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In the equation of giving and taking, it`s easy to see which side is weighted in your favor. It’s almost Chinese New Year so why not have a bit of fun and discover what 2016 has in store for you based on the traditional Chinese zodiac animals? Those born in the year of the Rat can expect to be presented with all the tools and opportunities to make things happen this 2016.
It looks like it’s going to be a successful year ahead for Horses when it comes to business and career.
Say goodbye to an emotional Year of the Sheep and hello to a very prosperous and exciting Year of the Monkey. You have learnt what your strengths and weakness are and will be putting them to use this year to carve out a career or business direction for yourself this year. The Year of the Monkey provides stability to the Rooster but only if they stay within their limitations. Snakes will find themselves switching their focus on appreciating what is already before them rather than constantly craving for something better. It’s good news galore when it comes to the area of your finances, career, business and health. Venturing beyond your comfort zone or choosing to take up challenges which you would not normally do isn’t recommended for this year.
Adventure and new discoveries await and you take charge of things to make this happen for yourself. It’s going to be a year of finding the balance between taking risks and lying low when you need to. As swift as things are flowing for you, it is always advisable to step back for a moment and quieten things down to listen to that inner voice which will prove to be your strong guidance this year.
Apart from power struggles in the work or business area things are going to plod on in a slow and steady manner. You tread where you have never been before but you do so with calculated risks and prior knowledge and understanding. Moving forward too quickly may result in financial loss however moving forward slowly but surely will ensure success.

Participating in conflicts and power struggles aren’t really going to work in your favour so stick with what you are familiar with and you will find your joy. Use your intellect, practice calm, emotional maturity and lots of patience to weave your way out of tight alleys. Good things are never achieved on your own hence remember to encourage and praise the team that you work with. This will be evident when what you have been working on takes forever to deliver results and you begin to lose hope. Shared with the wrong company and it could stir up jealousy and negativity which would not work in your favour of achieving success.
It isn’t the year to put a business idea into motion as it looks like more thought and effort is needed to fine tune your ideas.
The Stars give you permission to cut ahead in line, whether for the purpose of getting there first or showing others the most effective path to take. It’s the perfect year for all singletons to link up with their plus ones and those hitched to expand their families.
Self-improvement seems to be the theme for the year where you work on building on existing knowledge. Short cuts will be very enticing but hold yourself back from taking them as your ‘situation’ will definitely make a reappearance as taking short cuts would mean you have not learnt your lesson the first time round. Relationships will see an improvement as you decide to mature up and forgive past grievances. You might find yourself in emotionally unstable times so be sure to make decisions when you find things are at their calmest. Roosters may find themselves feeling restless and energies may not be very calm so there may be a tendency to get involved in arguments.
For the single Dog, expect wedding bells and for the settled Dog you may expect a little one to add to the clan. All the elements are in your favour and growth and development are expected in all areas of life like finance, health and energy. Expect to discover a new ambitious and more confident you by year end as energies become more focused.

It’s a fairly ambitious year where you will feel the need to achieve lots but avoid getting frustrated when things don’t always go your way.
You may ‘lose’ some money in the form of an investment but this will be returned very soon in terms of profits or gains.
When things move a little too quickly and good things flow non-stop there will be a tendency to be careless and big headed. The ingredients are all there to make a financial success for yourself this Year of the Monkey but it’s important that you don’t end up making a loss when it comes to who you are dealing with. Keep a watch on your finances and try your best to achieve a balance between your incomings and outgoings.
This level of energy lets you perform at your personal best even as you enjoy yourself thoroughly.
Rise to the challenge and test yourself and don’t be afraid to try that off the beaten path. It might be good for you to get a general consensus from close ones when going for the best option just to be sure you aren’t taking unnecessary risks. There is a nice flow and structure to the year which allows you to achieve what you have been wanting for some time in this Monkey Year! So just be on your toes at all times and use your strong sense of intuition to guide you when it comes to judging characters around you. But the adventurous side takes over sometimes and you find yourself a little busier on the social front as well. Your general mood will turn more cheery and more at ease as the year progresses so just take care as not to rub people up the wrong way at the start of the year. On the relationship front, for both single and attached pigs, it might be a good time to reassess your priorities and expectations. Use a different approach like speed dating or the internet and you might just get lucky this year!

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