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Old Cars Weekly just tracked down the story behind the story, and the real explanation is almost as good as the hoax. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. Barn find stories a€” those tales of long-forgotten automotive treasures discovered tucked away in original condition and obtained at bargain prices a€” have long excited anyone who has four-wheeled dreams.
You may have heard a version of this story a couple of years ago that went like this: An American couple bought a house in Portuguese wine country.
Rumors led television personality and noted car collector Jay Leno to a 1931 Duesenberg Model J, which had become something of an urban legend among car enthusiasts. Click here for coverage of The Great Race, a classic car rally spanning 19 cities, four states and two countries, and kicking off June 23 in Traverse City, Mich.
Click here to for a 90-second quote for insurance for your classic car, boat or motorcycle. Last week, Nick and I confirmed the Vette was no longer sitting in the spot that it always had been. My thought is that this Vette could’ve been one that a soldier had but he never returned alive from Vietnam. OH MAN, I simply can’t believe that someone would do this to a vette, let alone a fuelie!!!
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Some implore us to check out camera shots of an Audi R8 spotted in Santa Monica, others relay breaking news in the industry, and still more are just personal rants about the state of all things four-wheeled. They all have in common the story of a New Yorker's retirement gift to himself – a house on a few acres in Portugal.
Of course the whole thing was a net hoax, but some people still want to believe it is true, and so the story continues to circulate.
What we are actually seeing in those pictures is the collection of an automobile dealer who over the years has added many vehicles that caught his fancy. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. Originally purchased by Earl Howe, the president of the British Racing Drivers Club, the car was finished in Howea€™s racing colors of blue and black, upholstered in pig skin, and equipped with twin headlights and a split front bumper. In a 2006 eBay auction, Tom Shaughnessy placed the winning bid of $26,912 for a car touted by an Illinois seller as a 1950s Devin Sports Spider with a fiberglass body.
Someone posted on the old blog that they thought they had seen it on a trailer heading out of town. The County condemned our home and the cops confiscated my 60 Ford pickup and 66 Falcon Futura.

It sat in a dude’s yard in plain sight in Spokane, so many people had always known it was there. This car was definitely in Spokane because I took the photos of it that you see in this post.
I had a 64 that had them on shortly after it was first sold , according to the original owner. Submit your photos and stories by tagging #ClassicNation on your post on your favorite social network. A familiar, unmistakable shape of one of America’s greatest sports cars – but could it be just a lowly, mass-production coupe? The current owner bought it in 1972 in the condition you see in the pics below–the original Hemi had spun a bearing and had been placed in the trunk! The house he found had been vacant for 15 years, the owners having passed away leaving no heirs. After all, there's a whole gallery of dusty classics sitting in a dark warehouse that's pretty compelling. He just drove them to the barn and parked them there, presumably waiting until he decided what to do with the lot of them next. Upon entering the building, the couple discovered hundreds of classic cars in varying states of repair. Wood and Sons of New York a€” was built for a department store owner, who locked it away in a parking garage off Park Avenue in New York City in 1931, possibly in fear of seeming a bit too flamboyant for the times. His college parking pass, granting him permission to park in the President's drive, was still attached to the windshield.
Then – we posted some pics of it on CN, which prompted others to scope it out on Google Maps and post those pictures. The owner must of been old because we never saw anyone around that house even though it was lived in. As you grow closer, it becomes clear that you’re the first one to lay eyes on this mystery machine in years.
The property was being sold to pay back taxes owed, and besides the house, there was also a large metal barn on the land with its doors welded shut.
About a year ago he sent in a photographer to document the collection, and those pics are the ones circulating the internet, helping to create and sustain this myth. The ownera€™s son removed it briefly in the 1950s to get it running again, then returned it to the garage, where it fell into disrepair. The car was raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1952 by Maurice Trintignant and Louis Rosier, then was lent by the factory to Piero Scotti, who competed with it in hill climbs during 1953.
There is no indication if this diamond in the rough is for sale or if the owner has plans for it (just like these barn finds).
Members submit links, posts, and photos and other members vote on the best content and comments. That’s what we imagined as we read this listing for a recently unearthed 1964 Corvette Stingray, available here on eBay with the current bid already over $10,000.This 1964 Stingray marked the first year the venerable sports car lost its desirable split rear window, but its as-found condition here should keep bidding lively. Now it’s in Illinois with Magnum Auto Restoration and is about to undergo a full restoration.
So now you know the truth behind the Great Portugal Barn Find, and you all can stop sending us tips to cover it. He travelled to Portugal in 2009 with his camera, and here's the real story: There was in fact a large building filled with hundreds of classic cars, but the owner was a Portuguese collector who had amassed his collection in the 1970s after the Carnation Revolution.

Carr allegedly consigned the Bugatti to his garage in the early 1960s and it was only discovered in 2007 after his death. The original engine was gone, but the unit that came with the car was a factory replacement, which was installed in the late 1970s. Luigi Chinetti brought the car to the U.S, and it was owned in the late 1950s by Paul Owens, who installed a Chevy V-8 engine.
I suppose that I must ad, all you that drove past for years, why did none of you try to buy the car?
Cited as a two-owner car, the seller mentions that the standard 327 and automatic transmission are numbers matching units, but that they are currently removed from the vehicle. When the new owner and his wife arrived, they got to work opening up the barn and found - the barn find of the millennium. Many Portuguese collectors were stashing their cars in Spain, or letting them go for bargain prices.
I is going to a large collection that includes each series of Corvette and many other cars and unique vehicles. Thankfully, this auctioneer  includes photos of the  mothballed motor, though it’s clearly in need of a proper overhaul. Chassis 0202 A was titled in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1963, after which it vanished until 2006. When his buying binge ebbed around 1996, almost 400 old cars were in his possession, around a quarter of those in good or excellent condition.
327 Turbofire or the standard unit that churned out 250 ponies.Some sellers can hide a well-worn car beneath a layer of dust and utilize clever photography to convince potential buyers that theirs is a barn find. The pictures provided here do represent this car as an unmodified example with a salvageable interior and all glass intact.
The headliner has survived nicely, and the center stack clock looks like it merely needs a viable power source to start ticking. Despite the previous owner starting the restoration long ago, the tear-down seems limited to the motor and some exterior trim.This once-hidden Corvette does hide some secrets. Despite being largely rust-free with solid floors, the front pillars around the windshield have been fighting a losing battle with the tin worm. With rust in this area, we wonder if a poorly sealed windshield or other accident repair might be to blame.
Whatever the cause, it will require the attention of a skilled metal-worker to ensure the Corvette’s structural integrity is preserved.
An in-person visit to the Pennsylvania hangar where the Vette is stored might be warranted.Whoever brings this barn find back to life will have some help, thanks to some NOS parts included in the sale.
The previous owner acquired a factory replacement grill and other OEM bits, but they doesn’t specify what all is included.
Though little of the car’s history is known, it does at least indicate that before it began its slumber in the woodshed, someone intended to bring it back to life. Now, that chance belongs to the lucky bidder who could plunge headfirst into a sympathetic restoration or possibly just rebuild the engine, fix the rust, overhaul the critical components to cruise in as-found condition.
Did he find something seriously wrong after getting these major components out?For me, the car loses something with these parts out, both because it is no longer an intact barn find, and because it will be harder to transport it now that there are major lumps that need to be picked up and secured during transport so they don’t move around.

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