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Plenty of similar services exist online that meet this same need, but where Number Guru shines is in its crowdsourcing element.
Only so many numbers are publicly available, but once a user identifies who the number belongs to, he can link a business or individual to the number for others to find next time. For the immediate future, if you need to know who owns a specific phone number, this app is right up your alley. Have you ever received a call from a mystery number and wished you could figure out who was calling? Perform reverse phone number lookups from your iPhone or Android smartphone.There are other reverse lookup services, but they can be quite costly. I asked Ross Cohen, Director of Business Development for BeenVerified, what drove development of Number Guru.

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You may not want to answer a call from an unidentified caller, but at the same time you may be very curious about who is being so persistent about getting a hold of you. The Background Check app performs a comprehensive search of public records and publicly available information to a conduct a background check using a name or e-mail address. Users can enter comments to share with other Number Guru users to help expose telemarketing spammers or other shady calls.

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