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Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo, Moon Costumes, and Xfancy. Rukia Kuchiki started out as a Shinigami (Death God), but in the first episode she gives her powers to Ichigo Kurosaki. She then enters a faux body and convinces Ichigo to help her in her work as a Shinigami until her powers return.
Rukia Kuchiki, when sent from the soul society to vanquish a hollow, she runs into Ichigo who causes her to get injured by the hollow and consequently ends up giving him all of her powers rather than half.
Rukia has lived ten of Ichigo's lives (you do the math) and that she inhabits a Gigai (fake body given to disimpower soul reapers. Ichigo's POV : Rukia vs Inoue - Ichiruki vs Ichihime : do they really have an equal possibility? If he has forgotten Rukia, how come he says her name first whenever he's talking about who he's bringing back? BLEACH heroine : Rukia vs Inoe - Ichiruki vs Ichihime : do they really have an equal possibility?
I caught on to a couple of these, but even though I've just been re-reading early!Bleach, I totally missed the parallels with Orihime's singing. Ok, so there isn't much that I can say in short time but this echos almost exactly my thoughts on the matter. The teacher(s) told me that there really isn't a word in Japanese that covers the English concept of "to miss", at least not in the context of missing a person (not sure about missing a ball, I didn't think to ask at the time).
She then helps him do her job as a soul reaper until the soul reapers Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki come and take her back to the soul society for committing a capital offense (giving her power to a human) as they try to kill Ichigo.
I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the amazing info you've got here on this post. Seriously rarely do I encounter a weblog that is both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you've hit the nail on the head. And where Ichigo attacks Ulquiorra, Ulqui questions Ichigo saying that he doubts Orihime ,and indeed he does.
I can take only so much silliness and it doesn't help that every chapter since 354 she''s appeared in has her being comedic relief.

Of course I was saying that about Orihime for the past three years so I'm really hoping that Kubo doesn't keep Ichigo in a funk for too long. Though on another matter, I personally think even though Ishida was friendly to Kurosaki, his rivalry with him never ended. She doesn't try to catch his attention particularly, or throw longing looks at him neither.
The closest thing they have is to say that someone "is lonely".Oh that clears up so many things for me. Your concept is outstanding; the issue is something that not sufficient men and women are speaking intelligently about. Anyway, Rukia is probably dead now and ichigo is busy fighting and already forget about her! Right when Ulquiorra said Rukia is dead Ichigo didn't believe him and walked away from him. I think it was the whole "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" concept, and that even though they can be friendly at times; that they are begrudgingly friendly when they have to be, and despite the fact they respect and even like each other they won't admit to it. I am particularly pleased that I stumbled across this in my search for some thing relating to this. That's when ichigo found out something happen to rukia according to ulquiorra, he want to go and save her, but ulquiorra drew his attention away quickly when he said he's the one who kidnapped orihime then they started fighting! But when he heard Ulquiorra is the one who kidnapped orihime, he is so angry that he change his mind immediately and fight Ulquiorra!
I just want Ulquiorra period.So I really hope Kubo doesn't go so slow this time, I want the character development and I want to know where her pins are. I even endured Ishida being made a gag toy while it was going on--and the ending of that battle was so disturbingly sublime. If he cares about rukia more than orihime, he will still carry on to go and save rukia and ignore whatever Ulquiorra said but he choose to fight with Ulquiorra for orihime! And Tatsuki doesn't try to act as matchmaker, but tells Orihime to go to the part-time job and Orihime just disappears like that. Later when orihime said to ichigo "please don't let yourself get hurt anymore", he suddenly got the strength and defeated grimmjow (episode 167)!

XD;Her not blushing is a good sign, but I hate that her crush seems to be resolved off screen?
I'll never forget it--the grotesque rape of Nemu and the virgin birth of Szayel just in time for Christmas of 2008.I'd love to have Szayel back. It's obviously ichigo and orihime are a better couple and most likely the whole story will end with ichigo and orihime together. But by that time comes, much time had already passed and even she can be saved if treated to her injuries early, she may already die due to loss of too much blood.
We all know orihime likes ichigo but we are not sure how rukia feels for ichigo as the story never mention before. In that case,it answers the wishful thoughts of the IH's that Ichigo may recognise Inoue,when she became stronger,which I disagree.Why? It’s the reason why so many people confuse the Main Character with the Protagonist and assume that both are the same. And it’s also the reason why some unsuccessful stories can have too many Main Characters. Make sure that, when thinking of the characters, you identify them by their ROLE (heroine, villain, father, doctor, sister, etc.).
It just means the player through whom the audience experiences the story first hand, as if it were happening to them. Keep in mind that while MC is just a point of view, a position of the audience, as it were, the objective characters are defined by their dramatic function in the plot. Just like looking at a battle from a hill, you see the soldiers not by looking through their eyes, but by the job they are doing.

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