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Everyone’s had a tough break up and been faced with the feelings of sadness and desperation that go along with feeling like you let the right person get away.  It is a truly miserable feeling. If they don’t come running back at least you are doing things to better yourself so you hopefully meet someone else and don’t make the same mistakes with your new boyfriend or girlfriend.  The real goal needs to be making yourself a better person so that you can have a healthy and happy relationship.  If that person does not end up being your ex, so be it! No matter the reason for your break up you and your ex because one, or both of you, was not happy. Is it possible to get your ex-boyfriend to change his mind about the break up and get him to want you back again?
Step 1: Understand Why He Broke Up With You In order to change your ex's mind about the break up, you will need to determine the cause of the breakup in the first place. When men say this, chances are that he feels really bogged down by this relationship and are almost always very unsatisfied in the relationship. If this is the case, you have to really dig deep into your relationship and wonder why he is saying this. 2) His Breakup Reason: What He Really Means: "I think we're better off as friends" Did you two constantly quarrel a lot when you were together?
Are you always the one who makes the decision in the house without asking him for his opinion?
This breakup reason is a bit ambiguous because there could be many reasons why he'd rather want to be friends with you than lovers.
If he really is a player, then I'd strongly suggest that you re-consider wanting to get back with him because if you do, most likely you would have to go through another breakup with him in the near future when his interest in you wanes and seeks his interest in other ladies. However, if you two had been together for quite some time, then chances are that his perception of you has changed from what he originally thought you were like.
For example, he was initially attracted to you because he thought you were a very independent person.
So, when you turned into this dependent and clingy person, he suddenly realized that you we were no longer the person he fell in love with and decided that he wants to just be friends with you. This is probably one of the most nonsensical reason to give for a break up because if you really wanted someone better, you would have been the one to break up with him in the first place. He really feels that he is dragging you down in the relationship and therefore really means it as a self-sacrifice. 4) His Breakup Reason: What He Really Means: "I'm afraid of commitment" So, how do you know which category he belongs to?
For example, he probably doesn't earn much money and you two are having a hard time getting by with debts and expenses mounting up. Think about it - if he really has a problem with commitment, why would he get together with you in the first place?
Step 2: Show Him The Attractive Side of You The fact that he got together with you and now says this, just means he isn't ready to settle down yet and still wants to explore his options. Attraction consists of three attributes: If two people are extremely happy in a relationship, then there really would be no need to want to "have some space to think things through" because you both can't wait to see each other daily.

When a man is unhappy in his relationship, it can usually be easily resolved if you can identify the source of his unhappiness, and show him that things will be different if you two were to get back together again. Now that you have uncovered the main reason why he broke up with you, the next thing you must remember is to not show him the " un-attractive side" of you (which was the reason why he broke up with you in the first place) and make all interactions you have with him a pleasant and positive one by showing him the attractive side of you.
We need to show your ex-boyfriend these three attributes for him to want to regain any interest he has lost in you. Because if your ex-boyfriend perceives that you are not the same person you were when he broke up with you, he will think that things could be different and create the possibility in his mind to want to be with you again. If he still sees you as the same old you he broke up with, then there would be no incentive or reason for him to want to get back with you because in his mind he will associate the same you as the same relationship which he forsake. Step 3: Let Time Pass So, what does it really mean to be attractive in your appearance, mindset and personality? So, one of the ways to change your ex-boyfriend's mind and become attractive to your ex again is to let him perceive you as happy and positive.
The reason is because as each day passes, our mind is filled with new information making the information we had some time ago not as clear as it was. Over time, when the good new memories have replaced the past unpleasant memories of you two, he will feel compelled to want to be with you. So, let time pass and constantly show the positive side of you in any interaction with your ex-boyfriend. Facebook has now become such an integral part of lives that it is almost unimaginable that a day goes by without logging on to it. One of the most common questions asked by my readers is why their ex ignores them and what they should do. So, what do you do if your ex blocks you and you have absolutely no way of contacting your ex? Finally, finally finished looking over the other self-help books available for helping you get back together with your ex. You feel like you have lost something very special and you aren’t sure if you will ever get them back.
However, this can be very tricky and sometimes very misleading, especially if your ex-boyfriend is one who doesn't like to explain his actions. It's not that he doesn't want to be in a relationship - He just doesn't want to be in a relationship with you. More often than not, they don't feel appreciated enough or don't feel like the man in the relationship. However, if your ex-boyfriend has said this to you, it most likely means that he has lost interest in you and no longer attracted to you. If you two had only been together for less than six months, then it could be that he is just a player, moving from one "target" to another. But after being with you for some time, you started to become very dependent and clingy to him.

If he liked to be with someone who was dependant and clingy, he would have not dated and gotten together with you in the first place. However, unfortunately, many men believe that they are really doing you a good deed by breaking up with you.
Or it could be that he was unable to solve some of your problems for you when you need him the most. If your ex-boyfriend says this to you, then there could be a possibility that he is a player.
What he is trying to do is to spend some time apart from you to see if he really misses you and wants to still be with you. So, when your ex-boyfriend tells you this, it is a dangerous sign that he is not happy in the relationship with you. You have to think back and ask yourself whether there were times where he has expressed his unhappiness in any way?
Basically by making yourself look good at all times when he sees you is a powerful way of getting him to be attracted in you again. So, getting back with you would also mean getting back to the same old relationship, which he didn't want in the first place!
For some people, it could be as short as a couple of weeks before your ex-boyfriend changes his mind about your breakup and ask to get back with you.
As time passes, the memories he had of how bad the relationship was would slowly, but surely, fade. Once he is exposed to this side of you constantly, he will start getting attracted to you again and this will get him to change his mind and want to get back with you.
The good news is that it is possible to make your ex-boyfriend miss you badly after breakup. This will make him feel like he is useless and is unable to help the woman he loves, and thus decides that you deserve better.
But what really triggers him to say this is something which stems from his unhappiness in the relationship.
At the party, you see two people - one of them is constantly laughing, smiling and looking very happy, and the other is looking depressed and is constantly complaining to anyone he meets. But what if I asked you to think back to a couple of months back or maybe even a couple of years ago?

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