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License Plate ShieldsThe shields are made of a reflective plastic material that rebounds any light that hits it.
Stick-on License Plate CoversThese products use a light-bending plastic material that drivers stick on top of a license plate to distort the plate's contents.
Photo Blocking SpraysThe spray deposits a thin film over the registration plate, which creates a glare on the plate when the flash from a traffic camera hits it. Coats and WaxesAlso referred to as "stealth coats," these can be applied to the entire car -- or just the registration plate -- to help avoid detection by traffic camera radar.

Welcome to Airstrike®We may be the little guy in the giant fine art gift world, but we are proud and passionate about what we do and who we represent. We keep most products in stock and we ship by US POST OFFICE Priority Mail 2 to 3 day deliver to any US Zip code, including US Military bases and Puerto Rico, and by Global Priority Mail to Australia, Canada, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.Sign up Newsletterto receive special discounts and valuable information! Even though they're effective against all kinds of traffic cameras -- flash and flashless -- they're also very easy to detect. Retailers normally bundle the car wax with a license plate cover to provide "fool-proof" protection from both cameras and radar devices.

If so, "Like" AutoAttire and you'll get access to great deals on accessories that are exclusive only to Facebook members! Aresults of protect your license license plate covers that block cameras, Looking plate frame from damage .

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