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The following will present you a huge list of creative ideas to let her know you truly care about her.
These simple yet effective tips will definitely make her feel truly special and deeply loved. As a result of this negligence, couples who once held a deep affection for each other slowly grow apart. By taking the first step and showing how much you appreciate your girl, you can initiate the most wondrous outcomes for the relationship. JungWhen it comes to making her feel special, most guys think they have to work the most astonishing miracles to show affection.
But instead of showing her how special she is once a year, it’s all about the little things that will truly make her feel special.
Making a girl feel special is not about letting her know you truly care about every once in a while.
You can consider this list as a vast toolbox of inspiring and unique ideas that you can implement on a daily basis to make her feel special. They will not only communicate your affection, but they can also have a surprising impact upon your relationship with the woman of your life. By showing your affection on a daily basis, you’ll be able to deepen the unique bond between two of you.1.
Don’t just tell her she’s beautiful; make her feel beautiful!Many times, it’s not about what you say, it’s all about communicating the message in a unique (non-verbal) way.
You can tell your girlfriend how beautiful she is as much as you want, but the harsh reality is that anyone can do that.
And it’s also quite likely that she’s already heard that statement a thousand times from family, friends and former boyfriends. Just think about it, if people kept on complimenting you on your great looks since you’ve been a small child, would it still feel special to hear that from your girlfriend over and over again? Most likely not.Making her feel special cannot be done by simply telling her how beautiful she is.
Instead of just stating the obvious, give your very best to actually MAKE her feel beautiful.
Let her feel deep in her heart that she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever met in your life. When she’s sick, when she’s having a hangover, when she’s wearing no makeup, when she’s tired; let her know and feel in these situations how beautiful she is.
It’s not just about what you say, also about the way you look at her, treat her, talk to her and touch her.2. Randomly leave notes with sweet messagesLeaving a note for her to find is a great way of communicating your affection and making her feel special, even when you’re not there. All women love surprises, and leaving a unique note that she unexpectedly finds will remarkably brighten her day.
Hide the message in her lunchbox or place it on her fruit juice, bicycle, car, shoes or anywhere else.3. Light a few candles and cook for herYou don’t have to be the most talented cook to surprise her with a self-made candlelight dinner. Just dim the lights, get a few candles and find a delicious recipe that can be easily prepared. Be honest with herMost guys falsely assume that making her feel special does not leave any room for honesty. After all, how should you treat her like a precious gift while simultaneously being totally honest with her? Contrary to popular belief, honesty and showing affection do not have to contradict each other.
It will show her that you hold her in such a high esteem to be honest and straightforward with her. Compliment her in an honest and unique mannerUsually, those special compliments that come right from the heart are the most effective ones. Telling your girl how beautiful she is and how much you like her eyes might not make her feel that special at all. If she hears it all the time, chances are high she might not even really appreciate it.When you give her a compliment, do it in a unique and special manner. Don’t just tell her that you like her eyes, tell her what you feel when you look into her eyes.

