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Free mini clairvoyant readings can help you decide whether you'd like to pursue a longer, paid discussion with a clairvoyant or psychic. Paul O'Mara: Here you'll find a variety of free readings, including the Celtic Cross, the Tree of Life, Planetary Tarot, and more. Crystal Green: This site offers a number of freebies, including a free tarot card of the day, free rune of the day, free crystal oracle for the day, and a monthly tarotscope. If you are allowed to talk to the clairvoyant as soon as the session begins, steer the reading to the area you really want to know about, whether it is your love life, career move, etc. If you're concerned about using your personal e-mail address for these sites, set up a free e-mail account with Gmail or Yahoo! Once you've found the type of reading that you are comfortable with, you can begin to gather information from it regarding your life in general, your relationships, your finances, or something more. This picture is protected by copyright law and may not be used without acquiring a license.
Keep in mind that they may change their practices at any time, so read the fine print to see if their services are still free before you try them. Though these are extremely detailed readings, you get them by simply clicking on the type of reading you'd like. Because of the variety, you can take a look at your life from several different perspectives.

Whether you go to a clairvoyant in your area or you access one online, if you feel that things really aren't on the up and up, seek out a new one. If the Reading is excellent and you want to know more, most of the clairvoyants will have the option to call for a charge per minute. Most of the free readings are done online, though some psychics and clairvoyants may run specials where you get a brief period of time for free before launching into a longer reading, in person, for money. You may be able to find meaning, direction, and inspiration from your results, but you may also wonder just how possible it is to get an accurate reading from just a click, and no one-on-one chatting. The free reading is a tarot reading that covers past, present, future, relationship, and finances. If one of your readings comes back with impending failure and another gives you hope, for example, you may be able to brace yourself for a setback while knowing it's only temporary.
However, keep in mind that a mini session simply won't give you much information, and you'll have to pay to hear more. There are some clairvoyants who truly may be legitimate, but there are also others who are simply there to make a quick buck. Be sure you do your research to get a feel for the clairvoyant before making a financial commitment.
With a free reading, you can make sense of your past, learn about your present and future and learn what to expect from your relationships and finances.

You may feel content with the free reading, especially if you wanted to do it for fun or just for a nudge in making the right decision on a certain topic.
One downside to this reading is that sometimes the descriptions on the cards are long and get cut off. Those who use clairvoyants on a regular basis for major life decisions may not be satisfied with the limited information a free reading can offer. The downside is that you can't sneak a reading at work because there's no text to read - it's all audio. You may find that you aren't given much information in those first free minutes of the reading, and you have to pay to hear anything of real importance. There's also no pause button, so if you want to leave your computer before it's done, you won't be able to stop and come back to your reading.

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