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Kita terganggu, bukan karena hal-hal yang terjadi melainkan oleh pendapat pribadi kita sendiri terhadap hal-hal yang terjadi tersebut. The struggle of Rasulullah, salla Allahu alayhi wasalam, in dealing with the Quraysh became more and more difficult as time began to pass.
In this surah, Allah also warns the disbelievers of the hell fire but if they turn back, if they ask for forgivenss, the place for the righteous is Jannah. In this surah, Allah also rehearses the stories to the disbelievers and us of the people who were destroyed that perhaps they would realize that they are following and treading the same path.
What I want to focus on in this surah are the signs and evidences that Allah provides and go through them inshAllah.
Allah addresses and comforts his Prophet again in this surah and reminds him that Allah is with the doers of good.
It had been awhile now that he had proclaimed the message publicly but over time laughter became mockery, mockery became ridicule, and ridicule turned into violence.
Allah if informing them through this ayah of an emotion they are soon about to face: regret. We are told the story of Lut, alayhisalam, and the outcome of those people who engaged in homosexual acts. It is makkan surah and its overall theme is to discuss different parts of the message from providing signs and proofs for us to reflect on and then going on the refute shirk, refute the arguments of the disbelievers, provide a warning, and remind the Prophet salla Allahu alayhi waslam to be patient as the struggles get more and more difficult.
What comforter our nabi, salla Allahu alayhi wasalam at these times when no one seemed to be listening?
We are told the story of the people of Thamud, who carved castles into the mountains- who were so engrossed in themselves, their idol worship, and this dunya.
Some signs that Allah provides from the beginning is how man was created from a sperm drop.

Allah continues to comfort his Messenger and comforts us at the same time when Allah says, “Do not extend your eyes toward that by which We have given enjoyment to [certain] categories of the disbelievers, and do not grieve over them.
We all know when the egg and sperm fuse is when the zygote forms and Allah explains how he created this. The arrogant call this book legends of former people’s but subhanAllah no matter how hard they tried, they could never come with even an ayah- this book is the Truth.
One such surah whose main theme is comforting the messenger through addressing him and the disbelievers is Surah Hijr.
Kind of like that but on much serious terms, Allah gives the disbelievers a very stern warning- you’re gonna wish you had been Muslim. Allah then mentions livestock, how we attain benefits from them including food and warmth (cloth from the hides) and how they are used to carry things. Again and again, Allah reminds us of tawheed- the oneness of Allah, the basic pinnacle of faith. He filled up a cup, and came running back, holding the cup on his head, with the water dripping from it onto his face. They’re going to parties, theyre wearing all these cute clothes, their lives from the outside sometimes do look fun, everything looks like it goes great for them.
Allah mentions other animals as well like mules, donkeys, and horses and how they are used as rides. Allah then discusses some of the bogus statements that they bring up and some of their questions out of ridicule.
But Allah reminds its just an enjoyment given to them and not to extend our eyes, not to long for that. Allah mentions how he brings down the rain from where we get water to drink and the earth uses this water to grow.

Allah also talks about the Day of Judgment, “And to Allah belongs the unseen [aspects] of the heavens and the earth. And Allh comforts his messenger by reminding him that just like him, other messenger were ridiculed before him too, salla Allahu alayhi wasalam. Allah mentions some of his signs, how every depository to every thing is with Allah, how He gives life and causes death.
And we are put into our place, these disbelievers are put into their place when we learn about how we were created.
For the believers, we live in this world as strangers and we find true happiness when we enter Jannah. Allah multiplied us, gives up progeny through which we spread through the earth but no two men are identically exactly the same- Allah created variation too.
We were made from black mud, from clay- something that’s so not valuable so small, we pretty much were made from nothing.
With this mention of our creation, Allah reminds us how we were nothing, and just like that, Allah made us.
And how the arrogance of Satan made him cursed but how many of us are arrogant amongst ourselves?
No human being can produce rain or MAKE crops grow or create something from nothing, or cause the sun and moon to go up or down. All these are automatic favors of Allah and subhanAllah we are so accustomed to them, how many times do we thank Allah for these blessings?

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