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The King of the Gods Jupiter, is about to enter the sign of Virgo on August 12, 2015, and ita€™s staying there till September 9, 2016!A To make sense of this event, let’s first consider the pieces separately before integration. Jupiter is also about growth and opportunity, moving away from personal concerns to join more broadly with the world. Jupiter in Virgo 2015-2016 brings the opportunity to increase the rocket fuel towards self-improvement. As Jupiter enters Virgo another level of evolution opens to us, as we begin to integrate and apply our fresh confidence and excitement from the Leo phase, into practical and useful daily service. On a more collective or philosophical level, transiting Jupiter (philosophy) in Virgo (an earth sign) indicates that by using our hands, getting involved with the details of nature will show us Spirit.
If you are Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus (the Earth signs) then you will have major developments in your individual expression during the second half 2015 and first half 2016. For more insight think back to August 2003 to August 2004, the last time Jupiter was in Virgoa€“ what was happening in your life then? Jupiter In Virgo by House August 2015 to September 2016a€“ what does it mean for you and how can you use this energy? Sometimes Jupiter would be transiting 2 of your houses, you will notice the change once Jupiter hits the house cusp.
If you have Jupiter in Virgo natally this will mean that you are having your Jupiter return, and whichever house it falls under, you will notice the changes to be greatly magnified (usually a great improvement) more than others who do not have Jupiter in Virgo natally. This placement of Jupiter brings money into your lifea€“ but it can also bring big expenses!
Jupiter transiting your 3rd House brings a love of learning, and an excellent ability to concentrate. This placement will bring a desire to perform service for othersa€“ just dona€™t overdo it! Jupiter here brings success in your career, and significant favorable changes in your work status. This position for Jupiter brings many friendsa€“ and friends bring happiness and benefits to you! Jupiter in Virgo message: No matter how insignificant something may appear, there is potentially meaning if we attune to it!
Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are once again preparing for spring, the “rebirth” of the sun after months of winter.  Next month is one of the most  powerful times of the year astrologically with a Solar Eclipse on March 8th and a total Full Moon Lunar eclipse March 23rd.
Personally Speaking:  If Virgo is your sun sign, or you have personal planets in the sign, (Moon, Mercury, Mars  Ascendant), the themes of discrimination, self- analysis, and attention to detail are important for your growth and development.
Historically Speaking: The Virgo Full Moon is associated with Isis, the Great Mother Goddess  of Egypt (some say that the original face of the sphinx was carved in the image of Isis during the Age of Virgo). Editor’s Note: Mary has reading specials AND some wonderful items back from Egypt – inquire about silver Hathor and Sekhmet pendants from Egypt.
Jupiter changes signs every 12-13 months, meaning it only visits each zodiac sign once every 12 years. Jupiter is “in detriment” in Virgo, meaning it’s slogging through perhaps its least favorite shift. After a people-focused year, our attention turns to our processes—and how they affect the planet. No, you don’t have to trade your loft apartment for a yurt this year…but you might airbnb it out for a month while you go shack up in a tent. It’s time for more mindfulness, says Jupiter in Virgo—to put down the gadgets for an hour and get back to IRL encounters.
Virgo is the ruler of health and science, so new trends in medical care and the wellness industry could arise.
Coaches and consultants might also experience a heyday, as Virgo’s perfectionism has us all in self-analyzing overdrive. Want to learn all about how Jupiter (and the other planets) will affect your zodiac sign in 2016? Capricorn – (December 21 – January 19) The planets are presently activating your She is one of only 90 people worldwide certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a branch of astrology that helps you find your best place on the earth for love & money. January is a time of new beginnings as people around the globe welcome in 2016 on January 1st. More intuitive than rational, it challenges us to make sense of our world by asking the BIG questions. It is about improvement, following through with a program or prescription to make the self or some project run smoother. God is not on a perch somewhere, rather Spirit may also be found in everyday artifacts and people. This year will be marked by much happy news, as well as communications with loved ones who live far from you. This is a favorable transit for good health, and an excellent time to establish a healthy diet. This can mean an increase in the partnera€™s income, or as the result of a favorable ruling in a lawsuit.
