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Looks like daddy’s gonna have a tough time keeping a close eye on his baby after a few years. One day during the summer after an evening church service, I noticed a colored picture of an anchor on this mana€™s forearm. Another decade passed and then we entered a time of technology, laser technology that could remove onea€™s unwanted tattoos! Within the past ten years, it seems that the popularity of tattoos is at an all-time high: expression of oneself through ink on skin is common now. My kids are elementary school age, and we often frequent the public pools in the summers to escape the heat.

I work as a counselor in a public school, which gives me the opportunity to visit with many students and their parents. My Hella€™s Angel view on tattoos, unless of course you are in the military, changed about seven years ago. As I mentioned earlier, tattoos are prominent among professional athletes, especially so in the NBA. It's reasonable for protective dads to have high expectations for their daughter's boyfriends: polite, caring, personable and not too many mug shots. Marcus Luttrell, the father of two-year-old Addie, has a list that's a little bit more demanding: roping a tornado, bottling up a hurricane and putting out a forest fire with a squirt gun.

Addie, just talk to Hoda: Sounds like her strict Egyptian dad would get along just fine with Luttrell.

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