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Review and compare Net 10 and straight talk prepaid cell phone services websites, they are all over out there but what makes this site different? Both Net 10 and Straight Talk in reviews offer free shipping on their cell phones but Net 10 does not offer free basic cell phones like Straight Talk prepaid. Review and Compare Net 10, Straight Talk 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Both Straight Talk and Net 10 offer 30 day satisfaction guarantees!
Net 10 offers many of the same prepaid cell phones as Straight Talk but Straight Talk offers some great basic cell phones for free and often enough, you can find a great smart phone that has been refurbished, has the same guarantee and is like new, for about one fourth of the retail price with Straight Talk! Right now, the LG Optimus Black, and Android powered smart phone, available from Net 10 and Straight Talk, has some awesome reviews including ours! If you don't want to spend that much, consider the LG Optimus Q or the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. Here it is already April 2012 and it's time again for the free phones offered by prepaid cell phone, wireless providers and listings of their free cell phones offered. Now, Straight talk as well as Net 10 offer SmartPhones and Android powered cell phones and while they are not free, they are a steal with unlimited text, data and talk for $45-$50 Decide Who has the best free Phones Prepaid No Contract and No Credit Check. My family all have Straight Talk but I wanted the LG GT550 so I selected AT&T pay as you go and am very happy with my new LG touch screen smart phone application capable prepaid phone. Applications to do just that are already available for Apple’s iPhone and other gadgets from USAA, a company that provides insurance and banking mainly for military veterans. Although the technology, known as remote-deposit capture, promises to save consumers time, it adds a new wrinkle to concerns about fraud and the privacy of financial data.

A banking clearinghouse then routes the funds from the check writer’s account to that of the recipient. Remote-deposit capture started as a way for big companies and financial institutions to process huge numbers of checks without having to ship them around the country.
The same technology is present in ATM machines used by Bank of America and other institutions so customers can submit checks without a deposit slip. Anyone who has taken a photo with a cell phone can predict that banks will sometimes get photos that are blurry or otherwise unreadable.
Without a good picture, the customer would have to go the old-fashioned route and bring or mail the check to the bank.
USAA has limited its remote-deposit app to customers who also qualify for its insurance — mostly former armed services members, said Jeff Dennes, the bank’s executive director for mobile services.
Another difference is that Net 10 prepaid refill cards are available at many more locations than Straight Talk. Chase, Bank of America and Citibank are among the banks planning to release similar applications this year.
But the banks and the technology companies helping them say they have largely overcome these concerns. It allows anyone who receives a check to make a digital image of it rather than having to deliver it physically. Banks have tried to improve the security of the technology by making sure that the software used for remote deposit stores no check information on customer devices, said Bob Meara, an analyst at the market research firm Celent who tracks the industry.

Generally, a bad image will bounce back within half a minute and customers will be asked to try again, said Jim McShea, chief revenue officer for J&B Software, a company that handles remote-deposit transactions for banks.
But Dennes said more than 150,000 people have used the application, and the bank will probably end up lifting that restriction. Net 10 refill cards can be found at Safeway, best Buy, Walmart, Big K or K Mart and Straight Talk refill cards for their prepaid cellular service are only available at Walmart.
You have to have the unlimited bundle for $45 with it on Straight Talk or $50 with net 10 but the features of the lg optimus black are amazing! Net 10 is $5 more each month and as for the review of their customer service, both are excellent and with Straight Talk, our family of now seven, never needs customer service which says a lot all by itself! And with new guidelines from federal regulators, more banks could start to feel comfortable putting the technology in consumer hands.
With air traffic grounded for several days, the bundles of checks that banks and other businesses needed to move around couldn’t get cleared. The law has led many companies to install scanning machines that digitize thousands of checks at a time for deposit.

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