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A cheating boyfriend will meet you rarely but whenever he does he will touch you, you will always see an abrupt devotion toward you.
If your man is cheating on you then he surely will be spending time with his other lady love rather than you.
Every possible measure will be taken by him to neglect you but when you will reach him to ask the reason for the same, he will come prepared with ample of excuses. Unexpected love and care will be there in his talks and if the same is happening with you, be alert.
In such cases, you become his second choice and your cheater boyfriend will run away from you as he knows at the back of his mind that what he is doing is wrong.

If you try to come closer to him he would avoid it, perhaps on the excuse of ill health or tiredness.
On insistence he would tell you that since he has some important job on hand so he would call you later.
He looks in the mirror frequently, is more bothered about his hair and tries to dress up smartly.
At times if you are sitting in front of him and some suspicious call comes, his behavior will change. If you ask him a simple question, particularly pertaining to love, loyalty and commitment, instead of replying he would get upset and frustrated.

He will send SMS more frequently and will invariably delete his messages, both incoming and outgoing, to avoid being read by other persons.

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