How time seemingly seems to stop, how you forget the entire world, how the sun starts shining when you look into her sparkling eyes and how you entirely lose yourself in this vast ocean of happiness her eyes resemble.6. Listen to her, care about her well-beingAlmost all women are looking for a partner with the ability to just listen.
It’s not a coincidence that most women continuously state they want someone who can listen. We might say, “Surely, I listen to her all the time and then I tell her exactly what she has to do to solve her problems.” But sometimes, women simply want someone who genuinely listens to her concerns, problems and anything else they have to say. Just someone who actually listens, perhaps without even saying anything.Make her feel special by taking yourself time to listen. Surprise her with random acts of kindnessShowing your girl how much you care about her is fantastic. Break the traditional routines of your relationships and show her how special she is when she expects it the least.
Grab her gently when she’s preparing dinner, whisper a compliment about her delicious cooking skills into her ear and kiss her on the neck. Whatever is within reach.A kiss on the cheeks is such a simple thing, but can communicate your affection in a powerful way. Take her out, introduce excitement and funJust because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you should stop dating your girlfriend. At the same time, making a girl feel special also means that you show interest in what she’s doing, her hobbies and interests. It doesn’t have to mean that you have to love these things, but she will definitely appreciate it when you take an interest in her life.10. Tell her how much you value her for the person she isShow her through words and actions that you fully accept her the way she is. You can make a girl feel really special by showing her that you love her for all her imperfections, not in spite of them.11. Surprise her with flowersSurprising your girlfriend with some flowers is such a simple, yet super sweet thing you can do to make her feel special. Have the courage to be yourself, with all your strengths and weaknesses.This is not about becoming overly emotional and whining about your greatest fears.
Quite the contrary, it’s simply about letting your girlfriend become part of your thoughts.
Most women appreciate this kind of honesty and prefer living with a genuine man who has faults and imperfections than living with someone insincere who puts up a mask.14. Make her part of your lifeYou can tell her how special she is as much as you want, if your actions do not reflect your words, she won’t feel any better. Don’t just tell her that she’s special; show her by letting her become a part of your life.
Let her know that you just came across about this brilliant new song of her favorite musician. Remember the things she holds in the highest esteem and occasionally surprise her with your knowledge about these things.16. But you will make her feel truly special by also being there for her during times of great despair and pain.
These are the times when she needs you the most, so give your very best to accompany her through these periods.
Light her mood, ease her pain and give her the necessary strength to overcome the difficulties.19. Write her a love letterSurprising the special girl in your life with a love letter is not only romantic, but will also show your deep affection.
It’s a great way to make her feel special and to tell her in detail all the things you love about her.21. Not only will she continuously tell you about her friends and what happens in their life, but she will also notice if you actually listen to what she’s telling you. Send her a little text (or voice) messageLet her know that you’re thinking about her by showing your affection with a little text message.
Give her a no-strings-attached massageIt isn’t too big of a secret that men might have ulterior motives when giving their girlfriends a massage. Meaning the massage is not given for the joy of helping your girlfriend relax, but it comes with strings (or hopes) attached.Show her your affection by massaging her neck and shoulders after a long day at work, without attaching any strings. Don’t pressure her into things she doesn’t wantPressuring your girlfriend into doing something she absolutely dislikes or doesn’t want to do is never a great idea.

Not only will it create resentment, but it’s also a great way of showing her that her preferences and affections are of no concern to you.39. Share your feelings with herGiving your girlfriend an outlook on to your emotional landscape is certainly not easy. Most men are not at all used to share their feelings, especially not with their girlfriend or wife. But it’s a great way to show her that you are comfortable around her and that you trust her to the highest degree. Sharing your feelings does not necessarily mean that you start wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s just a small gesture, but it shows that you care about her and that you are thoughtful about her needs. Don’t stop kissing her just because you’re in publicMost women absolutely love it when you’re showing your affection in public.
Just let it naturally happen and show the world how proud you are with this special lady.52. Never compare her to other womenComparing her to other women surely isn’t a great idea to make her feel special.
It’s not even necessary to tell her that she’s “the best of all others” – girls don’t seem to like the thought of you being out with others in the past.
Patience will not only help you form a strong relationship with her, but it will also give her the necessary room her own unfoldment.
Respect her wishesShowing respect to your girlfriend’s wishes and interests has nothing to do with sacrificing your own.
Paying attention to them can make all the difference.Pay attention to the little remarks she makes. Remember the little detailsIn addition to paying attention to the little things, remembering the little details is also a great way to show affection.
Take some notes about important dates, for instance when you’ve had your first date or when the two of you became engaged. Surprise your girlfriend on these days with some thoughtful gifts or simply with some of the little details you know about her, for instance her favorite love song. Showing that you’ve remembered these details is a fantastic way to show how important she is to you.68.
Not only will it show her that you have excellent manners, but it’s also a great way of communicating your respect.
Holding her to door, letting her order first, or opening the car door for her doesn’t require much effort. Doing it, however, shows her that you are willing to put in effort into the relationship.77. People just love to talk about themselves and their life, so showing an interest in your girlfriend’s life is a great way of making her feel special. Make her feel safeBy caring and protecting her physical and emotional well-being, you show how deeply you value her.
It’s not just about protecting her physical safeness, but also about offering a safe haven she can trust.100. Tell her that you love her with words and actionsConclusionShowing your woman your affection and making her feel special is really not difficult. It’s not even necessary to buy the most expensive gifts or spend a lot of money on other things to make her feel special. Quite the contrary, all it takes is to invest some time in doing the little things that show her how much you care about her. And always remember, actions speak much louder than words, so make sure to not just tell her what you feel about her.
Show her through your actions what you feel for her!I hope you enjoyed these 100 ways to make a girl feel special.Stay victorious! Reply Leave A Reply Cancel Reply ConnectPlanet of SuccessRecent Posts Monday, May 9 0 How Do You Measure Success?

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