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We are now just about fully into the new Age of Aquarius, even though the integration is not yet complete. I am writing this article to contradict some prevalent information I have seen on the Internet regarding the moon and the menstrual cycle. In a previous article I discussed the significance of using synastry to understand others such as in relationships and partnerships. This column is to introduce those who are unfamiliar with the science of astrology to this fascinating study.
Just as our Venus sign shows us how we love and relate to other people, our Mars sign placement points to our action tendencies, what we like to do, how we are most comfortable expressing our actions and so forth.

Your friends are waitingTell them about our free energy healing,services,and free consults. Our perceptions as well as understanding of the universe  and  our place in it are continually sharpening and being revised. Planets are more than just gigantic orbs in the sky, just as people are more than just their bodies. We pray daily, and then once a month in a group setting on the radio and which you are invited to join us. Methods such as prayer, diet, and meditation can greatly assist in the process.Click herefor more information about our Methodology.

When we are born, each planet is in a sign, which has been likened to the ‘role’ this planet will play.

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