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After more than 20 years as a Switch Engineer and part owner for a major wireless carrier, I still find the most common question I am asked even though I am retired is “Why Don’t I Have Cell Phone Service”.
Now let’s say you are standing next to your friend and he has phone service and you do not. First thing that will determine if a carrier places a cell tower in a general area is how much revenue they can generate and what is the total payback of the site. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Consumer reports surveyed 58,000 readers, and of all major United States carriers, fell dramatically from last year and now ranks far behind all others. The majority of AT&T users surveyed claimed to own iPhones, and, compared with other smartphone owners (such as Blackberry and Droid owners), reported to be significantly less satisfied.
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The company aims to help users to communicate even when they don’t have any cell signal, whether it’s because they’re in the wilderness or at a crowded festival. Early users have tested goTenna for things like hiking, snowports and silent outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.
Given the prevalence of outdoors-y use cases, Perdomo acknowledged that some people might wonder, “Isn’t the point of being off-the-grid to be off-the-grid?” In other words, if you’re going skiing or rock climbing or whatever, do you really want you friends to be able to text you? Backing up that argument: goTenna won’t let you share anything other than text and location, at least not yet.
The devices are light, weighing only 1.8 ounces, and designed to be clipped to a backpack or other gear. As for power, the device should be able to send 700 messages, and receive many more than that, on a single charge.
In a similar vein, goTenna is actually partnering with the New York City Economic Development Corporation to provide devices to small businesses so they can communicate during a disaster.

Buying Guide: The best Christmas Gift Ideas 2015: with daily deals including PS4, iPhone + more! This is really not a very difficult question to answer once you have the understanding of how cell phones work and the different carriers you may have service through. One is CDMA which is the main service carriers like Verizon and Sprint use and then there’s GSM which is what AT&T and T-Mobile use. These numbers are for reference only and will be adjusted by each carrier based on their business model.
This means how many calls will be made and how many years it will take for the site to break even between build and maintenance costs and revenue.
This is why it’s important for the consumer to look at where they want their phone to work before they sign a contract with a carrier.
According to a recent Consumer Reports study, AT&T is ranked the worst cell-phone carrier in the United States when it comes to customer satisfaction.
The detailed report has yet to be released, but, essentially, there was little chance for AT&T. Cellular (which, frankly, Id never even heard of), a small carrier in the South and the Midwest. The company launched a preorder campaign midway through 2014, and now the product’s officially available for purchase.
Perdomo added that the range will vary depending on the terrain — in New York City, it’s usually limited to a few blocks or half a mile, while outdoor groups have reported communicating across distances of up to four or five miles. Perdomo said the company might eventually charge for additional services, but the core messaging capabilities will always be free. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Since these digital technologies are not compatible at this time then it would require both carriers to have a Cell Site system in the general area as to where you are. Everyone wants Cell Phone service but no one wants a tower in the area where they can see it and take away from their view.
Most places, if Carrier “A” isn’t there and Carrier “B” is, you may have a chance to roam but then Carrier “C” must be using the same digital technology that you have for it to work.

Ranking next was the highly popular Verizon, which fell from first place last year but still held onto high regards from its users. Don't be surprised if you get an email 2 months from now asking how your controller is treating you.
After all, she and her brother Jorge came up with the idea partly as a way to communicate during a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, so it’d be pretty bad if people were cut off during an emergency because they hadn’t kept up with their payments. These two digital technologies operate totally different from each other and are not compatible with each other. Keep in mind in a perfect world (Flat with no trees) a cell site will talk on average about 20 air miles.
Surprisingly, Sprint also tied at second with Verizon, despite low rankings in previous years and Verizon generally being the top ranked service provider over time. In other words at this time you cannot use a Verizon phone on a AT&T system and vice versa. Also a lot of local Governments have instituted a ban on new towers and thus this makes it even more difficult.  Then of course you have things like the FAA if you are near an Airport. As we all know it’s not a perfect world so expect anywhere from 10 to 15 miles in Rural country and up to 5 miles in Urban.
Thus based on the population and the number of other carriers in the area this can become quite difficult in small populated areas.
If one carrier has to share a tower with another, this means that the first carrier will have an advantage over the other. Thus making it hard to get customers the service they want and expect.  Also, if they are competing against each other, the one carrier that owns the tower can make the lease so high that it takes the second carrier beyond their justification for being in the area to begin with.
This includes everything from a tower to equipment and man power to get it up and running from scratch.
In other words carrier “A” can make it too expensive to compete against carrier “B” in an area.

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