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We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil. Vasthu Bahavan will be awake only for eight months in a year and that period is called vasthu period. This match is looked for the intimacy and a locking bond between the couples after marriage for their entire life. It is an astonishing fact that god governs the sun, all the planets and stars around it and also takes care of all our requirements , blesses us based on our good and bad activities. We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve rasis, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English.

Due to the Jupiter displacement your happiness get decrease but your business and income will be good.
Due to the displacement of the Jupiter you will get auspicious expenses and unnecessary expenses.
As the Jupiter was in 8th place, he has given problems like confusion in the family, economic crisis, debts problems and loss in business.
And the house built with very good vasthu will give happiness and other good things to the people in the house. This match is being looked for to denote the matching between the blood groups of the male and female.

Couples with this match will understand each other very well and live a peaceful and loving life.
Astrology is a gift to us from our ancestors who studied and realized the movements of various planets in the universe under Vedic guidance.

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