Honors and awards are yours, as well as the earned respect and appreciation from people with whom you work.
Use this transit to increase your social contacts, especially through business and professional organizationsa€“ although all types of organizations will bring helpful people into your life.

This is a year when you should seek to delve into the deepest part of your inner being to learn how to tap into your greatest powers.
This Lunar eclipse closely follows the Spring Equinox on March 20th be visible in many parts of North and South America.
At this Full Moon time, we are balancing Virgo and Pisces: analysis and logic with universal compassion. On August 11, 2015, expansive Jupiter exits dramatic and flamboyant Leo, moving into clean, green and analytical Virgo until September 9, 2016.
Leo is the sign of personal love, pride and self-expression, and outspoken Jupiter here helped champion everyone’s right to that dignity.
Jupiter in Virgo cracks the integrity whip, making sure our own backyards are clean before we stand on our soapboxes. Climate change is an undeniable issue the world is facing, and global ambassador Jupiter throws a giant spotlight here. You might just make time to hear your friend’s pitch on solar panels, vitamins or supplements now. Jupiter in Virgo calls our culture of excess into question, and people will begin making real lifestyle changes to reduce accumulation. While we don’t predict that the likes of, say, Snapchat will go anywhere, serenity could set in if we carve out technology-free spaces (both in public or at home). Pre-order our 2016 Planetary Planner (available December 2015) and you’ll get a detailed guide to using Jupiter in Virgo to your maximum advantage next year. Uranus square Pluto had begun to ease off earlier this year, with the orb of aspect reaching nearly 7 degrees. In the Chinese calendar, January is about ending the year for it is the last month of the Chinese solar year. The gist of it is that two dancers roll around on the floor making out, replicating the poses of various famous artworks that show couples kissing as they go. This month, the Sun enters Aquarius, Mercury goes retrograde, and there's a full moon in Leo. Jupiter characters include: politicians, clergy, philosophers, publishers, public speakers, missionaries, teachers and nomads. Likewise, the couch potato who decides to start day 1 of an exercise program needs to feel like results are possible. This is a wonderful time to feel uplifted (Jupiter) to greater spiritual heights in moments that sometimes may be considered mundane. A diet this year is not likely to be successful, so resist the Jupiter temptation to overindulge.
Your greatest gains come through partnerships and alliances with others, and banks and bankers could be significant in your life this year!
Expect to spend much time in running errands close to home, and benefits will come through siblings and neighbors.
Jupiter transiting here brings the possibility of inheritance, providing you with a nest egg for retirement. This position also brings luck through speculationa€“ you just might win big in games of chance! Jupiter here also brings benefits to you through co-workers, and work in general will bring happiness and satisfaction.
The biggest (!) problem will be trying to juggle all these relationshipsa€“ especially if you have more than one choice of a partner! This placement can also indicate a substantial inheritance, as well as a philosophical understanding of death.
This placement is extremely favorable for returning to school, especially if you choose to study philosophy or the law.
If you are looking to make changes in your career path, this is the year you can do so successfully!
You may wish to develop psychic or spiritual experiences, and happiness will come from being at peace with yourself. I will be in Egypt  with my group the entire month of March, as this incredible cosmic dance unfolds (more on this to come from Egypt). Chiron, the wounded Healer of ancient Greek mythology, remains conjunct the South Node in the sign of Pisces. Here’s hoping that truth-telling Jupiter, ruler of media and education, will help sort out these complicated issues.
In a telling pop culture example during Jupiter in Leo, Caitlyn Jenner filmed her reality show I Am Cait on the road with trans activists.
Do we wag our fingers at the world’s transgressions, then privately commit the same deeds?
Since Jupiter is the global truth-teller we can expect to hear more stories about egregious waste dumping and pollution from overseas manufacturers…and hopefully, to see policies and regulations change that. We’ll be more present with the people in our midst; less worried about attracting a million random followers. Jupiter in Virgo will demand integrity and follow-through from any politician who hopes to make it through the rounds of debates and primaries. We may see amazing advancements in medicine, too—for example, technology that allows doctors to predict and prevent brain diseases (such as dementia) long before they reach their full-blown state.

