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Magickal Attributes: INVOKING Beginnings, New projects, Ideas, Ispirations, Energy, Vitality, Freedom. Time: Approx 14 days after New Moon (Energy lasts from 3 days before Full Moon to 3 days after actual Full Moon).
Magickal Attributes: FRUITION Manifesting goals, Nurturing, Passion, Healing, Strength, Power. Workings on this day are for: Protection, Divination, “Extra Power”, Job hunting, healing serious conditions. Magickal Attributes: BANISHING Releasing the Old, Removing Unwanted Negative Energies, Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Scrying, Reversing things. Workings on this day are for: Banishing Magick, ridding onelsef of addictions, illness or negativity, physical and psychic cleansings. Workings on this day are for: Starting new ventures, new beginnings, love, romance, health, or job hunting.

What could be nicer than sitting on the front step at night, eating crescent cookies, sipping mint tea, and gazing at night blooming plants? This entry was posted in Book Of Shadows and tagged Garden, Goddess, Greek Mythology, Love, Moon Phase on February 9, 2016 by kimberley. My TumblrMagic Opening StagesIn it’s opening stages the most important thing about magic is to concentrate focus as much energy as you can into what you are doing. I have wanted to learn more regarding the moon in witchcraft and incorporate it with my spell workings accordingly. This level of concentration is always an aspect of magic, but later it will seem automatic and will not take such effort. Whatever magical working you are undertaking, by whatever method, try to put your whole being into it. The more of yourself you can put into the work, the more energy you can focus into it, the greater the effect it will have.

Some Wiccans believe that the number Three in the Threefold Law is meant to be taken literally that the Karma of our actions returns to us exactly three times. In the Correllian Tradition the number Three is symbolic of plurality in general, rather than a specific number of times. Thus in Correllian terms the Law of Three means that you will experience the Karma of your actions as many times as necessary to learn the necessary lesson. All of them have the same basic goal; to focus energy and direct it from a state of higher consciousness. Visualization, trance, spellcraft (using external tools such as candles, cords, etc….

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