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You’re out on the town for an evening with your date, when she says she wonders what the best hotel in town is, and you suddenly realize you should have bought the unlimited data plan for your mobile device.  How else are you going to answer such questions anytime, anyplace?
You hear a lot of technical terms when watching the all too familiar television ads for the various smartphones of today.  By far, the most common terms are the 3G and 4G capabilities of each device. Confused yet?  Don’t worry, all you really need to know about data is how much, and how fast will your phone use it.  Next we’ll look at some common uses of data on a smart device and see how much each function costs against our data plan. Web Browsing – Internet data is available nationwide, and usable by anyone with the new unlimited data on Solavei plan. Online Gaming – Unlimited playing time makes for satisfied kids when it comes to gaming online. Social Media – The largest use of unlimited data on Solavei is perhaps the “social media” sites. You can enjoy unlimited amounts of all three of the major uses for any cell phone, and in particular, any smart phone. What do you get for your money with Solavei unlimited data?  You get everything; all the functions and uses you get with the major phone service providers are yours when you purchase a Solavei plan, with one major difference. Another major benefit of using Solavei unlimited data is the availability of its advertising network and social commerce format. We’ve already discussed the great wireless cellular deal that Solavei provides, but what you discover when you sign up, is that you  are the advertisers and sales people of the company, and thus, you share in the profits if you do your part. In this day and age, the economy has many folks scrambling to save money, and that common cause has led to the social phenomenon of commerce networks and websites. Have you heard about that new company; the one where you can get a valuable service, and get paid for using that service at the same time?  Have you heard how all you have to do is tell your friends about this service, and as they sign up, you get benefits, including income?  If you have, then you’re probably talking about Solavei. Solavei is a consumer social network that offers services and connections that allow you to capitalize on both the service and the contacts. The consumer often has to pay varying amounts depending on how much of the above services are used each month.  The idea of a true “unlimited” wireless cell phone plan is almost non-existent. With the Solavei Unlimited Service Plan the consumer gets all 3 major services in an unlimited amount for the low price of $49.00 a month. Prove the time has come to grow exponentially.  The consumer market dictates the demands and direction of services and goods, and the good service at Solavei is the next step in the evolution of wireless cell phone service.

Partnering with T-Mobile and their ever increasing massive network allows Solavei to continue to expand it’s coverage. It’s a Social Consumer Platform that allows the customer to have ever increasing benefits, as they both use and share the Solavei Unlimited Wireless Plan.
T-Mobile unlimited data plans have no restrictions on the amount or kind of data you can download.
Online Gaming – There are vast numbers of people, and an equally vast number of sites available to join an online gaming community.  With the new T-Mobile plan you can have access to many of them.
I mentioned earlier a “hitch” in the plan, and even though that may be overstating it, there are two things to consider before purchasing a T-Mobile unlimited data plan.
Have gone away from “unlimited data plans,” T-Mobile appears to be determined to stay the course on their plans.  The only reason to mention such a concern is that the trend is towards “capped data plans” and knowing how long your unlimited plan will be available is important. These are the basic uses that will cost you against your data allotment.  Unlimited data for iPhones is available for all these uses, but can you really have an unlimited amount of data to use on your new iPhone?
When answering that question you’re going to need to look at three aspects of any data plan, regardless of who the service provider is. Acceptable Data Uses – Are there any restrictions on the type of data or the device used to collect the data?  Some services who label themselves “unlimited” have certain types of data and devices that cost extra on their plan. Processing Speed – Does your wireless provider of unlimited data for iPhone throttle down your processing speed after a certain amount of data?  Some wireless providers will throttle (slow down) the speed at which your data can be streamed or downloaded.  Essentially increasing your wait time by double. There are several options for iPhone users when it comes to service plans, and even a few options for unlimited data for iPhone; there is one big exception though. Now for the “big exception” hinted at above.  The new iPhone5 is using an entirely new SIM Card that will work with only one wireless service provider. The short answer is no.  In looking at the plans put together by Sprint unlimited data, they advertise a Simply Everything Plan.
Androids, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Instinct family of devices also require an activation fee as a Premium Data Add-on.
There are also Talk Only Plans with variable amounts of minutes for those who wish to keep their mobile cell phone simple.  The important thing is to evaluate your needs and then make your informed decision as to whether or not you need a Sprint unlimited data plan.
You can see that the unlimited data plan Verizon can initially be costly, even if you already have it.

Since the unlimited data plan Verizon is virtually gone, what do I get with these data plans?  The same as you would if you were using an unlimited data plan.  All the buzzers and bells can still be had with the new Capped Gig Plans, the only difference being that you now have to have an accurate estimate of your usage per month.
Then you’ll need to budget more money for your phone.  The important thing with budget is to make sure that the  wireless plans you purchase will not have overage charges, and if they do, then what will it cost you.
The story above is obviously over-exaggerated.  Almost everyone with any modern media device knows what texting is, but some don’t know about “unlimited” texting plans.
These are the 3 ways that most cell phone service providers allow customers to pay for texts. Plans vary in what they offer, the amount of data involved, and how much they cost.  Whatever text plan you choose, be sure to look at all the options and uses offered before you purchase one.
So, who would use unlimited text plans?  That obviously depends on needs and preferences, but here are a few groups of people who might have a need for unlimited text messaging. Business or Personal – Many business people require the ability to stay in constant communication with their office or base of operations.  How many times have you seen a person sitting in a meeting check their phone, and then resume what they were doing?  It’s a multi-tasking world and unlimited text plans are one way to keep up with multiple tasks while being as minimally intrusive as possible. Ranging anywhere from around $20 – $65 plus phone costs the price of these plans can be economical if you use the functions enough. Well, that’s not entirely correct.  If you want to know more read on and find out about unlimited data on Solavei! All the devices available, and their ability to be utilized basically anywhere in the world, make data usage something that can be regulated, and thus commercially profitable.  There are however, great Verizon plans out there.
The best way to do this is with one of the Data Calculators which can be easily accessed on the internet. Again, it’s worth your time to find a data calculator and use it to make sure you’ll have enough data.

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