Check your weekly horoscope too and find out how the full moon directly affects your zodiac sign. Anyone who attempts to change the world, those who quest far and wide to learn or teach about the world and those that are continually looking for answers are aligned with this energy. While Jupiter is in Virgo, there is ample opportunity to make a concerted effort to work on our issues in practical, hands on ways. But this placement particularly favors your home for happy family gatheringsa€“ and the more, the merrier! While Jupiter here can bring many sexual contacts, it can also bring a satisfying sex life if you are in an established relationship.
Jupiter here also gives you a deeper appreciation for spiritual values, so look to this as a year of personal growth. As we know all eclipses are “game-changers”, and where they fall in an individual birth chart reveals where a major 19- year cycle is climaxing and preparing you for the winds of change over the next six months.
The episode revealed her ignorance about the struggles of transgender people who don’t share her wealth, fame and public support.
Jupiter is the ruler of big-picture thinking and the higher mind, while Virgo is ruled by practical, sensible Mercury—Jupiter’s planetary opposite, in a way. Survival is the exception.” The human race needs to cooperate with nature if we want to keep on keeping on. Vote with your dollar, opting for sustainably crafted goods that also support local business owners and keep the neighborhood economy thriving. More and more, people are asking: Why own when we can rent, and use only what we need when we need it? We’ll find joy in being of service to our fellow humans instead of competing to be the biggest superstars. If we’re lucky, Jupiter in Virgo may help to inspire record voter turnout before it leaves in September 2016. Artificial intelligence, robots and other innovations that once seemed like grist for a sci-fi movie could become integrated into our daily lives. However, more than any other sign, it takes a long hard look at the road to achieve such goals. Take that yoga class, learn a new skill, volunteer with the less fortunate or simply set in motion something that will make your life feel more together and complete. While Jupiter is in Virgo, this realization can be achieved by simply paying close attention to life. For both men and women this position can bring happy new relationshipsa€¦and could bring marriage! I am offering prepaid phone appointments NOW  for sessions beginning April 3rd (upon my return from Egypt) with a complimentary “Egyptian Isis Deck” reading.
Although they are often quiet in temperament, Virgos do have a way with words and make excellent editors and teachers.
While Jupiter in Leo brought Caitlyn Zac Posen gowns, tearful ESPY awards and Vanity Fair covers, Jupiter in Virgo will deliver the equivalent of a quick sociology degree.
Jupiter and Virgo can be strange bedfellows, with the supersized planet pushing to expand, and fastidious Virgo fact-checking every little item along the way.
We could draw some inspiration from New Yorker Colin Beavan’s film No Impact Man which documents his family’s efforts to spend one year making as little an impact as possible on the environment: no electricity, automated transportation or non-local food! Advances in 3D printing are also helping to cut the over-production problem—why manufacture 10,000 units when you only need one?
Geneticists are even working to bring back extinct species, such as the carrier pigeon, which died out in 1914. When Virgo struggles it becomes filled with self-loathing, criticism and anxiety as it feels that its goals are unattainable. The ruler of the sign of Virgo is the planet, Mercury, which rules our thought processes, language and communication. Their motto is “ God is in the details”.  They also like to look and feel good, so they may be involved in the fashion and industries. Where Chiron falls in your birth chart, describes your greatest gift, as well as where your greatest “wounding” occurs. Chiron is responsible for a return to shamanic wisdom, as well as healing modalities with crystals, herbs, essential oils and all that has since become known as New Age techniques. Virgo is also the sign of healers; it calls for us to be of service on the planet, but to also be discriminating in thought, word and deed. Designers, models, crafts people, accountants, musicians (especially guitarists and violinists) often have Virgo prominent in their birth horoscopes. In the best situation, they will provide positive checks and balances for each other, ensuring that our grand ideas can actually go the distance. Interestingly, the first-ever kibbutz—a collective community in Israel where people live, work, farm, grow food and raise their families together—was formed in 1909, while Jupiter was in Virgo.
We can expect to see a rise in urban farming, shared living spaces and a boom in people unloading their stuff on Craigslist or eBay. Be aware of how you choose to express yourself.  Whether you are a pontiff or a politician, words do matter!

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