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This movie was made in 1996, and is what i consider the debut of Wiccan beliefs and occult practices to main stream minds all over the world, from the real practitioners of magick in Hollywood. You see 3 antique bottles, I guarantee that one is filled with oil, and the others filled with wine, or maybe blood. Throughout the movie they show a number of Catholic, or Christian symbolism, such as the Virgin Mary, and Jesus on the Cross. Throughout the movie the girls visit a very occult like book store, the All Seeing Eye symbol which is on the back of all of our one dollar bills in the USA, is everywhere.
Here is a ritual depicted in the movie The Craft, where they do a blood ritual sharing each others blood, and drinking of "there sisters" in the circle.
This screenshot is taken right after the witches call the corners, North, South, East, and West.
The first thing that I would like to point out is that this movie was released in 1996, throughout the whole movie they explain the power of 3, or the three folds law, as it is known by some people. I am not saying that the Freemasons are evil with my next statement, but I want you to play close attention.
She lives in a trailer with her drunk parents, and her step father, that sexually abuses her. She is somehow drawn to it, and before she is able to open the curtain, the owner stops her, and tells her, "This room is not for you." This is very strange, and they don't show you whats behind this curtain until the near end of the film. Now her necklace that she is wearing is jumbled with a lot of symbols that have no meaning, but one of those symbols is one of the oldest symbols that we know about, which is the Egyptian Ankh.

Here is a quote taken directly from the movie,  "By all the Power of Three times Three- as we Will, so shall it Be!" This I believe is exactly the meaning for the timing that this movie came out, 1996.
The Freemasons have a ritual when performing a certain ceremony which involves, wine, corn, and oil.
This movie also represents the constant battle between the good and evil forces of our world, or the duality of nature. Every time they are depicted in the film they seem to be turning there backs on them, or in some cases not noticing them at all. Her family seems very poor, and I know from experience, because I have attended a Catholic school, that they can be very expensive.
There is more to this painting on this wall however, the black Egyptian, that is worshiping the Pyramid without a capstone, has a head dress, that has an all seeing eye in the middle.
It could mean blasphemy against the holy city of Jerusalem, or an angel in Judaism or occult lore.
They don't stay poor throughout the whole movie however, because Nancy ends up killing her step father in a rage of Magick.
There is also a window with the all seeing eye depicted as a sun, or the Eye of Horus, and it has bars over it. Good question, and I believe the answer is that Corn to the Freemasons, is supposed to represent a plentiful harvest of what the people need for survival.
Could the sun in the background with 3 circles be another symbol for the 3 folds law, or maybe the holy trinity?

This is very scary how this symbol seems to tie all paganistic religions together in your mind.
She and her mother are so excited about the money, that they quickly forget about the no good step father's death, and that Nancy had killed him in her fit of rage. They only show this book for a split second, but I was able to catch a screen shot for you. The big ass bag of weed that is laid just under the pentacle or five pointed star, but you can't really see it in the screen shot too well. That is the plentiful harvest that the producers want feeble minded teenagers to indulge upon. Surely it could be because they are underage, however throughout the movie, you see them drinking alcoholic beverages, so this kind of contradicts itself.
I think in this screenshot everything has  a meaning, as with the whole ritual performed in this scene.

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