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Can we nake the poll multiple choice, please?Also you put options for more of Fry and Bender but no option for more Leela, not that I'm going to vote for that though. More deliveries, some rollicking off-planet adventures, even a two-parter with a cliffhanger . But I like Fry episodes and would not mind more of them.Would definitely like more delivery episodes.
Although I did agree with everything else you said.Actually, I meant temporarily, for laughs.

Please, Uncle tnuk?I think he does not mean a single story stretching over two or more episodes, but a single episode containing two or more independent stories.
The fact there wasn't a single non-shippy episode starring him was really noticeable to me. Cause I never knew we could do that.And nobody really likes Leela episodes (Yo Leela Leela, A Leela of her own, The Buttterjunk Effect).
Joe were mentioned, but I dunno if they were just examples of popular 70s and 80s cartoons.

Except when they're kind of stupid, like the one in Fry Am the Egg Man (but that was overall a good episode). By this point my expectations are so low, I won't be surprised if an entire episode takes place on the PX couch.

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