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Bon-Bon shows up in alot of scenes, I have been surprised just how much when I have rewatched the episodes.
Damn here I am again, I tried to move on to something else but there's something addictive about this show and its endless memes.
Jon had taken Donal and Benjen?s advice to heart: Sam may be fat and pathetic, but he is still a member of the watch, and one of the few black brothers who isn't a rapist or thief.

I see its a good way to go espacially when they put a lots of crossed eyes derpy hooves reference in season 1. I have not check the glasses carefully but an evil creature from ancient times manipulating the Mane 6 against each other is a lot more creative than evil alicorn with spikes everywhere. It also serves as a worthy adversary for Princess Celestia as she is a formidable chess master in her own rights (my interpretation) that act as her polar opposite.

While the Princess tries to move things in certain direction for a better future, discord only wants to sow confusion, distrust and chaos.

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