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What an incredible adventure it has been since I began TaylorMade Web Presence in 2012 with the encouragement and guidance of my beautiful bride, Elayna Fernandez. On this day that has been designated to celebrate love (well, I started to write this post post on Valentine’s Day), I want to celebrate my beautiful wife for the amazing dedication and selflessness that she shows to me and our daughters.
She has been my inspiration in life, in love, in spirituality, and in business since we met working on a project as contractors in 2011.
It was through her kindness and love that I learned how important it is to have people in our lives who believe in us and aren’t afraid to push us to be more. Many times she has believed in me when I did not believe in myself, and encouraged me to take leaps of faith that I thought were outside of my abilities.
Before I met Elayna, I had never seen someone who could go to bed at midnight, or even 1am, then wake up at 3am totally refreshed, smiling, and hitting the ground running.
Without her diligence, dedication, and strategic genius, TaylorMade Web Presence would cease to exist. I have learned so much about love, life, business, friendship, and family from Elayna Fernandez and I am eternally grateful for the priceless gift of her heart and love.
We take so many things for granted much too often, and I want to encourage you to join me in taking a good look at the people that make a difference in our life.
There will be days when it is more difficult than others to live out of love, and it is at those times that we must press harder into the love of our Heavenly Father, remembering that God is love, and He is the source that our love springs from.
As I think about all of the challenges, opportunities, and growth that have come from it, I can’t help but see that none of it was accomplished on my own.
As she will tell you, and I will readily agree, I was a bit of a fixer upper, just like Kristoff from the Disney movie, Frozen.

While she has always loved me for who I am and where I was at that time, she has never settled for less than she knows is my best, and has not been afraid to set healthy boundaries. Her contributions to TaylorMade Web Presence and the other companies she owns and manages are without parallel, always bringing in new customers and cash flow. Instead, she continues to work as my partner, saves hot cocoa for me when I’m not home, and speaks only well of me to others. She owns, manages, and works in multiple companies, does the laundry of a family of 5 (including cloth diapers), homeschools 3 brilliant daughters, cooks delicious, healthy, homemade, vegan meals from scratch every day, serves in a time demanding calling in our church, travels to speak at conferences, helps women find and live their passions while balancing work and home life, blogs consistently, and still has time to keep the house clean and read with our girls, all while breast feeding and carrying our baby girl who wants to have mama’s full attention 24 hours a day.
She is from the Dominican republic where avocados grow the size of watermelons and the passion fruit juice needs to be watered down because the fruits are bursting with such potent flavor. Find a way each day, no matter how big or small, to let them feel your appreciation for all that they do.
I cried from beginning to end, I am witness of your words Taylor, I am witness of your appreciation for her as well.
Usually you see the female in the relationship write something like this – good for you for switching it up! Sounds like you found your perfect match and it is wonderful to hear that you appreciate all she does. The strength of TaylorMade Web Presence is in its team, which, I am blessed to say, includes the love of my life.
Thankfully though, she was able to see past my flaws, past my walls I had put up to keep people out, and melt my heart with the most amazing unconditional love and kindness I have ever known. I admire her tremendously for this quality, which comes from a consistent relationship and constant communication with our Heavenly Father.

There is no amount of money that could replace the love I feel in her touch, the light that her smile brings to a room, or the values that she instills in our children daily. Not only does she increase our income, she would rather put money into savings accounts or to paying off bills than go on a shopping spree.
Her mom makes delicious dominican dulces and we have been the blessed recipients of some of her masterpieces. To get answers to your questions, or to get started with Your Credible, Profitable, Measurable Web Presence, contact my team NOW! She has made such a difference in my life and given me the most amazing daughters in the world. In addition to all of this, I know that I can always trust her to come through for me, to have my back, to always speak well of me, and to give me Godly advice. She is very clear about her boundaries, but she stands firm in them while also holding on to Christ-like attributes of patience and forgiveness.
Having been a part of the Rock Bottom series with Elayna, I can appreciate the love you have for her, showed to her and that she shows back (or maybe first sometimes:) to you. It is the love she puts into every homemade Dominican dish, and the ritual of eating at the table as a family. It is teaching our children to always honor God by giving thanks for the food through reverent prayer, with grateful attitudes.

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