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Muchos de vosotros seguro que usais solo una misma cuenta de Apple ID que os permite acceder a iTunes, iCloud, asi como realizar compras a traves de Store online. Esta, a mi entender, es la opcion mas utilizada y que resulta mucho mas agradable para llevar un control de todas tus cuentas y realizar tus compras facilmente.
En algunos casos, es debido a que utilizan cuentas compartidas (con familiares, parejas e incluso amigos) o bien a que su cuenta Apple ID es anterior a la llegada del servicio iCloud y no han querido unificar ambas cuentas.
Desconectarse (te permitira eliminar tu cuenta Apple ID del dispositivo para acceder a una nueva cuenta). This guide contains easy, step-by-step instructions on how to buy music, movies, TV shows, iOS apps, books, audiobooks etc. For legal reasons, a lot of English language content on the app store is restricted to North America only.
Most retailers of digital gift cards, such as Apple themselves, cannot be used with non-US payment options. The way around this restriction is to obtain one from an international seller on eBay. In the next window, provide an e-mail address that has not been used with apple products before and fill in the other details.
For obtaining a valid address, a search on Google maps for a nearby florist or dentistry clinic should do with a bit of editing. Do I absolutely need an VPN (Hide my ass) type of thing before I open my US account in order that it works? Can I open a US account, pay with a US itunes gift card and download all the episodes from Canada WITHOUT an VPN (like Hide my ass) ?
But I doubt most people would be even aware of this, or willing to open up a new iTunes account for every country they travel to. I heard that some people had their accounts deleted by itunes for connecting to the US store from another country while they were traveling (ex.
If I go to the United States in december, I might open a US itunes account and buy something (TV show not available in Canada) while I am there. I am not planning to use a VPN because that would be too expensive since I only want to buy one TV show (full season). The iTunes program in itself, is not going to prevent the access of an account in a different country.
So, if I understand well, I could open a US itunes account while I am traveling in the United States in december. It seems like I am stuck and do not know how I am going to do it since I want to remain legal. Im trying to setup a US iTunes account i have an American iTunes gift card but when i create Apple ID it’s giving me an error msg does anyone have any idea’s? The message says to contact Apple and will not let me continue, i followed every step mentioned above.
I got it working i asked my cousin in the states to open an account for me thanks for time Elf David it was appreciated. Does anyone know if the same would work in reverse, for a person in the US trying to buy itunes audiobooks only available in the UK?
Make an account like above, and if you’re like me in Canada, convert your Postal Code to a Zip code. Wallet app is undoubtedly a great idea, to manage all your gift cards and passes at one place.
Now you can keep track of your spending, as well as you can top-up your iTunes Pass from Wallet app.

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En caso de querer cambiar nuestra cuenta por otra en un futuro, simplemente deberemos seguir los mismos pasos anteriormente estipulados.
At the time of writing, there is only one reputable seller, but with an excellent track record. But I can say from experience that it’s well worth it for the super fast service, and good support.
Also it would be very helpful if you could mention your version of iTunes and Mac OS X you used to create the account. I heard that some people had their accounts closed and lost all the content they had bought because Apple saw that they connected to the US store outside the United States. This leaves the control to Apple, which can freely choose how and when to govern the contractual obligation. Good thing is that you can save the videos to your computer with NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus for example (perhaps a better investment than a VPN?), in case the account gets frozen. But I want to know if I will be able to connect to my US account and download the purchased episodes from Canada when I will be back home.
So, I need to make sure that I will be able to download the content that I bought in the US while connected to my US itunes account from Canada.
I’m from the Philippines and I got a $15 iTunes gift card and I was planning to buy iMovie from the App Store. For example, you can search for a business within that area and see what the phone numbers look like. Let the app load completely; by default you will be on Featured page, scroll down to bottom of the page and tap on Apple ID. You will get a small pop-up with different options, tap on the very first one that says, View Apple ID. If you are using iTunes gift card feature frequently, adding it in to Wallet will certainly help you. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
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I asked for an assistance call from itunes and asked if I could download the media that I bought in the US with my US itunes account while in Canada and he told me that I was allowed as long as I did not change my Apple ID and did not switch back my account to canadian. He told me I could open my US account when I will go to the States in December, buy the season show that I want (Agents of Shield season 3) with a US itunes gift card and download the episodes when I will get back to Canada.

T6C 1C2 now equals 61200 or 61201 (just makes sure it’s actually a zip code, Google it).
There is handful of people using Wallet app, even that figure might reduce after Apple Pay is successfully operated. By doing so, you can keep track of your iTunes or App store purchases more accurately, as it is updated in real-time in your Wallet app.
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