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Kudos to my friend for the low fat diet, but in reality even a low fat diet is only treating symptoms.
Western medicine tends to treat each body part as a separate entity, yet they are all connected. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ system supports another organ system and they all work together in harmony. About Latest Posts Follow meBarbaraI learned the hard way the role that toxins have in health and illness.
It’s always upsetting to have a medical procedure done that may not have been necessary. It’s definitely important to investigate all causes of an issue and I believe surgery should be a last option, not the first. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A simultaneous advantage and disadvantage of social media is its uncanny speed in disseminating information. Realizing the troubling effects of thinspiration’s widespread popularity, platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest chose to do the right thing and issue a ban on the trend. Luckily there are some images out there that promote a more inclusive form of body positivity and sharing them can help illuminate the damaging effects of unhealthy beauty trends. Read why I want mine back.Last summer, I told you about the problems I had with my gallbladder.
In hindsight, they had been happening for a while before I started having pain from my gallbladder. And only partially because your small intestine still may not be getting enough bile to properly digest the fats you consume.

It’s not necessarily the best option to remove them simply because a doc suggests it. For example, removing the tonsils used to be a routine procedure whenever there was infection. Today, my first action would be to stop all NSAIDs and look at natural means of reducing inflammation. Now I'm passionate about making everyone aware of the toxins we are continuously exposed to. But in my case, removing my gall bladder was absolutely the best thing that I’ve done for my health and well-being.
Social media campaigns have highlighted the relevance and importance of otherwise obscure causes. These channels have perfected the efficiency of ensuring that every person gets a glimpse of what everyone else is looking at.
It sounds preachy to tell others how to use their Facebook or Twitter, but with social media’s growing influence, perhaps it is time we exercise a little responsibility- at least when it comes to sharing body image content.
The gallbladder functions primarily in a regulatory role by delivering a sufficient quantity of bile to the small intestine when a meal is consumed. The pain of gallbladder is more related to the bile duct being swollen and bile not being allowed to pass through it. Yet, once it was learned that the tonsils were an integral part of the immune system, tonsillectomies became less frequent.
Then after a period of time, they injected a substance known to stimulate the gallbladder to release its contents.
It is this swelling and the resultant malfunction that is the source of most gallbladder pain.

It's been a hard road, but today I feel blessed to be a 21st century canary in the coal mine! Even on a virtually fat free (caffeine-free, alcohol-free, dairy-free, nut-free) diet, my gall bladder caused debilitating pain.
So when a topic like thinspiration started to trend, social media users had body image ideals thrust at them from every direction. I recently learned that a friend was having some problems with her gallbladder and as a result had gone on a very low fat diet. Unfortunately, the visibility and accessibility of social media has also presented new challenges to our society. Unfortunately the pictures and other content that continue to circulate uphold similar ideals to those seen in thinspiration. The more I learn, the more I realize that pretty much every disease we have can ultimately be traced back to the gut and our digestion.
On fitness videos on Youtube, one can find comments of people begging instructors for any exercise that will magically give them that idealized distance between their inner thighs. The fit model often has tight abs, streamlined muscles, and a small waist when the reality is that each body carries fat and muscle differently.

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