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This short guide will show you a few quick and easy ways to work out which Nokia phone you have. This might seem like a really obvious thing to suggest, but some Nokia handsets will have their model number printed on the housing somewhere. All Nokia phones have a shortcode that you can type in to bring up information on the phone.
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Members of the Emerging Subjects project at UCL and the National University of Mongolia contributed to this post. What does focusing on gifts given and received during Tsagaan Sar tell us about the general economy? This year, the economy has been shaken further with pressures of increasing public and private debt and the slowdown of commodity prices globally.
Alongside our reflections we have interspersed the text with statistics from the Mongolian Marketing Consultancy Group’s survey on people’s attitudes toward Tsagaan Sar (with kind permission from Bumerdene Dulam).
Based on her ongoing work with traders at Narantuul market, Hedwig noted that the market was, as usual, packed in the lead-up to the National holiday, and especially so in the last three days of the previous lunar year. Those who sold household goods (ariun tsevriin hereglel) encountered a decrease in comparison to last year in spending of around 10 %, as people bought gifts like shampoo and soap from their shops, as well as products to clean their homes before the celebration started. Many spoke of giving smaller gifts, such as phone credits, 500-1000 togrog in cash, or small sweets and treats for younger people.
Another person described how one of her relative’s took out her monthly pension allowance in advance with her husband. One member of our research group was in charge of arranging Tsagaan Sar for her elderly grandmother, given that her mother and other older relatives were abroad during the holiday.  She was given a budget of 1 million togrog ($490) to procure necessary food items and 100,000 togrog ($49) broken into crisp, new 5,000 togrog bills to give upon guests’ departure. Like others we have spoken to, this man chose to visit fewer families than in past years, and also chose to only greet elderly people with money gifts.  According to his observations, other people appeared to be doing the same. Another of Lauren’s friends, a man 34 years of age in Ulaanbaatar who has a low salary in state-run office, multiple-side businesses, and a high mortgage that he can barely pay, reflected that he could not afford to visit many families this year and that many people are trying to take out bank loans to finance the situation. One member of our research group heard from friends and family that this year’s Tsagaan Sar was particularly tiring for people, not just because of the economic situation. The kinds of gifts a family gives are also indicative of its economic standing and networks, and the kinds of gifts you are given indicate your closeness or distance to a particular family member.
The fact that some families can afford to engage in these displays of wealth while others cannot is well-recognized and perhaps epitomized in the phrase: ‘if you are rich in something, offer it to others’ (yougaar bayan tuugeeree dail).

Tsagaan Sar, no doubt, is one of the most wonderful traditional festivals of the Mongolians.
In order to be prepared for the numerous guests for the Tsagaan Sar, Enkhtuya and Enkhtor have to buy a whole mutton, different kinds of dairy produce, vegetables, different kinds of drinks including alcoholic and soft drinks, and most important gifts for the visiting guests and children. Buuz or traditional Mongolian meat dumplings form the key dish during the Tsagaan Sar and, serving and eating buuz is a must whenever someone visits you or you go visit your relatives and friends. The biggest spending by Enkhtuya and Enkhtor are the Tsagaan Sar gifts for their sons and their wives, and grandchildren, and the 120 relatives and guests who will come visit them on this day.
This is the cost of Tsagaan Sar and it tells quite heavy on the budget of a family like Enkhtuya and Enkhtor, whose sole income is their monthly pension.
AppRiver also recently ran a poll which found that 42 percent of people brought their mobile phones to the beach with them on holiday, and one in five checked email in bed from them as well. Fred Touchette, a senior security analyst at AppRiver highlighted security concerns, saying “It is pretty clear that we are a society totally reliant on our phones and not only for personal use, but business use too.
Probably the most well known range is the more recent N-Series, but every one of their handsets belong to a series of handsets whether it be 1000 series, 2000 series etc, where the series is determined by the first digit of the model number. Here you can find much information about List Of Mobile Phone Companies In Uk manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. Last year we posted our first Tsagaan Sar Gift Index (TSGI) and found that the slowing economy shaped how people celebrated the holiday, with people confining the celebrations to fewer days and opting for more useful gifts (like socks) that support Mongolian businesses. If a household has elders or highly-respected individuals, such as a doctor or singer, they often have to spend well over one million to accommodate the large number of guests. Although these are based on very general reflections, they complement the individual experiences we recount.  They also reveal rising public interest in the high cost of the holiday. The sellers were happy to be busy, but many remarked that over-all spending was much less than usual, and was characterized by ‘scattered’ and ‘irregular’ purchases (таaруу). For example, many younger people avoided visiting extended elder relatives in order to avoid having to give money.
More ‘traditional’ forms of celebrating have been promoted, resulting in more conservative festivities, as a direct reflection of the economic downturn. Everyone with excitement looks forward for the celebration of the Tsagaan Sar but at the same time, especially on the elderly people, the cost of the Tsagaan Sar bears on them quite seriously. And on the day of the Tsagaan Sar more than 120 near and far-away relatives come to pay respect to Enkhtuya and Enkhtor. Though households might receive a good amount of money in the form of cash gifts given by guests (around 100,000-400,000), this does not seem likely to off-set the cost of items like vodka, prime cuts of sheep meat, gifts for guests, and holiday outfits that are purchased in advance of the holiday.
It is clear that while many are already in debt, they allowed themselves to get further into debt in order to celebrate the occasion in a way they had been used to before.

And while some found the cost of giving gifts straining, forms of conspicuous consumption were also prevalent.
The price of an uuts or the entire mutton of an adult sheep, depending on the size, the aimag of origin, and the amount of fat, also varies, the cheapest being around MNT180,000 to MNT250,000. Dulam, 5 to 7 stacks of Kheviin Boov must be placed on a plat, decorated on the top with dairy produces such as dried curd, cheese, candies and toffees, dried raisins and nuts, and even white sugar cubes (white is so much respected in Mongolia, symbolizing purity).
For this they require 20 kilograms of meat (beef or mutton, kg of each costs 7500 and 6500 on an average), 15 kg of flour (1 kg at MNT1400).
As a matter of fact, many pensioners, in anticipation of the Tsagaan Sar taken pension loans from the banks, and after the Tsagaan Sar they would think twice before spending their money. Instead of purchasing new clothes, many reported using old material to make their New Year outfits, or simply reusing what they had. For example, while many said that they prefered gifts made-in-Mongolia, gifts from other countries were given as a form of status.
The uuts, in the first photo top right, which was being sold at the Dunjingarav market in Ulaanbaatar as selling at MNT250,000 each and they were from Uvs aimag in the extreme west of the country.
The price of the cakes, again depending on the quality and make, varies from MNT1,800 to MNT2,500 a piece. Each handset is configured slightly differently, so how it appears on your phone may be slightly different to how its shown here. Others reported re-gifting items they had received, while also being strategic about whom they visited.
One household that Hedwig visited, for instance, gave honey and tupperware and facemasks from South Korea, and another gifted British-made shampoo and shower gel. Since Enkhtuya and Enkhtor, like many families in the city, live in apartment houses, they must pay someone to boil and cook the mutton for them. Or you are a List Of Mobile Phone Companies In Uk manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now. Just before Tsagaan Sar ads appear announcing that mutton for the occasion will be cooked – the price MNT35,000.

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