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With a new addition to the family, taking us up to three kids, the wife wanted us to buy a seven seater and understandably she did not want an ugly people carrier. So, we (I) did our research and concluded that we’d look at the Audi Q7 and Land Rover Discovery. I assumed that the car and interior¬†especially would be more liked by my wife (women generally).
Not sure if the two rear seats would be spacious enough for adults to sit in for a long journey.
Motortorque is the destination for all of the best funny, viral and simply awesome vehicle-related content from around the world. Copyright © My Car Heaven - Beautiful, Cool, Iconic and Desirable Cars, Classic Cars, Supercars and Hypercars. Maserati made some of the most beautiful race cars of the 1950s even though they were not a great success on the race track.

The alloy engine is a 2-liter in line 4-cylinder with dual overhead camshafts and dual Weber carburetors producing 187 hp. The Maserati 200SI, Sport Internazionale, designation was used in 1957 to indicate conformance to international sports car racing rules.
The first photo is by Brett Weinstein taken at the Scarsdale Concours in 2006, the second photo is by asopuma, the third photo is from Martin Chisholm Collector Cars and the fourth photo is from The family every day car being the great Lexus RX400h, which has been exceptional since we purchased it in 2006. Also, through the process we decided not to dismiss the Volvo XC90, even though I don’t like the thought of being a Volvo owner (the look so boring and so many owners seem to be appalling drivers).
Apart from me not wanting to own or be seen in a Volvo (due to the types of people I see driving them, and they all seem to be so bad at driving) we felt the Audi was a nicer place to be.
There’s nothing more satisfying than driving a seemingly run-of-the-mill car, knowing you have serious power underneath your right foot.

They love the stories behind every car and that’s what they try to capture with our films.
We have test driven both cars and definitely preferred the Q7, we are a little biased In that we have owned and driven audis of one type or another for the last 8 years.
Every owner and every car has been on a journey and the story of that journey is what they share in their films.
Feel a little anxious about the sheer size of the car in car parks- I know that the Volvo isn’t that much smaller.

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