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More opportunities to doodle?  Cool.  This is my submission to Jose's Keyblade competition part deux.
As I mentioned,  I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to all things computer, but this system is pretty damn good right? 2.  Joker would NEVER have ran away from the battle would he?  How did he get to the Sol relay in time? 3.  The remaining fleets would overpopulate earth, not be able to eat it's food, and all go extinct. As for the turians, quarians, etc not being able to eat human food, all I can think is why couldn't they grow food that they could eat on earth?  The quarian, krogan, turian, ect home worlds all feature environments that humans can survive in without oxygen masks or the like.  Is it really so hard to believe that their environments are similar enough that they could support one anothers plant and animal life? 4.  The destruction of the mass relays would destroy all the star systems, hence dooming the entire galaxy. So yeah, what do you think?  If you think I'm a massive idiot, please try not to troll too much below.  If you have constructive criticism of any of my potentially ignorant thought processes, feel free to comment. 12.  Is it weird that when I catch three (non hornet) bugs in one swipe of the bug net I expect a trophy notification to pop up?
14.  How is it that nobody else (save one stowaway) is going through the exceedingly visible holes in the clouds? 18.  Who lets their toddler aged kid just wander around unattended on an island where one misplaced step can send you to a cloudy death?
19.  Anybody else feel that they look like an idiot when trying to pull off a shield bash?
I was cleaning up a room and came across a couple sketchy charcoal drawings of mine from 5 or so years back.  I've noticed IGNers have been posting artwork, so why not join in the fun? Anyway, I don't really listen to a lot of horror music, but there are a couple of tracks which spring to mind around this time of year. Loving little brother Michael Myers, murders his big sister at the age of 6 and then 15 years later escapes from the mental asylum to hunt down his babysitter.
One of my absolute favourites to this day and this song they used over a promotional trailer was pure genius.
I'm not going to tag anyone, but I'll give a polite nudge to NyxCloud, since he pretty much listens to horror music for relaxation. It's nothing fancy; cut and paste really, because I couldn't be arsed doing anything creative. Pet Peeves:  Loud eaters, close talkers, low talkers, slow walkers, horn blowers, channel surfers. Nostalgic – Pitfall, Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider, WipeOut, Metal Gear Solid, Shadow of the Colossus, GTA Vice City, Jade Empire, Soul Calibur 2, SSX3, Halo. Contemporary – Mass Effect, GTAV, Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space, Deus Ex: HR, Alan Wake, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed 2, Uncharted 2. Favourite game franchises: GTA, Mass Effect, Halo, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted. Favourite game genres: Action adventure, open world action, third person shooters, FPS, WRPG. Nostalgic – Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Terminator, T2, Predator, Aliens, Total Recall, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, Se7en, The Matrix. Nostalgic – Get Smart, Dr Who, Magnum PI, Miami Vice, 21 Jump Street, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Friends. Contemporary – Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Fargo, Utopia, Daredevil. Nostalgic – INXS, Duran Duran, New Order, The Cure, The Church, The Police, Pet Shop Boys, Crowded House, Oasis, Blur, Radiohead. Contemporary – Tame Impala, Cut Copy, Wild Nothing, Real Estate, Beach House, The Album Leaf, The American Dollar, Barcelona, Doves, Faunts, Linkin Park. If you know me well enough you'll know I don't get around to doing things quickly, especially when it comes to blogging. I've been active in the MyIGN community since 2011 – hmm, that's 200 followers per year, not bad I guess – and in that time this place has become a consistent little part of my life.
Despite the many glitches and departed friends, I'm still here and don't plan on leaving any time soon. First and foremost, I must give a shout out to my boys, Justin (LPfanatic4ev) and Tim (jedi_timmy).
And to all of the newbies to the community who are working hard to continue making this place awesome.
This week has been LiT's Dragon theme, and seeing as I'm not much of a writer, I thought I'd whack up this little sketch I did of a dragon a few months ago while drawing with my son.
