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Naguguluhan nga tuloy ang ilang mga tagahanga ni Charice sa transformation na gusto nitong ma-achieve.
Noong magpa-blonde nga si Charice a la K-Pop hairstyle noong maging judge siya sa The X Factor Philippines, umani siya ng mga hindi magagandang comments.
May nagsabi nga noon na nakahawig tuloy niya ang komedyanteng si Maverick Realova (ang comic partner ni Ariel Villasanta) dahil magkapareho sila ng kulay at style ng buhok. Now Tomboy Charice, I heard, is currently in a relationship with X-Factor finalist Alyssa Quijano. To start with, YES, coming out is very necessary for someone who would like to be recognized as gay.
Who knows if this is just another dictate by a producer or talent manager to manufacture publicity. Trouble comes for Charice, epecially here in the Philippines that not being cisgender reduces the individual to a farce.
I think the use of tomboy within the Philippines equates to lesbian, whereas in US (I’m not sure with other English speaking countries), it refers to girl acting in boyish manner, but not necessarily a lesbian. Tomboy must be a filipino euphemism for the butch lesbian, the ugly one, the one who has the ‘male’ role, as opposed to the sexy lipstick lesbian. In the west, a tomboy is usually a preteen girl that likes to play rough and likes hanging with the boys, but that does not make them a lesbian. We were actually thinking that this is only a publicity stunt because she doesn’t have that many projects anymore. As Singapore celebrated its 50th year of independence, one cannot help but reflect on what could have been for our own country, the Philippines.

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In fact, it seems they have been confused about Charice’s frequent look changes for some time. Looking back, and seeing just how girly Charice used to be, one would really struggle with this recent radical transformation. It’s also a very important and oftentimes harrowing process for someone coming out of the closet.
After all the sexy lipstick lesbians might me perceived as closet lesbian within the Filipino culture (though it’s slowly becoming tolerant of them). I am sure it will be quite comical watching her warble The Whitney Houston and Celine Dion tunes with her OA vibrato looking like a boy. She was just a pet project of Oprah (rumored lesbian), Rosie Odonnel (confirmed lesbian) and Ellen (a confirmed lesbian) to begin with.
Could she have been molested when her lazy family had her working in bars as a singer so they did not have to work? Then again does sporting the “butch” look necessarily preclude a woman being straight? Was Charice’s coming out about her gayness that necessary then considering her metamorphosis from petite doll to, well, petite butch back then already said it all? For one thing, not too many of them had the resources or wherewithal to take on the full lifestyle and look. So if a girl then hooks up with a woman sporting the butch look, does that make her a lesbian too?

But then if said girl was attracted to this butch look sported by the former avowed lesbian, why would she be considered a lesbian if it was the maleness of this butch look she was attracted to? I know now that many of these high school tomboys now pretty much lead straight ladies’ lives.
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