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Switchboard is a nonprofit that uses mobile phones to network health professionals in developing countries. Call 1-800-RUNAWAY if you are thinking of running from home, if you have a friend who has runaway, or if you are a runaway ready to go home. List of national and international support lines provided by the Brighton support group, plus access to their local pages.
A 24-hour crisis and information hotline specifically for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community of Greater Houston. On the very last day of 2014, the Department of Energy (DOE) released new energy efficiency standards for linear fluorescent lights that will lower the electric bills of virtually every office building, school, and hospital across the country by $15 billion through 2030. These lighting standards culminate a very successful energy-saving year by DOE, which finalized minimum energy efficiency standards for 10 product categories ranging from commercial refrigeration equipment to furnace fans to external power supplies (the ubiquitous little black box chargers needed to power our laptop computers and cell phones). Next time you are in your conference room, a grocery store or visiting your child’s school, look up and you will see 2 to 4 foot long fluorescent tubes illuminating the room. Under the new DOE standards that go in to effect in 2018, new lamps will need to be 4 percent more efficient than current ones and 23 percent more efficient than those sold before 2012, the date when DOE’s last standard for these common lighting tubes went into effect.
As part of DOE’s final lighting rule, the agency chose not to issue new rules for incandescent reflector lamps (IRLs), the bulbs that go into recessed cans and flood lights. While reducing a few kilowatts again for buildings encourages sales of new bulbs, the saving in kilowatts is minimal compared to turning off the energy hogs called lights. When will the Department of Energy get real and start educating flat topped building owners to incorporate hightech daylight units?
Joe Deely on The Economic Benefits of Switching to Renewables Also home to a lot of pretty cheap solar.
Scott Edward Anderson is a consultant, blogger, and media commentator who blogs at The Green Skeptic.

Christine Hertzog is a consultant, author, and a professional explainer focused on Smart Grid. Gary Hunt Gary is an Executive-in-Residence at Deloitte Investments with extensive experience in the energy & utility industries.
Jesse Jenkins is a graduate student and researcher at MIT with expertise in energy technology, policy, and innovation.
Geoffrey Styles is Managing Director of GSW Strategy Group, LLC and an award-winning blogger.
Suicide Prevention & Intervention Training Switchboard is well known in the community for our notable expertise in the field of suicide prevention and intervention. Proud Member of the Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce, Key West Business Guild, Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce and Key West Chamber of Commerce. SwitchBoard is a math and logic game in which you need to toggle the numbers on the board so that all the columns and rows sum correctly. The new DOE standards are a big deal as there are billions of these tubular lights in place and they are often on for 12 or more hours a day.
According to DOE, these 10 standards will eliminate 435 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, the largest source of climate change pollution in the United States and save America’s businesses and families $78 billion in electricity bills through 2030. In fact, there are just under 2.5 billion linear fluorescent lamps installed in the United States and on average, each commercial building has around 300 of them. The standards will ensure that every new replacement lamp sold in the future is an efficient one. While the potential savings were much smaller than those from linear fluorescent lamps, we believe this was a missed opportunity.
It is also provides a telephone reassurance plan for the elderly and homebound in the Keys, and answers calls for an Alcoholics Anonymous line.

By calling 2-1-1, callers are linked to a live, highly-trained crisis counselor who helps connect them with the appropriate services. Switchboard has trained specialists who are available to provide training or presentations on suicide prevention and related subjects.
If you are interested in volunteering with 2-1-1 Helpline of the Keys, click here to fill out an online application. When it’s time to compare and contrast, students unzip their SwitchBoards, and place the Venn Diagram insert as the top sheet inside the transparent pouch. The switchboard is built with group mounted molded case circuit breakers and fixed or draw out main circuit breakers. Fluorescent lighting accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the total electricity consumed by lighting in commercial and industrial buildings in the United States. The new lamps are a simple drop-in replacement and will give off the same amount of light and work just as well as the current, less efficient ones.
And we encourage DOE to revisit this category in the near future as these lamps represent the least efficient bulbs in our homes and significant, cost-effective savings are readily achievable. Plus, with the SwitchBoard, you can turn any sheet into a dry erase sheet by slipping it into the SwitchBoard! If you need this order rushed shipped, we offer NEXT DAY, 2nd Day and 3rd Day shipping methods. The zipper pouch doubles as the perfect place to store those frequently used worksheets and templates within students’ reach!

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