing women to gaming. Video games are not purely about entertainment through challenging the gamer to step up his game to meet the increasing difficulty of a game as it progresses anymore. That’s part of what makes Left Behind so special: Here, Ellie is the sun, the lightbulb that the rest of the universe rotates around. This is the psychological progression: going from emulating Carrie from Sex and the City in real life to demanding an interactive video game so she can pretend to be Carrie on her Xbox. The roaring cacophony of political correctness that dominates modern dialogues betrays the utter emptiness of modern society. At the global level, it can take the real, important ways of war, politics, and general power conflicts. Even when called nerds, treated like losers by women, men who loved video games still played them. As usual, the typical female narrative emerges: those sexist brogamers have prevented women from engaging in gaming for so long, it’s time to change! For this to happen, however, the challenging nature of male-centered video games has to be neutered.
It exposes how often they see themselves as powerful and capable in their own minds, but fail to display that in real life, so they turn to media to smooth the ruffled feathers of their egos. We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles.

Human history has been overwhelmingly influenced by males simply because, as I shall sketch out, that women are not interested in agency or seizing power simply to exercise agency or have real power. It can be a brutal place from a shit-talking standpoint, either you can develop a thick skin, or you find out you aren’t cut from the right cloth to handle the banter. Now, walk-through’s are nary a second away on Google with no worries about screwing up a game in epic fashion that results in a waste of 20 hours.
No group collaboration, no mindless affirmations —-just a woman and her guns fighting murderous creatures.
Because it has affirmed her as a person, a woman who is both girly and can brutally murder people.
Playing Tomb Raider does nothing for women because a solitary female killing off wolves with a shotgun isn’t aspirational nor self-reflective. Their lives are so despondent and lacking in true substance that they turn to video games, not to pass the time or indulge in destroying the Packers as the Bears in Madden, but as an outlet for the lives they don’t live in real life.
By dumbing down games, it allowed not only women to find a home, but to increase video games popularity.
You know, the resultant behavior of women after the death of God in a society where paternalism has shifted to the government and corporations. Emotional context is necessary and, as the preceding female highlights, that context is often centered out of self-delusion. When men question whether a woman is a true gamer, men are hacking away at a part of their beating heart.
If that is the fantasy of an alpha male romancing a female lead in a video game then game on! They crave male approval and will go to any length to secure it, even if to devalue it once it becomes rote and expected.
It is a mirror to real life, as people will shit-talk you, talk behind your back and often times don’t act in accordance with your wishes and best interest. Simple conflict doesn’t code for women, it has to have an emotional context to be understood.

This isn’t some Xena fantasy, it has to be Xena plus taking selfies with your bestie after a falling out.
They start with themselves then see men as not-female and he must be doing X, Y or Z because she is a woman as men are not women. Inextricably bound up in the issues of seeking the trappings of power and fantasy is the fantasy of men loving them for who they see themselves as, not who they really are. Women want to be gamers now simply because it is easy—easy to fantasize about their idealized self, easy to secure male approval and worship, and easy to rock the boat and demand the world revolve around them.
They want empowerment, which by the nature of the word, means they want power handed to them, not taken. The desire for power, for wealth and fame apparently doesn’t work for women, it has to have a context. They port out the typical female-as-a-victim-of-men rhetoric that reveals their true unhappiness—the inability to find love and contentment with a man. The fantasies of power easily gifted to them is part of the fantasy, but it isn’t complete without the concurrent bestowing of sexy men upon these fantasy women. She reinforces the idea that she only plays video games to act out the girl and woman she wanted to be in real life. It must be pretty triggering for a gamer girl to not measure up in the fantasy world of video games. Male worship is expected and positive attention from sexually attractive men is fetishized.

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