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Here was the first schematic I put together from various circuit designs available around the internet.
In later posts, I’ll cover the ongoing construction of this project, along with adding a second output and voltmeter displays. This is part 2 of 4 in the series Variable Power SupplyNow that I had a basic design to prototype, I needed to collect all of the parts to test out the basic power supply circuit.
Next up, conversion to dual variable output, dissipation consideration and the beginning plans for a permanent power supply system.

After a couple hours of soldering, fabrication and connecting parts, I had the beginnings of a working lab supply!
This is part 4 of 4 in the series Variable Power SupplyI now had a power supply that delivered two independent, variable outputs – but I had no easy way to hook up to the outputs, know their voltages or switch them ( without unplugging the cord ).
Here’s a shot of the project box after drilling holes for four binding posts, main power switch, power input cord and the breakers.
In this shot, you can see that I’ve installed the breakers ( long black devices on the left side ), the main power switch ( red switch on left ), the power input cord feeds into the blue screw-down terminal block and the individual control switches on the lid which allow you to control each output.

Over temperature protection safeguards your OL6KRT2UTF from damage if the internal heat exceeds safe operating parameters. A Three-Year Warranty ensures that this device has passed our highest quality standards in design, assembly, material and workmanship.

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