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I created these number writing worksheets (sample image below) for my own children to practice writing their numbers. With young children, rather get them to write 3 very neat numbers than complete a whole row that are badly written. To download the number worksheets from 1-10 plus a blank lined page for extra practice, click on the image below.
This page lists various printable alphabet pages, writing patterns, numbers, printable math activities, coloring pages, Bible memory verses and more!
These is a list of free printable bible coloring pictures to accompany children's Bible stories and children's Bible lessons. This article explains how to teach left-handed children to color and write correctly from early on to avoid having to correct bad writing habits later.
Regular readers of this blog  will know that the New York Times is waging a sensationalistic campaign to ban the use of cell phones while driving.
To this end, the Times has run at least seven stories, editorialized, released a movie and even produced a (not very realistic, from my experiences) texting-while-driving computer game as part of its ongoing  Driven to Distraction series. A casual reading of the series would doubtless leave most people with the impression that our roads are getting more dangerous and that cell phones are likely responsible. The graph below shows the decline of fatal car crashes and the increase in cell phone use over the last fifteen years.
Probably not.  Vehicle fatality rates have steadily declined since cars were first widely available in the 1920s. 80% percent of all rear end collisions (the most frequent vehicle accident) are caused by driver inattention, following too closely, external distraction (talking on cell phones, shaving, applying makeup, fiddling with the radio or CD player, kids, texting, etc.) and poor judgement. If you look at the graph going back to 1920, you’ll see that cars are steadily getting safer. A lot of the studies I’ve seen measure eyeball data and reaction time, but do so in closed courses. As you said, driving is a really complex activity and it is very hard to to measure what potential distractions are the most dangerous.

Do you think that the decrease in fatal car crashes has to coincide with the increase in car safety and production. That certainly sounds plausible, and seatbelts and airbags and the like have surely saved tens of thousands of lives.
My point is that there is no real science or statistics behind banning cell phones–only emotion. Well, didn’t you think this data reflects number of drivers who used the cell while driving?
Despite the dramatic proliferation of cell phones over the last decade—more than 80 percent of Americans now use them—driving in America is safer than it has ever been. I created it with accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Pew Center for People and the Press.
But the graph does show that cell phones are not making are roads dramatically more dangerous. This has been more or less constant, except in the 1960s, when they briefly got more dangerous. The last 15 years have seen a VERY large increase in the ability of vehicles to keep their passengers from dying when they do get into accidents, as compared to previous periods (from a pure physics standpoint), as well as accident avoidance features like ABS and traction control. Is someone working for Car and Driver trying to type out a specific message while driving around a closed course emblematic of how most Americans use cell phones while driving? What you’re suggesting, I believe, is that the reason fewer people are dying from car crashes despite the fact that more and more of us are distracted by cell phones is that the cars we are in are safer. Yes, crashes and fatalities have gone down as the number of cell phone users has gone up, but there’s no causation, let alone strong correlation shown here. Sure the NYT is pushing it and it seems reasonable to assume that cell phones are a cause of great distraction to drivers and thus should be banned.
Also missing from the debate on banning cell phones is any discussion of the tremendous economic value that talking in the car contributes to the economy.
On a side note, I have a great graph of the decline of carpooling corresponding to a drop in fatalities.

If you’re looking for more data on the dangers (or lack thereof) of cell phones in cars, check out this post as well. And they are certainly not the kind of  threat that warrants a three month crusade from the New York Times.
But as a 2006 study from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute suggests, they are no more dangerous than many other distractions, like passengers, grooming, and eating.
Could it be that cell phone usage is causing an increase in the number of accidents, and the steadily improving safety technologies (seat belts required, air bags required, roll bars in many vehicles, anti-lock brakes, etc.) are reducing the number of fatalities in those accidents at a higher rate?
So not only are you less likely to die if you do something stupid, it is actually physically harder TO do something stupid. But another possibility is that people talking on cell phones are simply substituting one distraction for another.
In order to show strong correlation, you would have to construct a model with multiple factors that could affect accident rates, and moreover base that model on multiple countries. If they were really such a threat, you would expect the rate of fatalities to level off or increase.
Also, we have regulated other things that contribute to accident and fatality rates, like the number of hours that a trucker must spend not driving on a given day. I suppose the main point here is that there is just too much noise in the raw data to draw meaningful conclusions.
I doubt it, but in a system this open to other influences, it is extremely difficult to make claims about the dangers of one particular behavior, based solely on the raw data.

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