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I drove around with the plates in the window for a day, then went back to my Volkswagen dealer, and got them to drill it for me. I've already bought it and might go back for a refund, as I think this isn't good security.
I've decided to stick with drilling my plates directly into the car (AUDI will do that for me), and then clipping on the plate protectors over the top of them. Not only that, if your car is deemed to be unregistered, your insurance is no longer valid.

So, when you move interstate and have a permanent address, unless you change your rego, you are deemed by law to be driving a car that is unregistered and uninsured. THEY are the mounts that you put on the car, then the plate sits inside them with a little locking flap at the bottom. Anyone can go to your car, snap off the advertising hinge and then make off with your pristine plates (with no holes!). This will make another step for thieves if they want to make off with your plates - unclipping the four clips (not that easy), prying the protector off the plates (the foam tape will adhere to the plate, like double sided tape) and then unscrew the plates.

Better security screwing the plates directly onto the car with plate protectors and also protecting your already drilled plates? Or preserving any holes with the plate holder, but making it susceptible to the elements and thieves?

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