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Wenn dieser Text auf Deinem Bildschirm grün statt ein sattes gelb hat, ist Dein Bildschirm definitv falsch kalibriert! Check out the full infographic after the break for everything you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of the AT-AT.
Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. The Battle of Hoth was a historic confrontation between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War in which Imperial forces, led by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, invaded the Rebellion's Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth after less than a month of its habitation by the Alliance.
Shortly before the Battle of Hoth, a strategy conference would be held at the base in which several transports would arrive rumored to carry Princess Leia Organa, General Carlist Rieekan and Commander Berryl Chiffonage, a Bothan spy and several other members of Alliance Command. Later, Solo and Chewbacca were tasked with investigating the lead that Skywalker came across, leading to their discovery of the existence of the probe droid. General Rieekan correctly concluded that the probe droid was sent from the Empire and ordered the immediate evacuation of Echo Base using plan kay one zero.[9] Rieekan then ordered Rebel technicians to raise the shields of the base to its maximum power in order to minimize damage from orbital bombardment while Princess Leia Organa instructed the Rebels to escape in groups in order to avoid the Imperial blockade and meet at a pre-specified rendezvous point.
When Darth Vader's fleet arrived in the Hoth system, he quickly discovered that the Rebels were fully aware of the ambush that he had planned, which was not helped by Ozzel's Star Destroyer appearing out of lightspeed too close to the system.
Preparing for a full-scale surface attack due to the presence of the Alliance's shield generator, thus denying the ability for an orbital bombardment, the Empire began to land their forces on the surface at the Moorsh Moraine glacial feature by utilizing several Gozanti-class cruisers. With T-47 airspeeders flying out of Echo Base's hangar to meet the approaching army, they soon realized that the AT-AT's armor was impervious to their blasters, while a single shot from an AT-AT destroyed one of the rebel airspeeders.
With Alliance friend and smuggler Han Solo and Chewbacca having previously planned to leave Hoth shortly before the Empire attacked in order to pay off their debt to Jabba Desilijic Tiure, they ultimately found themselves stranded with Princess Leia, C-3PO, and R2-D2 once the bombardment began. Darth Vader, having traveled to Echo Base upon the shield generators destruction seeking his son, Luke Skywalker, marched throughout the base to see personally to the rebels defeat.
Despite most of the remnants of the Rebellion's troops on Hoth managing to escape, the Alliance Fleet and Alliance High Command would be temporarily scattered, leaving many of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance separated from their forces and without orders.
Nonetheless, two such rebels would be stranded on the planet after missing the last transport.

The battle was a costly blow to the Rebel Alliance, scattering the surviving forces and lowering overall morale to the cause. The overwhelming Imperial invasion would force the rebellion to abandon its holdings on Hoth and scatter the Alliance Fleet across the galaxy.
The meeting would eventually end shortly before the battle, before Leia and some of the attendees could leave the system.[9] With the Empire sending out several Viper probe droids to search for hidden Rebel bases throughout the galaxy, it eventually discovered the Alliance's base of operations on Hoth. Upon being spotted by it, Han attempted to destroy it, but before he could the droid activated its self-destruct mechanism. Immediately, the rebel base fluttered with activity as boarding began on the many GR-75 medium transports as all noncombat personnel headed to safety while the Tauntauns utilized by the rebels were set loose onto the frozen plains. The cruisers were first reported by Perimeter Outpost Delta, while in space the first Star Destroyer was disabled by Echo Base's ion cannon, allowing the first GR-75 medium transport Quantum Storm and its fighter escort to safely escape.[12] Nonetheless it wouldn't be long until the Imperial forces on the ground would be reported in by Outpost Beta.
Due to proximity mines planted by Outpost Beta personnel having failed to damage the advancing AT-ST walkers, the main concern and official order for the rebel troops on the ground was to protect the shield generator.
Despite this, pilots Thane Kyrell and Yendor managed to badly damage a walker's leg by shooting at its joints, ultimately detaching its foot and disabling the behemoth.[10] Shortly afterwards, Rogue Squadron led by Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles were able to utilize T-47 airspeeders to somewhat halt the march of the Imperials.
With many of the Rebel defense turrets in place to halt the Imperial forces quickly being destroyed, forcing the Rebel troops to retreat back to Echo Base. With the snowtroopers now pouring into Echo Base, Leia instructed all remaining personnel in the base to evacuate immediately. Encountering First Sergeant Namir, Imperial defector Everi Chalis and several other rebel troopers in a corridor, Vader swiftly dispatched the motley crew, before being informed by a snowtrooper the newly discovered location of the Millennium Falcon.[9] With troopers arriving in the hangar where the Millennium Falcon was kept, the Falcon was not able to start up immediately due to damage it had sustained earlier, but nonetheless held off approaching snowtroopers by utilizing the ship's weapons systems. Luke Skywalker was able to make his way back to Echo Base before the Empire destroyed it and took off in an X-Wing, and chose not to go to the rendezvous point in order to find Jedi Master Yoda per Obi-Wan's request.
Needing to escape the base, Admiral Gial Ackbar would assemble some of his best technicians in an effort to rescue the survivors.
Commander Luke Skywalker would spot the probe droid crash while on a recon mission with his tauntaun, and believing it to be a meteorite, went closer to investigate but was attacked by a native wampa and dragged off into a cave before he could get a closer look.

Receiving new intelligence from the probe, the crew of the Executor initially dismissed the findings. As with its destruction, the energy shield would no longer offer solace to any unlaunched rebel transports in the field. Antilles, aided by his gunner Wes Janson, were able to inventively use their T-47's tow cables to topple an AT-AT before blowing it to smithereens in its weakened state. With the Empire now deploying ground troops in an effort to force the Rebellion out of their crumbling last line of defense, survivors of Outpost Delta smashed through the Imperial front into friendly territory if only to discover that rebel command's last order was one of total evacuation. Meanwhile, Solo and his group were unable to go to lightspeed due to engine trouble, and were forced to flee from the Imperial fleet by other means.[1] With First Sergeant Namir and Governor Everi Chalis having barely survived their previous encounter with Vader, the two managed to escape in a rebel transport by sending false codes to a Star Destroyer in orbit owing to Chalis's former Imperial employment.
In spite of Admiral Kendal Ozzel's concern that the assailants were merely smugglers, Darth Vader instructed the Imperial Death Squadron to invade the planet. With rebel air support now engaging the walkers the Imperial advance slowed somewhat, if only to allow recon forces to begin fanning out to assault the other rebel positions spread across the battlefield.
Unfortunately, Skywalker's own snowspeeder was blasted by an AT-AT, killing his co-pilot Dak Ralter and leaving him stranded on the ground once his ship crashed and was subsequently crushed. With confusion in the field owing to a sudden communications blackout from Echo Base, which some attributed to a walker firing at it, the demoralized rebel forces hastily made way for their escape. First Sergeant Namir of the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry and the soldiers at Outpost Delta were soon under attack by a force of several Imperial snowtroopers on floating gunnery platforms and an AT-ST walker due to their flanking position on the western edge of the Imperial advance. Despite heavy resistance and the destruction of a gunnery platform, the Scout Transport was not distracted by blaster fire from ground troops in the trenches and proceeded to destroy several rebel artillery emplacements.

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