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Impa, Princess Zelda's nursemaid, gives Link six crystals which must be placed in the foreheads of six statues, each hidden in a different palace in Hyrule.
The Seven Maidens, descendants of the Seven Wise Men who originally sealed Ganon away, have been kidnapped and sealed in crystal prisons by the evil Agahnim. Crystal formations can be found blocking Link's path in some of the Hidden Holes and dungeons of Koholint Island. In both games, crystals appear as a means to warp Link out of the boss room of a dungeon once a dungeon's boss has been defeated.
After General Onox kidnaps Din, the Oracle of Seasons, he imprisons her within a blue crystal. Zelda uses the Gate of Time upon regaining her memories as the Goddess Hylia to travel to the past. Nayru's Love is one of the three spells in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, appearing as Zelda's neutral special move in the Super Smash Bros. The purposes of crystals vary widely among the different games, although a prevalence throughout the appearances of crystals is that they are used as a means of imprisoning or sealing away characters. To break them, Link must charge through them using the Pegasus Boots while holding his sword. Interestingly, in Ocarina of Time, this only occurs when Link is an adult; as a child, Link's exit is aided by a mystical light rather than a crystal. Link can carry them between rooms and use them as projectiles, and must eventually throw them through holes into lava pits in the floor bellow.

Once Link destroys the Vaati Barriers connected to one of the crystals, the imprisoned maiden can break free. After explaining to Link the history of Hylia and Demise she seals herself in a Crystal in order to reinforce the seal placed upon Demise. Link will receive enough Experience to guarantee a level up after returning a crystal to a palace. Once he assembles all of the imprisoned maidens, they combine their powers to remove the barrier on Ganon's Tower. If Link has the Biggoron's Sword out when he leaves the dungeon, it will stick out of the crystal. Once Link destroys all four crystals, the middle section of the dungeon comes loose and falls to the floor below, allowing Link to explore more of the dungeon. Din's crystal will move to remain between Onox and Link, and electrocutes Link if he touches it or strikes it with his sword. Doing so will solidify the lava so that Link can safely walk over it and proceed through the dungeon. She remains there for many years until Link uses the Triforce to destroy Demise, allowing Zelda to leave her own seal. Zelda creates a blue crystal barrier around herself that reflects all projectile attacks, while several smaller blue crystals appear it that deal multiple hits to nearby opponents.
The first is Nayru's Rejection, which has a shorter duration and deals less damage but pushes and flips the opponent.

Once all six crystals are in place, the Binding Force protecting the Great Palace is dispelled. In the Nintendo Power comic based on the game, it was explained the Dark World's effect was the polar opposite of what happened to Ganon: whereas criminals who went to the Dark World were transformed into monsters because of their sinful thoughts and selfish deeds, the minds of Zelda and the other six maidens were so pure and virtuous they retained their forms and were imprisoned in a crystal cocoon. Near the end of Ocarina of Time, Princess Zelda is imprisoned in a pink crystal by Ganondorf. If Link loses one of the crystals, he can return to its original location and find another in its place. The second is Nayru's Passion, which draws in nearby opponents and attacks with an explosion rather than a crystal, meaning that the attack no longer has the reflection property. Link is then able to enter the Great Palace, obtain the Triforce of Courage, and awaken Zelda's progenitor.
The three spells, Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love all take the form of crystals in Link's inventory.

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