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Both were great and Bean’s book continues to play a significant role in defining how I go about things. The big assignment for today was to generate the writing assignments that will be used for my class.
Obviously the number of potential topics is daunting, so think about what we have discussed in lectures and encountered in our readings. Be sure to keep notes about where you find each item.  You may need to attain permission to use them for your final project and you must be prepared to locate the copyright owner. You should gather as much information as you can, drawn both from primary and secondary sources.  Then, when you have enough material, write a 600-word essay about each of the six items that you selected. Your essay should be 2,500 words in length (without notes).  Please double-space to make editing easier. Hi, thanks for the screenshot, i got a question , im not able to get the My sites with default screenshot you have,, In ex: the news feed share message is not there…It also take more than 10 minutes to create the community site?
It may take a little while, but in the meantime you can edit your profile or change your photo.
Aladdin, also known as Prince Ali Ababwa, is the main protagonist of the Aladdin franchise. Aladdin is a loyal, yet mischievous and tricky character, who often uses his agility and brain to get out of trouble, unlike most other Disney heroes. There the Giant Lion's head commands him to only retrieve the lamp and not to touch anything else. Meanwhile Jafar decides to trick the Sultan into arranging a marriage between himself and Jasmine, and then kill both the princess and her father.
Aladdin uses the magic carpet to return to Agrabah, where Jafar has imprisoned both Jasmine and the Sultan as his slaves.
Hercules and the Arabian Night: In this crossover of both the Hercules TV series and the Aladdin TV series, Aladdin and his friends appear in one episode to help Hercules defeat Jafar and Hades. According to animators they borrowed multiple physical elements from Tom Cruise to incorporate into Aladdin such as Cruise's eyebrows to show Aladdin's emotions.
Aladdin's voice actor is Scott Weinger, who later became known for his role as Steve Hale on the hit TV show, Full House. Scott Weinger has done Aladdin's voice in every Aladdin project to date in which the character appeared. Scott Weinger's character Steve Hale from Full House is similar to Aladdin in the sense that they both steal people's food to eat it. An inside joke on two episodes of Full House is that Scott Weinger dresses up as Aladdin when the Tanner and Katsopolis families visit Disney World.
Aladdin also appears in the Hercules TV series in one episode called Hercules and the Arabian Knight. Brad Kane, who did Aladdin's singing voice, was also considered the speaking role of Aladdin before it was given to Weinger. All screenshots are taken from the Office 365 version of SharePoint and i will be installing the server edition asap and will post any differences.

He has a medium sized build being slightly taller than Jasmine and has a slightly lighter skin tone than her.
He was an orphan brought up on the streets of Agrabah and forced to live the lifestyle of a thief, also known as a "street rat". Aladdin is surprised while eating half a watermelon when he sees a beautiful girl walking in the market (Princess Jasmine).
He enters the Cave of Wonders, where he meets a sentient magic carpet who agrees to help him.
Jasmine distracts Jafar as Aladdin attempts to steal back the lamp, but the Jafar notices and attacks him.
Faced with this realization, Jafar uses his final wish to become an 'all-powerful genie,' but is then surprised when Aladdin reminds him that genies are not free entities as he is sucked into his new black lamp, dragging Iago with him.
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His street rat getup consists of a red fez, a purple vest with no shirt, and traditional baggy pants with a yellow patch. Aladdin became infamous for his petty crimes and became one of the most wanted criminals by the city guard, especially the captain Razoul.
She had handed a child an apple without paying and the cart owner was about to cut off her hand when he springs into action. He has been caught in the act many times but has always managed to get away through skill, some quick thinking, and outright luck. After a clever ruse of making the shop owner think she was his crazy sister they ran away to safety.
Jafar, however, notices the lamp in Aladdin's possession, realizes Aladdin's identity, and escapes from the Sultan's bodyguards. His "Prince Ali" outfit consists of a white suit with gold trims and a cape, along with gold boots and belt, and a turban that slightly resembles the Sultan's outfit, with the blue spots turned purple.
Later that night at his home Aladdin and Jasmine shared their common goal for freedom, each in their own way. Abu delivers the lamp to Aladdin, and when he rubs it, a giant blue Genie appears, telling Aladdin he will fulfill three wishes.
At the wedding he and Jasmine are about to kiss, until the king of thieves come in with an elephant stampede to ruin the wedding.
Despite his usually ragged appearance Aladdin is extremely good-looking, and frequently attracts the attention of the ladies he meets during his daily adventures as a street rat.
It is unclear whether Aladdin or some other unknown character named him but nonetheless the two became partners in crime as well as best friends. Aladdin who doesn't want to waste a wish cleverly convinces Genie to get them out of the cave without actually wishing for it. Aladdin faces a moral dilemma and decides he has to wait before wishing Genie free, driving a wedge between the two. Aladdin tells Hercules that he will be a great hero someday, and suggest Hercules to visit him in Agrabah.

Aladdin first appears in the film trying to get away from guards with a loaf of bread that he stole. Jasmine revealed herself as the princess in order to save Aladdin but Razoul claimed he had higher orders and told her to take it up with Jafar. After their escape, Aladdin gets to know Genie more and after asking what he would wish for learns of Genie's desire for freedom. Iago, on Jafar's orders, steals Genie's lamp and brings it to Jafar, who becomes Genie's new master and uses his first wish to become sultan. Aladdin finds out that he was fighting the king of thieves, and shows to his friends what they were after.
Aladdin was taken to the dungeon where he awaited execution when he met an old man (Jafar disguised) who claimed he could set him free in exchange for a favor. When Jasmine and the Sultan refuse to bow to him, Jafar uses his second wish to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world, using his new powers to send Aladdin to a far-off place.
All he would have to do is retrieve a lamp from the cave of wonders, a cavern supposedly filled with the greatest treasure in the world.
In reality, Jafar needed him to retrieve the magic lamp for him because only a "diamond in the rough" could enter the cave.
He and Abu are victorious again from getting away from the guards, and are about to eat the loaf of bread. A good example is in the episode "getting the bugs out" where Aladdin took all the credit for Genie and carpet's work for battling the robotic bugs. Aladdin does have a flashback of his childhood friend Amal, while he meets a street rat name Razel. Aladdin asks his father why he abandon him, and his father tells him that he wanted to share his mother's life.
Aladdin tells the prince that he should have some manners, and the prince throws him into the mud. Aladdin hears about him being a street rat for the rest of his life, and is angry at this insult. He then goes back to Agrabah, and is faced with the consequences.Aladdin knew what he had to do, and is forgiven by the sultan. Aladdin tells a sleeping Abu that someday they'll be rich, and live in the palace with no more problems. Aladdin decides not to be stubborn like his father, so he follows the forty thieves to the location of the hand of Midas.
Aladdin sees that Cassim's real treasure is him, and Cassim throw the hand of Midas in the ocean.Aladdin and everyone return to the palace, and everyone is happy for the wedding. Aladdin and Jasmine finally get marry, then they see Cassim with Iago depart for a new adventure.

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