Last night I had a dream that Anthony was Twitch steaming a game between himself and D-Bone. Anthony looked like Star-Lord piloting the Milano while D-Bone looked like an X-Wing pilot - stay on target D-Bone!
If you could help out in any way, I'm sure the English Cricket Team would be very grateful. Last week I was tagged by young Zafa for the latest community blog thingo, this time about our most hated video game characters. Now, let me start by saying that I am not a hateful person and to have such a strong negative emotion towards a videogame character seems a little excessive. Having said all that, I've managed to pull together a select few characters that, over the years of gaming I have considered most disagreeable to my sensibilities.
Hailing from one of my all time favourite games, Red Dead Redemption, this man is one nasty piece of work.
More recently I played Dust: An Elysian Tale and while I found the overall game pretty decent, that little sidekick Fidget, whatever the fuck she was, I found absolutely infuriating. I was just grabbing some lunch, and on the cafe TV there was an amazing piece of nostalgia playing. And if there are any Chicagoans out there, please feel free to confirm or deny any of these 'facts'. If you can think of some other things you noticed when you played it, or if you have actual real life Chicago experiences to share, please feel free to comment below. I first watched this movie when I was far to young to be watching movies like this and it was freaky as hell. A dead, child murdering psychopath called Freddy has returned to haunt and kill teenagers in their sleep. Unfortunately the endless sequels have dulled the impact of the original but it is a fantastic piece of horror. Again, probably more a thriller than a horror, but some of the shit that goes down in this movie is far more repugnant than you'd ever see in any true horror film.

So I've been tagged by the delightful Justin, bless his little heart, to do one of these anticipated game bloggimyjigs. Since I don't yet have a new gen system and don't plan on getting one until sometime next year, it's been a bit hard for me to anticipate anything releasing in 2014.
Besides that, two upcoming games that spring to mind are Assassin's Creed Unity and Far Cry 4. I thoroughly enjoyed playing The Witcher 2 a couple of years back, and since finishing have been looking forward to another instalment from CD Projekt Red.
After playing the original Mass Effect, my anticipation level was through the roof when the sequel was eventually announced. With GTAV it was somewhat different in that, immediately after GTAIV, we all knew that Rockstar would be following up with another one at some point. Looking ahead I suspect the only thing that would take me to that same level of anticipation would be the full reveal of the next Mass Effect or when Rockstar finally announces Red Dead Redemption 2.
Rockstar, the masters of the open world, presented to us a glorious realization of a wild west land and filled it with interesting characters, amazing wildlife and and a story that is amongst the best of it's generation. The game's protagonist, John Marston is one of the greatest leads to ever grace this wonderful medium. On top of all this Rockstar gave us actually fun mini games to play; RDR may have the best poker game you will find on a console. In videogames, the word masterpiece gets thrown around from time to time, but with Red Dead Redemption that word has never been more fitting. You could pretty much listen to the entirety of Interpol's debut album "Turn on the Bright Lights" and you would see what I mean when it makes me think of Quantic Dreams games. Have a listen to a few tracks I've selected and, if you've played any of the Quantic Dream games, hopefully you'll hear the connection that I'm making.
Well the good Justin has tagged me for the community blog series thingo, so I feel obligated to oblige.
To be honest I struggled a little bit getting to five favourite developers, but I think if you know me well enough, my selections will not be very surprising. While I don't play all the games Ubisoft develop, every one that I have played from their numerous studios has been excellent. Yesterday I posted a blog (for the first time in months), dedicating a song to XeroTheory for a little car accident he was unfortunate to be a part of. The song was by an Aussie band from the 1980s called Australian Crawl who’s lead singer, James Reyne is well known for his somewhat indecipherable lyrics.
