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Sisters are Bananabanana2013 and Abrianna2013 I am the oldest Abrianna2013 is the middle child and Bananabanana2013 is the youngest! Free elephant clip art images for teachers, web pages, print projects, scrapbooking, blogs and more. If you need help saving or using images please visit the Help Section for frequently asked questions and tutorials.
Look at the animal testing facts below if you are a pet lover.  Animal is always the main subject when a scientist wants to test a new drug or treatment.
Sometimes the drugs which have been tested by human being on the animal fail to work on human being because it creates a dangerous effect. The main animals that people like to use in a test include bird rats, mice, amphibians, and reptiles.
There are many animal activists who concern with the usage of animals in experimental testing.  People urge the scientists not to use animal in their program.
The chemical test is conducted on an animal by shaving and rubbing the skin and place the chemical around it. The carcinogen experiment is applied by the scientist in a lab by giving the animals the certain substance each day for about two until three years.

The lethal dose of a certain drug or chemical is determined by forcing the animal to drink certain amount of chemical until dies. If you want to know one of the most beautiful birds in the world, you can check Peacock Facts.
Read the following explanation about armadillo facts if you want to know one for the nocturnal mammals. When I lived in the village, my roommate used to refer to Taylor Swift as "Fetus Face." Not having listened to much Taylor Swift, I didn't fight for her honor. So, the next time you need to listen to the melodic musing of a girl who knows how you feel, think about my girl Taylor Swift. Sometimes the scientists use this experiment on a pregnant animal to find the reaction on its fetuses and mother. She dates all the good looking fellows, and then she complains about it when they break up.
The fact that she has had some seriously awkward moments in her career makes her even more lovable (re: the Kanye West debacle and the feud with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler). There is no need to wonder when you find that more than 100 million animals have been used by US for their experiment.

Probably the animal testing should be applied wisely so that the animals are not tortured.  You can add comment on facts about animal testing here. In this day and age, it takes a real woman to admit she's into that since almost every guy I know is ambivalent at best.
And the songs she writes have the real, girly truth in them, not what we think we should think.
As much s I love Tina Fey, I have to say I can totally relate to her getting really upset about something and maybe saying something she shouldn't have.
So, below you'll find the five reasons I think Taylor Swift embodies the spirit I'd like to see in myself and is thus my spirit animal. She's impassioned, hyperbolic, and she clearly gets ahead of herself in her internal monologue. And what girl do you know that doesn't put the cart before the horse at least once every thirty seconds?

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