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A lot of people spend hours in the gym, toning their muscles, building abs & improving fitness levels but most forget that neck training is as equally important. Exercise 3: Sit comfortably with your spine in a natural position and your shoulders relaxed.
Everyone wants to get in shape and look and feel good, but most of us simply don’t have the time to devote to an hour-long workout session every day. Get into Plank position with feet slightly further apart than hip-width, hands resting on 5-10 lb. Combining these exercises with a healthy diet full of lean meat, poultry and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, water, green tea, berries and nuts, limited amounts of alcohol and caffeinated products, and not only will you begin to see results in a short peroid of time, you will FEEL a difference within days.
Whether you are planning a vacation to a beach destination or just looking to get fit, the perfect bikini-worthy body gets every man’s eye and is every woman’s envy. Cardio exercises burn calories and the outer layer of fat so that you can show off the muscles underneath. A woman checks her fishing nets as the sun sets on Phewa Tal, or Fewa Lake, in Pokhara, Nepal. Slowly rotate your head all the way towards the right but keep in mind not to move your shoulder while doing so. But there are certain exercises that, when combined, work more muscles and burn more calories than an entire workout session. Between each set of exercises do another full minute of jumping jacks to keep the heart rate up and maximize your metabolic rate.

Our bodies are like our automobiles; they must be maintained and have the right things put into them in order for them to operate smoothly and efficiently. After all, who would like to get complimented on one’s beautifully toned abs, thighs or belly?
Keeping a close watch on your diet will ensure that you keep your calorie intake at an optimum level and lower your body fat percentage. Total-body strength exercises coupled with high-intensity interval workouts will help you get into shape in a relatively short span.
Butt: While standing on one leg with opposite toes giving you balance, place your hands on hips and squat as though you were sitting onto a chair.
Many people have never even heard of neck training, making it one of the most neglected training groups of the body. Now make sure your mouth is closed and slowly move your lower jaw in an up and down motion. They are great for those days when your schedule just isn’t cooperating and it looks like working out is out of the question. Before you know it you will be looking forward to your daily workout time instead of dreading it.
If you are just starting to exercise, it is advisable to include a flexibility regimen with your general routine. When it comes to strength moves, work on alternating muscle groups so you won’t need to rest for more than 60 seconds between each exercise.

Keep your head up and chest straight and make sure that your knee does not go beyond the front toe.
Your neck is an important muscle, one which is almost always visible to people, hence targeting the neck area during exercising is all the more important. Repeat this motion for 10 counts and reposition your neck to a natural position whilst looking straight ahead.
Lift your right arm off the ground and move it with a rowing motion backwards so that your elbow is at your hip.
While clear urine means you are drinking sufficient water, yellow urine is a sign of mild dehydration.
Put your hands behind your head and bring up your knees at a 45 degree angle and do a bicycle pedaling motion.
Lie flat on a bench press machine and make sure your back is touching the bench at all times.
The idea is to create a calorie deficit so that your body uses the stored fat, decreasing your body fat percentage. From this postion and keeping elbows neutral, extend your forearm back into a tricep extension so that the weight finishes back near your butt.

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