So, for a bit of a laugh I thought I’d put up another one of his gems, this time a track from his solo career called "Fall of Rome”. Anyway, it made me think of a song from a great Australian band from my childhood called Australian Crawl. And I’ve copied in the lyrics for those of you that may have trouble with the Aussie accent – hell, it’s James Reyne we’re talking about here, even Australians have trouble understanding what he’s singing! I've been meaning to get this blog up since Christmas but have only just gotten around to doing so. In the lead up to Christmas my 6 year old son wrote to Santa wishing only to receive a 'thingamajig'. Anyway, the little guy has a very vivid imagination and thankfully I know, based on his drawings, the kind of thing he probably had in mind.
So, after having a bit of a look at online shops and galleries I came up with nothing that was remotely applicable.
I know Jose organised this MyIGN christmas card exchange thingy, which I clearly missed the boat on.
But anyhoo, I just wanted to send my card out to a couple of my original buddies on here, so here goes. Yesterday I posted a quick blog of some cool Star Wars themed typography that I came across. While doing some image searching for work I came across this cool Star Wars themed typography and thought I should share it with you. Once again Axle Blaze has put forward the 'design a game cover' contest and once again I have jumped at the opportunity to do so. Set during the post-prohibition, Depression era 1930s, you take on the role of Jack Marston's daughter, Patricia. Well, in just a few days (a few hours for some) the gamer community will be thrust forward into an exciting new generation of consoles.
Below is an overview of what will be keeping me busy in the foreseeable future on my Xbox 360 and PS3. While there, I thought I’d snap off a few photos of the perfect sky, in the perfect park, during 30 minutes of perfect tranquility. So, like 95% of the population, I've been playing GTAV and the game is absolutely phenomenal. Camouflage, weapons, gadgets, headbands, eye patches, Metal Gears, intrigue, espionage, love, hate, and exclamation marks!
I've only just scratched the surface of what makes this game so freakin' good, and it deserves to proceed into the final 8 of the tournament. One of the first horror flicks I ever saw – I was far too young to be watching it, mind you – and still one of the best. Logging on and checking out what all you slackers are up to has been almost a daily ritual for me and something that makes my work days a little more pleasant. MyIGN is a wonderful community full of interesting and talented people, and every day I will find something of interest and worthy of my attention.
I know I've most likely left someone off my list, and if so, I'm sincerely sorry for doing so.
What it suggests is that either developers have done an exceptional job at creating an absolutely abhorrent, unlikeable character or that perhaps you take your videogames a little too seriously.
Rockstar did not intend for this character to be in any way likeable and they did an exceptional job portraying someone you would definitely hate.
Back when I used to play fighting games, Soul Calibur was a favourite of mine and one of the finest going around. It's probably no secret around these parts that this next character is not on my like list. I just wanted to throw together a few impressions I now have of Chicago – the city in which Watch Dogs takes place – after my playthrough. Light poles and other solid objects around the city of Chicago are extremely flimsy and can be easily knocked over with your car. You can swim in the waterways around Chicago, in the middle of winter, in a full length coat and boots, and not drown or freeze to death.

No, they're not crap films that are actually incredible, and if you haven't watched them you NEED to immediately. While maybe not technically a horror movie, it is a superbly crafted film jam packed with tension, action, mind fucking time travel concepts and classic dialogue. There's plenty of disturbing shit in this film and the performances by Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins are first class. Also, it's the best use of a numeral replacing a letter, ever, the title credits are stunning and it's got Morgan Freeman in it.
The only new release game I've bought this year has been Watch Dogs and by the time it came around I was hardly champing at the bit to get it. I've been anticipating Far Cry 4 for some time now, but most recently there's something else that's been tickling my fancy the most.
But it wasn't until they started to drip feed us with screenshots and eventually those full blow trailers that my excitement escalated.
Rugged and tough with a tainted history but possessing a charming, gentlemanly quality and a desire to improve himself on his road to redemption. The beautiful, harsh landscape, the dynamic weather and day night cycle, the hunting and collecting, the riding, the gunplay, the sound design and of course that soundtrack.
