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April Kassman, an English-Language Arts teacher at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE), assigned an intriguing assignment during the first quarter for her Creative Writing students to take part in.
When asked about their  thoughts on this assignment, Sarah Paley, a junior at AITE said, “After we read the book Letters from a Nut, I thought that it was hilarious and I really wanted to do something like it. Asia James, a senior at AITE who had received a response back from the company that she had written to had this to say “When I found out that my letter was chosen to be sent out, I was very happy because I worked hard on it but I never thought it would be chosen to be mailed out. Sure people lighten their hair everyday, but not one pays attention to that hair just inches below that hair you just highlighted or lightened?!?
But do you notice that your eyes want to go to the beautiful shade of her "windows to the soul" AKA eyes, but those dark brows keep yelling at you to come and stare at them. You have the option of going 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your hair color, just play around by filling them a shade or 2 darker to see what you prefer on that face of yours. Natural Red: usually that means your brows and eyelashes are already lighter than your hair.

Fake Red: If you have, say, hair the color of Ariel (which I myself love), then you could go 1-2 shades darker, I recommend a cool brown like CHARCOAL BROWN from MAC.
To give a defined, yet not-so-harsh look, 1 to 3 shades lighter looks beautiful, yet still gives a great defined eyebrow. If you have a fun, bright colored hair like lavender, pink or turquoise, if you lighten your brows you can fill them in easier to the desired colored of your choice, when the base color is lighter too! I think my favorite part of the whole activity was trying to pick which company I wanted to write a letter to.
Nancy, which is the book that April Kassman had used to get the students started on the assignment, explores several different business letters that Ted L. I believe that knowing how to write business letters is a skill that students should develop before they graduate from high school. Your poor neglected eyebrows are there to just stick out like a sore thumb or eyebrow on your face, screaming to the world: Hey, this is our natural hair color folks!

Kassman believes that involving skills needed in the real world within the classroom environment is a great teaching method. Students were assigned to write humorous business letters to companies regarding their products, some of which were actually sent out to the companies with the approval of the principal, Paul L. I have not received a  letter back in response to mine but I certainly hope I do soon or I might just have to write to them again”. Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian who had written the introduction to Letters from a Nut says “if you should find yourself in possession of this book, one of the great joys of it is definitely reading the letters out loud.
To learn in a fun environment that offers the possibility of real world connections is an advantageous way to learn”, says April Kassman, the English Teacher pioneering this project.

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