And then, just because we all wanted more, they didn't just give us some throw away mission piece of DLC, they gave us Undead Nightmare, an alternate zombie story within the same world and a game in itself which was incredible in it's own right. Ever since GTAIII blew my mind back in 2001, Rockstar have been hitting the mark time and time again for me. The Assassin's Creed games, The Prince of Persia games, The Far Cry games, the Splinter Cell games. On my list primarily for the Mass Effect trilogy, these guys have created one of the greatest series in video game history in my opinion.
He said he didn't want it to 'do' anything as such, just be an ornament or object that could sit on a shelf and be admired. Therefore I took it upon myself to build something from my imagination, based on his imagination. Some peeps mentioned they wished they were larger sizes, so I trawled around a bit and found them! This little synopsis is pieced together from an overview of what I believe that period of time to be like.
As impressive and tantalising as Sony's and Microsoft's products appear, I won't be jumping aboard just yet.
But this isn't a blog about my impressions of the game, it's just a quick question that I want to put out to you people. This is a system which has become quite ubiquitous in the third person genre and my question to you is which was the game that introduced us to this system.
Well, you get quite possibly the best intro song and credits design of any game in the history of video games.
And, to be perfectly honest, it's actually somewhat irrational but nevertheless it's how I feel and have always felt about him. So, even though I won't actually get this game until next year, I'm going to pick this one for my 2014 selection. The story was expertly crafted, the characters wonderfully realized and then there's THAT ending! The music throughout was spectacular and perfectly scored for the environment and then those couple of signature tracks that presented themselves.
It was while listening to this album that I was reminded of Indigo Prophecy, which I had recently played on Xbox.
Beyond the Grand Theft Auto series, they've delivered the outstanding Max Payne 3 and the masterpiece that is Red Dead Redemption. On top of that phenomenal achievement I'll add the arguably best game on the OG Xbox, Jade Empire.
They are also responsible for giving us the Unreal Engine and the closest thing to a rock star the games industry is likely to see in Cliffy B. In doing so I also came across a bunch more from the same artist based on various other popular movies. The background story of the FBI would still be apparent in the plot, while the oncoming rise of Naziism leading up to the Second World War could come into play later on. Citizens of the United States of America, feel free to add your thoughts about this or correct me if needed. So I thought I would throw together a little list as to why I will not be taking that step. Gorgeous visuals (for it's time), superb soundtrack, excellent and witty dialogue, amazing story, awesome boss fights, this game just has so much.
Voldo, the blind, bondage freak used to irritate me no end, with his unpredictable move set and hideous animation and unnerving wheeze. Personally I prefer James Cameron's Aliens, but Ridley Scott's masterpiece is a must watch and it will brown your trousers. From the opening cinematic train ride into Armadillo I knew I was going to be in for something special and needless to say I was not disappointed.
Since then I can say that I feel that Interpol's style would also fit well with Heavy Rain and even Beyond. I would also like to mention the SW Old Republic Games and the Dragon Age games, but I haven't played them, so I can't. But add to that a subtitle 'Snake Eater' and you've just made it the best video game name ever. Stand out confrontations include the cat and mouse battle with The End, the hallucinatory face off with The Sorrow and the stunning final battle with The Boss.
I actually didn't know a lot about it except for the ridiculous name and a few articles I had flipped through in Official PlayStation Magazine back in the day. You never fail to entertain and amuse me and I can always rely on one of you if not both to pick me up when I'm feeling down, or put me down when I'm being obtuse.
Noire from development hell and delivering another wonderfully realised world, story and experience.
I think this could be a fantastic era for Rockstar to explore and just because it's a Red Dead game I don't think it necessarily needs to be set in the wild west. But in doing so, I had the pleasure of basically playing the Uncharted trilogy and The Last of Us all within a few months.

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